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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 168

Special Chapter. As the years pass (2)

Anis, who had filled her stomach with Ludwig’s homemade breakfast, went straight to the drawing room in a month when she heard the good news.

“Aunt Sophia!”

Without sending a message, she opened the parlor door, and at the end of her gaze sat a modest woman with light purple hair.

Anise quickly approached her, calling her name, and before long, Sophia rose from her seat and embraced Sofia, who greeted her warmly.

“It’s been a while, Anis. I’m sorry I don’t come often.”

“Ugh, no! Rather, I am glad you came.”

When Anise showed a bright smile of joy, the other women in the drawing room similarly uttered words of regret.

“Isn’t Aunt Sophia only welcoming? It’s sad.”

“Yes, Tanya. I guess we can’t even see Somehow Sophia roasted and boiled anise like that… … .”

“Oh no! I missed Aunt Tanya and Aunt Scarlett too!”

Anise shook her head hurriedly and greeted them. Only then did a mischievous smile form on their lips.

Anis, who ran straight to Sophia, was a bit offended and wanted to tease her, but it was truly fun to tease her, befitting Emilia’s daughter.

“hehehe, hello Mr. Georg.”

When Emilia, standing next to her, asked if she had forgotten someone, Anis greeted Georg, who was visiting with her one last time.

At this, a faint smile appeared on Georg’s face, which others might consider a bit blunt.

“Yeah, it’s been a while. anise. I hear you’re learning hard from Emilia?”

“Yes, I still lack a lot.”

“The heart is what matters. Please be diligent.”

Anise said, ‘Yes!’ and answered loudly.

It was a voice that could be said to go away from a decent company leader.

Meanwhile, Scarlett, who was looking around, belatedly realized that the owner of the mansion was not there and asked where Ludwig was.

It’s not like I’m painting or drawing alone in the studio. I thought.

“Come to think of it, Emilia, where is Ludwig?”

“I’m in the office for a while to finish what I’m dealing with and come back.”

“Anyway, be sincere. Friends came to visit me after a long time, but I threw away at least one day and came back.”

At Scarlett’s self-talk, Emilia smiled wryly and told her that she had no choice.

It happened because the party arrived much earlier than expected in the first place.

Ludwig could also see that he would be busy finishing the last remaining work by now due to the sudden lightning strike.

“Anis, is that the gift Sophia brought you?”

“Yes, that is correct. Are you seeing Aunt Tanya for the first time?”

“Perhaps. We didn’t know that Sophia got points from cute Anis without our knowledge… Is this a bit outrageous?”

“Ehehehe… … .”

Anise tends to receive gifts from people around her.

Especially from Ludwig and Emilia’s acquaintances and relatives.

However, thanks to that, her eyes are quite high, so it is not easy to find things she likes, but Sophia has captured that gap well.

Tanya felt that she was one step too late, as she had been thinking that she wanted to deliver something to Anis.

At the same time, I was curious about what Anis wanted to have.

“Then, Anise, is there anything else you want?”

“What do you want to have? yes, not really… … .”

“That, is it?”

Tanya rolled her eyes in surprise at the unexpected answer.

‘Aren’t the things you want more every day at that age?’

Then, thinking about the time when he was the same age as Anise, he fell into a sense of skepticism.

Tanya in those days was an immature child who often begged her father for wanting something on fictitious days even she could remember.

“If there is anything you want later, let me know anytime. Understand?”

Still, Tanya, thinking that she didn’t know, talked to Anis with the intention of making a justification for gaining points in advance, but the unexpected counterattack made her mind dizzy.

“hehehe, is it a gift for me just for Aunt Tanya to come?”

“… … !”

At the words of the thirteen-year-old girl, who was both admirable and extremely cute, Tanya hugged Anis’s head and struggled.

How can you speak so beautifully?

As expected, like a mother and daughter, she felt that she must have learned from Emilia how to speak gracefully.

“Ta, is it? Why are you doing that?”

Emilia, who was in the middle of a conversation with Scarlett, belatedly confirmed this unusual situation and patted Tanya on the shoulder.

In reality, it was a heartwarming sight, but from a third person’s point of view, it felt like they were using assassination techniques.

It was to the point where I was worried that my precious daughter-in-law was going to the afterlife first.

“But Anise is so cute. It’s against the rules to be this cute!”

“Hubong… … !?”

“Chi, compliments are nice, but why don’t we just let them go? I think my child can’t breathe… … ?”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. hit.”

Tanya sticks out her tongue with a dainty smile, unlike a woman in her 30s.

Since he was so small and young, he didn’t feel uncomfortable with his appearance at all.

It was to the point where Scarlett, who had been watching, stuck out her tongue.

“Anyway, no matter how old you are, Tanya is still the same. Why does it feel like we’re the only ones getting old?”

“Scarlett, it should be just the two of us there. Because Emilia is no different.”

In the eyes of others, it might be thought that Scarlett or Georg looked out of place for their age, but in front of these two, it was only a handful.

“Two, why are you both like this? It’s fair to say that Tanya is young, but I… … .”

“Ah, Emilia. That sounds so heartless.”

Tanya tends to take it lightly that she has a baby face.

However, it was disgusting for Emilia, who was also proud of her youthful face, to step back, so he bit her and hung on, considering it a water ghost operation.

That would also be the case, because she had trained radishes for so long and her mana activation was far superior to others, so Emilia’s beauty didn’t think that it would dull with each passing day.

Rather, it was because there were often times when the same women felt that Emilia’s beauty had risen even more now.

If it was like a flower that bloomed in splendor in the past, now it should be said that it is like an elegantly built statue.

The composure and mature beauty revealed in her gestures and tone seemed to add to her beauty.

“How does Anise look? Is mom enough?”

“T-Tanya, too. What am I going to do by asking Anis about it?”

“How are you? I’m asking for fun. Won’t you answer me from the most objective point of view?”

Traditionally, the more family members are, the more it is possible to judge from a calmer point of view.

Of course, Tanya just wanted to tease Emilia and asked Anis openly in front of her, but the justification was plausible.

Anis, who had been freed from Tanya and was messing around with sweets for a while, looked up at Emilia and studied her face very closely.

It was as if someone was checking to see if there were any scratches on the jewelry.

“Ugh… You both look young! Honestly, I can’t believe that I’m the same age as my friend’s mom.”

“right? Ahem, no matter what, men still line up wherever she goes these days.”

‘It’s probably not as good as Sofia, though.’ Tanya added with a laugh.

Sophia, who was quietly drinking tea next to her, opened her eyes wide and turned her head.

It was as if he was hearing it for the first time.

“Is Aunt Sophia really that popular?”

“Ah, I guess you haven’t seen Anis. There are several other witnesses besides me.”

In the direction she pointed, Scarlett and Georg were raising their hands with mischievous smiles.

He would, too, as he had witnessed with his own eyes how much flirting Sophia was subjected to as a socialite or ball-goer.

“If this lady puts it simply, Sophia would put on a dress and say, ‘Could you step aside for a moment?’ If you say that, the sea will part right away.”

“Really!? Aunt Sophia.”

“Yeah, can that be? He’s just joking, so don’t believe it, Anis.”

To be honest, there had been times like that, but Sophia couldn’t bear to put a steel plate on her face and say that, so she denied it as if to make an excuse.

Even so, because of Scarlett and Tanya, who rushed after them, Anis soon found herself being questioned again.

“I want to be a wonderful woman like Aunt Sophia… … !”

“I-I can’t be that kind of person. And don’t you have a good example by your side?”

When Sophia, who was at a loss as to why she was doing this to herself over her utopia called Emilia, waved her hand away in embarrassment, Anise jumped into her arms and proudly revealed her aspirations.

“Of course I respect my mother, but as a woman, is it Aunt Sophia that I want to be like?”

“Right, Sophia. ‘Aunt Sophia, Aunt Sophia.’ I want to be like him while doing it.”

As Emilia stepped forward and agreed, Sophia, who had no place to retreat, looked at Anis with a mix of joy and bewilderment.

Looking at those pure yet envy-filled eyes, I felt like I had become a really great person, and it was really strange.

“Today, Sophia got caught properly. It won’t be easy to get out until Ludwig comes.”

Georg, who watched the scene from a distance, smiled bitterly as he drank the fragrant fruit drink prepared just for him.

At least, Emilia got used to it and easily got out of situations like that, but Sophia couldn’t do that, so she’d probably be held captive for a while.

“Then you also joined in the teasing. Have you become quite close with Sophia now?”

“How many years have you known? It’s worth joking around with each other. Of course Sophia wouldn’t do that.”

“Then you know if you have a foolish heart, right?”

“… I am.”

At Scarlett’s bluff, Georg pulled her over, kissed her lightly, sat down next to her, and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

It was a part that showed that he had improved his way of living as he tried not to worry his jealous wife, whether he was young or now.

‘When will my brother come?’

On the other hand, Sofia, caught between playful Tanya and Aifretz, who starts pouring out compliments, desperately hopes for Ludwig to appear.

Because there was nothing else that could stop those three people.

It was about an hour after that that Ludwig, whom Sophia had so longed for, arrived.


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