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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 161

Special Chapter. Now it’s not two, but three (1)

New life always brings new happiness along with it.

This was no exception, even if it was one of the leading families in a country.

“Annis, come to this grandmother’s arms.”

“Hamuni, Hamuni-!”

“Yeah, hey. How can it be so pretty?”

Some time after Anise was born, she was able to walk quite well on her own.

It was still difficult to run fast, but it was possible enough to be held on my own in the arms of my grandparents who cared for her.

The body of Anis, who was toddling towards Yulia, who had spread her arms toward her, rose from her seat.

Since it was such a small body, it was able to lift it with Yulia’s relatively weak strength.

“My mother can’t help but smile when she sees anise.”

“Huh, that’s all. Of course, children born from stomachaches are cute, but granddaughters seem to have a different kind of cuteness.”

Urr- Peek-a-boo!

Despite her still beautiful looks, Yulia played with Anise, not caring about her face getting ruined.

Every time that happened, Anise’s crackling laughter filled the room, to the point that all the servants who were guarding the surroundings smiled happily at the same time.

“Why don’t you give me the anise and go to Romer?”

Romer was Emilia’s younger brother, and the child expected to inherit the Weimurn family in the future.

Although there was not much difference in age with Anise, he was able to talk quite well and eat well, so at least he needed less help from his mother.

In fact, that was the reason Yulia was able to come here today.

“Romer is supposed to be playing with guests today. Isn’t it nice for adults to interfere when children are playing together?”

“I guess so. Then, whoever becomes the child’s parent… … ?”

“You are the hostess of the Melières family.”

“Ah, it was him.”

The hostess of the Melias family was also familiar with Emilia.

We hadn’t talked for a long time, and even though we only had a short conversation with Yulia’s introduction, it was enough to tell that he was a pretty good person.

Her personality was similar to that of Yulia, and her disposition was quite mild, and above all, she had a friendly way of speaking, and Emilia also remembered her as someone who was easy to talk to.

“Then did he also have a late child?”

“I hope so. It looks like you brought your granddaughter.”

“ah… … .”

When Emilia finally understood her mother’s comment, she nodded her head slightly.

In other words, it must mean that there are couples like them who got married at a fairly early age and had children.

For some reason, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to meet at least once if I had a chance later.

Anyway, in an aristocratic society, there are many cases where you keep meeting people you’ve met unexpectedly, so you can broaden your horizons only if you have an independent meeting in this case.


“I’m sorry, Emilia. Am I too late?”

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Just as Emilia was lost in thought for a moment, the door opened without a message and Ludwig appeared.

The reason he apologized right away was because Emilia was left alone after he went night fishing last night.

“it’s okay. Did you have a good fishing trip?”

“Yes, it feels good to catch the big ones. I stayed up all night thanks to you.”

When Ludwig proudly recited, measuring the size of the fish he had caught with a child-like face, spreading his arms outstretched, Emilia smiled happily at the innocent look he hadn’t seen in a while.

At times, he is a very mature and grown-up person, but at times like this, he is just like a child.

The men seemed to know what their mother meant when they said that they would always be children even when they were old.

Meanwhile, Yulia looked at Ludwig’s condition with Anise in her arms.

Her eyes are definitely clear, but the area under her eyelids is quite dark.

“Oh, it’s not good to stay up all night… . Don’t do that, go ahead and lay down first.”

“It’s okay, mother-in-law. There have been many times in the past where I stayed up all night for a few days because of work.”

“It is, though.”

Despite Yulia’s continued encouragement to sleep, Ludwig smirked and approached her side, poking at the cheek of Anis in his arms.

“Pa-! No twine!”

Could it be because Ludwig promised Anis that he would catch a lot of fish before going fishing?

As soon as Anis saw her father’s face, she immediately shouted fish.

“My daughter, did Dad catch a lot of fish?”


“Yes, a lot.”


“How come Anise is more happy than Ludwig?”

“That’s right. I wonder if Anis will learn to fish later.”

Ludwig said it in a joking tone, but Emilia took it quite seriously.

Later, when I imagined going to the riverside or streamside and happily watching a woman fishing, I thought it was a pretty plausible picture.

“It’s certainly not a common hobby for girls, but… Wouldn’t it be fun to be with Dad though?”

“Ha ha, well. When you’re young, even if your father likes you, you don’t know when you’re grown up.”

“I told you. There is absolutely no chance that Anise will hate you.”

Following Emilia’s assertion, Anise stretched out her small hand, grabbed Ludwig’s cheek, and said, ‘Pooh!’ he shouted.

It’s like saying that mom is right and agreeing with her.

“Pufu, I heard Anis is like that too?”

“Anis, is it true what mom said?”


I can say it, but despite not being able to understand such a difficult conversation yet, Anis firmly nodded.

In the end, Ludwig had no choice but to believe his wife and daughter’s words with a bright smile.

If possible, I would remember this fact, and later, when my daughter entered a period of rebellion, I vowed to use it.

* * * * * * *

That night, Emilia sneaked up to him as he lay on the bed, exhausted from an all-night fishing trip.

Since Anis still needs her parents’ arms, it has become a daily routine for her to hold her in her arms for a while only when she sleeps, then leave her in the next room and return to her bedroom.

Ludwig’s consciousness, which had been growing hazy, awoke as he felt a warm touch on his back.

I cautiously turned my head to avoid bumping into it, and Emilia’s face illuminated by the dim light looked pale.

“I’m sorry, Emilia. I should have helped… … .”

Ludwig holds Emilia in his arms with a short apology to Emilia who has returned to bed.

It wasn’t an act of deep affection, but that alone made Emilia feel a part of her heart filled.

“It is not necessary for two people. And besides, you don’t know how obedient our daughter is?”

“Well, I’ve never heard of a guy as good as Anise.”

Although he had been shown to be flaky from an early age, after Anise was born, this had become even more prominent, and this was just the case now.

In particular, he was busy reciting boasts about his daughter on fictitious days when he recently met friends of the same age as Tanya, Georg, and Scarlett.

Even Tanya, who considered Anise like her sister and daughter, looked at him with a disgusted expression, so it was said.

Emilia would watch such a husband all the time and feel a subtle sense of difference.

how to say He had always been a man who seemed to be watching everything calmly from a distance, so he expected that even if his daughter was born, nothing would change drastically.

“Phuhuh… Ludwig somehow seems to be getting out of hand.”

“Hmm, now that I have a cute daughter, I think it’s natural. I was rather surprised that Emilia was calm.”

Contrary to Emilia’s expectations, if Ludwig actively welcomed Anise’s existence, on the contrary, unlike Ludwig’s idea, her reaction was not very dramatic.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Anise’s presence isn’t welcomed, and it’s not like Yulia or Ludwig reacted very violently.

Contrary to each other’s expectations, it was seen that they showed quite contrasting appearances.

“For some reason, I feel like I’m looking at myself as I was when I was younger. Of course, she’s pretty because she’s a daughter, but on the other hand, it feels strange that I’m raising myself.”

“There was also that point of view. Well, maybe the reason I find Anise cute is because I think of her as Emilia when I was young.”

Ludwig also looked at Anis from time to time and thought, ‘Emilia must have been like this when she was young, too, right?’ It was a word that was understandable enough because I used to imagine it often.

“Because Ludwig always wanted to be a daughter just like me.”

“Your hair looks like me, though.”

Ludwig expressed his only regret with a small bitter smile.

He wanted Anise to be born with sparkling platinum hair just like his mother.

Contrary to his expectations, however, from the time his hair started to grow little by little, Anis surprised the people around him by showing off his father’s yellow hair.

Because it is such a rare color.

In addition, the Weimurn mother and daughter liked the color of Ludwig’s hair so much that the two cheered the day Anis’s hair grew.

“Huh, that makes me even more happy. I really like Ludwig’s hair because it resembles the night sky.”

“Come to think of it, Emilia always said that. Maybe that wind reached the sky.”

“I guess so. In that sense, I would like to have a second one… … .”

‘Ludwig can do that, right?’ said Emilia with a bewitching smile.

Today, I knew that he was tired, so I didn’t show off blatantly, but I could clearly feel his will to continue the plan even tomorrow.

“Are you going to make a sister for Anis already, even though you went through a lot of hardships when you were pregnant?”

“It wasn’t that hard. Besides, when I was pregnant, Ludwig was in a more kind mood than usual… I don’t think that would be too bad.”


Ludwig smiled bitterly when he realized there was no way out.

At the most, a little over a year after Anise was born, he was already a little brother.

I was already curious about how the parents of both families would react if they heard this news.


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