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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 176

Special Chapter. On the road to walk, look back on the road you have walked (2)

tadak. tadak.

Hearing the sound of the bonfire burning pleasantly tickled his ears, Anise watched the deliciously cooked meat.

This was halfway up the mountain on the way to Astepor.

It was also the place where Ludwig had stopped when he first went to Astepor with Emilia, and the reason why he stopped the carriage here in the middle of the night was no different.

Originally, I was planning to go around the village for Anise, who would find it uncomfortable to sleep, but it was because she suddenly insisted on camping.

The reason was quite a masterpiece.

After hearing that Emilia, her mother, had a lot to do when she was living with her teacher, Rebecca, she wanted to try it at least once someday, but today felt like the perfect fit.

This was also the reason why Ludwig’s separately packed luggage was quite heavy.

When I asked Anis if there was anything she wanted to do while camping, she had to be fully prepared to pour out all her wishes.

The representative item was the meat that was being grilled right now.

According to ancient times, the highlight of camping is a meal sitting around a bonfire outside and looking at the stars.

After filling the boat with this, I was going to go fishing right away.

“Anise, meat doesn’t run away.”

“But does it look very delicious?”

“yes? Well, this dad is a bit proud of his meat grilling skills. It will be ripe soon, so look forward to it.”

The meat on the skewer was literally showing off its appetite-stimulating appearance with oil dripping down.

Anise observes the slow-cooking meat with the momentum to enter the bonfire.

Emilia, who was watching this from the side, laughed as if she couldn’t stop it and pulled her body back slightly.

“Anise is also true. Then I’ll drool.”

“Oh, my mom just swallowed her saliva!”

“Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about. My mother isn’t even a child, so… Uhm.”

Emilia tried hard to avoid his gaze and remained ignorant.

I thought he was only watching the meat, but when did he notice?

Amman, but I had to deny it somehow because I didn’t want to be recognized as a glutton by my husband at this age.

Meanwhile, Ludwig, who was rotating the skewer to adjust the part of the meat that came into contact with the campfire, opened his eyes wide and opened his mouth at a sudden thought.

“Come to think of it, it’s been a while since only the three of us came out together.”

“Well, that’s right. At least the servants were always wearing them… It’s not that I hate it, but I guess it’s special when there are only three of us.”

Four or five were good, but as expected, these three felt the most stable for Emilia.

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Just watching the relationship between a father and daughter and laughing happily, sometimes listening to her daughter’s story and feeling the warmth in her husband’s arms. Sometimes, she argues with her daughter and competes for the seat next to her husband like a jealous child.

“I feel sorry for my daughter. Dad hasn’t been with me very often lately.”

Ludwig, who pondered over his wife’s words, handed a brief apology to his daughter.

It was true that he had less time with his daughter after he inherited the title of head of the household in earnest.

I think family comes first before public affairs, but that didn’t come as easily as I thought.

In any case, he also had other people to care for, and that was an obligation since he had inherited the family karma.

And neglecting official duties on the pretext of family seemed to him not a very good example for either his daughter or his wife.

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Just trying to balance the two as much as possible.

Isn’t that a homework that every head of household should think about for a long time?

“Ah, it’s okay. I am no longer a child… … .”

At this, Anis shook her head indifferently and said as if she had no regrets.

I heard that even her friends were so negligent that there were times when they couldn’t see their father’s face for a day.

Or, just out of a sense of duty, there are fathers who just say a word or two at breakfast and then disappear.

Compared to that, what about her father?

Although they may not show their faces often, they convey something through the servant, and when they have time for the first time in a while, they spend time with each other in a friendly manner.

In fact, at around 15, the relationship between father and daughter would gradually become a little distant, but it was largely thanks to Ludwig that this family was not like that.

It’s because I’ve been close to my daughter since I was young, so I can maintain that close distance even when I get older.

“Whoops, honey. You know what? There have been quite a few times when my daughter has been saddened by such words.”

“Oh, Mom! when i… … !”

Of course, that didn’t mean he didn’t have any regrets at all, so it was exposed because of Emilia.

Belatedly, Anis protested and rushed at it, but even that was not enough to defeat Emilia.

“Has my daughter ever been like that? I’m sorry about this, Dad.”

“Oh, no. Dad. Those are all words my mother made up to frame me.”

At this, Ludwig said that he was right, and handed an apology to Anis, who had bitten him, with a look of apologetic expression. The embarrassed woman shook her hands so that they were her feet, using her mother as an excuse.

Even though it was unlikely that it would work properly.

“Oh, why would a mother frame her daughter? Anis, if I bring up my mother to make excuses to my father, can I use it?”

“Ugh, I don’t know! I hate you mom!”

What a 15-year-old girl would say at best is, ‘I hate you, Mom!’ rani.

A smile full of motherly love formed on Emilia’s mouth at the truly cute rebellion.

“It never happened to my dad, but only to my mom. This mother is also sad.”

“That’s because my mother hates me!”

How did the somewhat radical word “slander” come out in a mother-daughter fight?

Normally, her eyebrows would twitch at least once here, but Emilia responded with her characteristic relaxed expression as if teasing Anis.

“So you’re saying it’s not true?”

“That, that… but… … .”

It was already the point of lying, but my conscience was too pricked to cover it up with lies.

Eventually, Anis lowered her head and admitted that it was true.

It was a sight that looked like a criminal confessing his crime after stabbing a person.

“Poop, Emilia should do that too. This will make my daughter cry.”

“Aww, Dad… … .”

Eventually, when Ludwig intervened, Emilia took a step back.

At this moment, Anis, who was in her father’s arms, glanced at her mother with a crying sound and stuck out her tongue to the cut.

This childish war of nerves will probably continue even when she becomes an adult.

“Come on, Anise. The meat must have been deliciously cooked, so let’s eat it and go to the stream together.”

Soon after, Ludwig slightly removed the meat from the skewer to make it easier to eat, and Anise, who received it, raised a breeze and cooled the rising steam.

In the same way, the meat was delivered to Emilia, and the three of them took a bite of the meat without saying who was first to eat it to some extent.

The outside was crispy and the inside was moist, and the taste was very good, perhaps thanks to the pepper and spices sprinkled in advance.

“Hey, it’s delicious… … .”

“Iknow, right. After all, I need to know my husband’s cooking skills.”

“I just sprinkled some spices on the meat. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

It wasn’t a delicacy with all sorts of seasonings and side dishes like in the mansion, but it certainly had its own charm.

Rather, it was a rarer and more valuable experience for Anis, who was always treated only with great meals.

It made me wonder if maybe it wasn’t the meat, it was the warm, comfortable air.

“But Dad, can we catch fish here too?”

“I will probably get caught. The water is quite clear, and above all, the water is quite deep.”

It was not a small stream that barely reached my ankles, but it was deep enough for a grown adult to soak up to half of their body.

Besides, people seemed to be slowing down, so maybe a rather large guy might be caught.

But don’t expect too much, though.

“Should we have a confrontation while we talk?”

Ludwig, who was munching on meat, was excited for some reason and made the first suggestion.

Although she is already quite old, she always enjoyed spending time with her daughter.

Shall we say that there is a pleasure that is quite different from the cozy yet sweet time with my wife?

“I waited for that. What about sports?”

“Choose what your daughter wants. Whoever catches the bigger fish will be the winner, or whoever catches more will be the winner.”

Since Anise had as much competitive desire as Emilia, she had no choice but to take this bait at once.

Perhaps soon after, the bait that the fish was supposed to bite on went into her mouth.

“That’s right, the one who caught the most!”

“Are you full of confidence?”

“Even if I did this, I did special training with Paula for today! Wouldn’t it be better not to underestimate it?”

Anise straightened her chest and declared war in a majestic tone.

Even Emilia was hearing this for the first time, so her eyes widened one after another.

When the hell did you trick Paula into doing that? Perhaps it was not a mother and daughter relationship, but their ability to practice was very similar.

“Then, is it okay if I don’t go along with Mom today?”

Until now, whenever the two of them had a fishing competition, Anise and Emilia were always on the same side.

And the amount of fish the two caught was a way to compete with the amount of fish caught by Ludwig, but today, Anise proudly shouted that even that was unnecessary.

“of course. Since it happened like this, how about the three of us competing? Even if I don’t know Dad, Mom will definitely win?”

“Oh, Anise. Isn’t that a remark that belittles this mother too much?”

Amman said she hadn’t fished much, but she had seen her husband fishing much longer than Anis.

There is a thing called age that comes from there, but how can you ignore it so much?

Emilia took this opportunity to build up her prestige as a mother and threatened to flatten Anise’s nose.

‘Why is Emilia really in the mood to win?’

On the contrary, it was Ludwig who was taken aback.

Usually, there are very few cases where parents really try to win over their children like that.

Ludwig didn’t really want to fight Anise, he just applied for a fight to leave memories like this.

“Then, Mom and I will face off separately! If I win, he will let me and my dad go out to town for a day and play together. how about it?”

“That’s a really big request. our daughter If you take it that seriously, even this mother won’t look at you?”

“Hmph, I don’t want mercy from my mother either!”

Although Anis had matured quite a bit by turning 15, she was still a tomboyish girl in front of her mother.

Of course, he wanted to go out alone with his father for a day, but every time he stumbled against his mother and had to give up.

It was her intention to take this opportunity to wash away her past resentment and to spend at least some intimate time with the father and daughter for the first time in a while.

Of course, it would be the happiest thing if I could win the match against my father and achieve 2 wins.

“Okay, Anise. So, if Mom wins, Anise won’t be hugged by Dad for a week?”

“My, my condition is one day! Unjust!”

“That’s because Dad is Mom. When you borrow someone else’s property, interest is charged.”

“Hey, Dad!”

When Anis, who had a bitter taste in the interest calculation, cried and clung to the moneylender, Ludwig smiled bitterly and patted his daughter.

For some reason, neither of them had changed much between the past and now.

Having said that, nothing has changed.

Maybe that’s why I’m happier. What a strange thing.


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