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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 160

Special Chapter. A gift to the two (3)

After entering the mansion and showing her condition to Annest, Emilia’s pain intensified.

By the time evening passed and night came, he was unable to speak properly, so there was nothing he could do except lay him in bed and watch him.

“Huh… ! hahahaha… … .”

Ludwig looked at her with pity as she lay on the bed, sweating and groaning in pain.

The saddest thing was that there was nothing I could do.

At least if I could share the pain, it would be a little better.

Unfortunately, such magic did not exist in the world. No, even if it existed, Emilia would not allow it.

“Ludwig, it’s okay. Even the doctor said I’m sure you’ll be able to withstand it because you’re so strong.”

“… Know. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.”

Tanya comforted him by patting him who was sitting on the chair holding Emilia’s hand tightly, but it didn’t have much effect.

How painful is the feeling of helplessness on the part of a husband who cannot do anything even though his beloved wife is fighting alone?

The feeling was not so shallow that it could be put to rest with just a word or two.

“You just go in. It’s not a stupid thing to say.”

Stefan, who left the mansion on business for a while, returned before he knew it and patted Ludwig on the shoulder and spoke to him.

According to my wife, from the time her daughter went into labor, she skipped meals and stayed by her side.

Of course, that mindset is admirable, but now was the time to take a break.

No matter how many people around you can ease her pain anyway.

Stefan was also planning to go back after keeping his seat out of concern for his daughter, so it’s just a matter of taking turns watching.

“Yes, he is right. You don’t know when the contractions will end, but you don’t have to stay up all night.”

Yulia, who was watching from the side, also helped her husband.

If at least there was no one else to stand by Emilia, there were competent servants in this mansion, as well as her parents and friends.

More than anything else, if Ludwig was not in a good condition when Emilia had given birth in good health, he would rather cause concern.

This advice was possible because Yulia knew her daughter’s personality better than anyone else.

However, despite the two people’s dissuade, Ludwig only shook his head slightly.

“Fine. After all, staying up all night is not difficult.”

“You are very stubborn, too.”

Stefan laughed and muttered, and Yulia stabbed him in the side.

There are still memories left in her head, but it was because it was absurd that she tried to sneak away.

“You have nothing to say. Even when I was pregnant with Emilia, I was like my son-in-law.”

“Uh, hmm. Things are different from then. You were on the weak side.”

At his wife’s prompting, Stefan cleared his throat and tried to avoid her gaze.

From his point of view, he had some excuses.

Although it was a problem because it didn’t go well with Yulia.

“It’s embarrassing. Anyway, the son-in-law doesn’t seem to want to go in, so let’s take turns watching. You must be worried too.”

“That would be nice. If not, what will Tanya do?”

When Stefan’s gaze naturally turned to the pink hair next to her, she replied firmly without the slightest sign of distress.

“I will be by your side too. I’m worried about Emilia too, but more than anything, I’m worried about this idiot.”

“Are you worried about your son-in-law?”

“Ever since before, when it came to Emilia’s business, she had a personality that didn’t care about anything. After all this, I wonder if my body will take a back seat again.”

As much as Emilia knows Ludwig well, Tanya knows Ludwig quite well.

In this situation, even if there is a lot of drowsiness pouring down to the point where consciousness is cut off, he will keep his seat until the end.

On that subject, the fact that Emilia would smile as if nothing had happened once the delivery was completed safely.

That’s why I thought I would need someone to help me so that I wouldn’t stray.

He’s an upright man in both a good and a bad way, because sometimes he needs an advisor to slap him on the back.

Of course, it was Tanya herself who did this herself, but at times like this, I also felt that she had taken on a very difficult responsibility.

“Don’t be serious, fool. Whether it’s a prince or a princess, look forward to it and keep smiling.”

“… yes. I wish I could have a pretty daughter who resembles Emilia.”

“Yeah, I agree with that too.”

The fact that a son who looks just like this man who is still cramped is born.

Asserting that it would be hell, Tanya smiled like a mischievous child.

The only thing that was certain was that whichever one was born would be very happy.

Even though it’s just a child from her friend, wouldn’t that make you feel like you have the whole world?

‘I want to see you soon.’

Tanya wiped Emilia’s sweaty forehead with her own hands, then leaned back on the bed like a squirrel peering over a tree branch to watch her friend fall asleep.

Please don’t have any trouble.

She also regretted the fact that there was nothing more she could do as a friend besides wishing for it.

* * * * * * *

It was around dawn when Emilia woke up from the pain of labor and started fighting alone again.

After preparing for childbirth in earnest, Annest entered the room with various tools and a few people with her.

The cervix has already opened to the point where the baby’s head can be seen.

Finally, the time has come when you need the help of a doctor, not the mother alone.

“My lady, you need to catch your breath. You know what I mean?”

“Huh… … !”

Even as she groaned in pain, Emilia followed Annest’s words and controlled her breathing.

During this time, more than anything else, I had to be comfortable. If the mother herself shuddered in fear, her muscles would contract and harm the fetus.

“it’s okay. You are doing well enough. Others are watching you, so don’t think you’re alone.”

“Yeah, that… I will.”

Annest tried to reassure Emilia as much as possible even while she herself was sweating profusely.

Still, in the case of first-time mothers experiencing childbirth for the first time in general, there are many cases where they experience intense pain and anxiety for the first time in their lives, but in that respect, Emilia was so bold that she overcame that fear well.

“Emilia, cheer up a little more. My father-in-law, mother-in-law, and Tanya are all by my side.”

“Thank you, Ludwig… I’m sorry!”

Seeing Ludwig holding her hand tightly, Emilia made up her mind.

After that, when I saw my parents and friends standing there with worried faces, I felt relieved and felt like I was about to burst into tears.

She didn’t shed a single tear even when she was in such severe pain, but it was quite difficult to endure the surge of emotions.

“They laughed and watched, why are you shedding tears?”

Could Emilia’s feelings have been conveyed to Yulia as well?

Seeing her wipe her eyes with a handkerchief, Stefan smiled bitterly.

“Iknow, right. Huhu, I guess this is what tears of joy are.”

“The baby hasn’t even come out yet, but I’m excited. You must be very sensitive too.”

That’s what she said, but it wasn’t that Stefan was unaware of her feelings.

Although he was also Emilia’s father, Yulia, as a mother, was well aware of the pain of giving birth to a child, so he could empathize with her all the more.

After that, more and more time passed, and when the appearance of the fetus was clearly revealed, everyone who watched it held their breath.

“miss! Be patient a little longer! Soon, soon!”

“Huh… … !”

As if responding to Annest’s cry, Emilia calmed down and fulfilled her role as a mother.

Still, there was no pain like tearing the stomach like a moment ago, so it was tolerable.

More than anything else, when the feeling of a child coming out came out, the will to work harder grew up.

Is this what motherly love is?

“Just a little bit, a little bit of strength… … !”

Tanya, who was watching this scene from the side, clasped her hands together and cheered, not sure if she was talking to Emilia or to a child who was appearing outside the world.

Ludwig also watched the child come out through the incised perineum with anxious eyes, and did not leave the seat until the end.

With just one promise to be happy with Emilia and the people around her the moment the child is born.

As if everyone’s wishes had reached the spot, the fast-paced childbirth work eventually came to an end.

“It’s out! You are a pretty princess!”

The fetus, finally fully revealed, was entrusted to Annest’s care and immediately burst into tears.

The expression of pittung really suits her well, and even her features are not perfect, but to those gathered around her, she couldn’t look prettier than this.

“Emilia, it’s okay now. So don’t worry.”

“Fine… me? my child… … .”

When Ludwig squeezed his hand and congratulated her for her hard work, Emilia, who tried to smile even though her energy was running out, asked her daughter’s condition first.

At this, Ludwig cast his gaze toward Annest, and she nodded as if it were natural, indicating that the fetus was healthy.

“Yes, I am healthy. It’s all thanks to Emilia’s hard work.”

“That’s fortunate… Can I hold you in my arms just once?”

Emilia reached out to Annest and took her daughter into her arms, even though she didn’t even have the strength to move her body properly.

It was really small and warm.

Most of all, it was very strange to see the newborn child wriggling and trying to open it somehow.

‘This is my child.’

It is the fruit of a loved one, and an existence that should be cherished above all else.

That fact alone made my heart so full and I felt as if I had everything in the world.

“How about having Emilia name it herself? Right now, I think Emilia has more emotions than I do.”

“I see. what would be good… … .”

It seemed that she would never grow up to be a normal girl.

Since her parents are so unusual, she will become a heroine who stands out in many ways, whether she likes it or not.

If the name fits in that sense,

“anise. Anise would be nice.”

“Is that the name of the first swordsman?”

“Yes, I’m sure this child would somehow become someone like him.”

Ludwig nodded, saying that the name suited him well.

In fact, no matter what name it is, the life this child will move on is more important than the name itself.

Thus, this world finally embraced a new life called Anise.


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