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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 16

Chapter 2. Coming of Age Ceremony (7)

Asking him to drink was a very impulsive act.

Maybe it was some kind of error.

Ogi bloomed in his heart, wanting to embarrass him for lying.

Even though she suppresses her emotions well and prides herself on being calm, for some reason, her emotions easily become distorted in front of him.

‘It’s crazy that I’m drunk… … .’

Why did he make such a recommendation? To the subject who can’t control his body properly even after drinking a couple of glasses of wine.

It seemed that if I accidentally drank and insulted him, I would not want to see the sun tomorrow morning.

Wouldn’t it be better to say no now? He said it was just a joke.

But what will Ludwig think of me? Wouldn’t it be considered a lighthearted woman talking about things that were not in her heart?

Even though I knew he wasn’t a man with that kind of mentality, my head was getting more and more confused.

“…Lea? Emilia?”

“Yes Yes?”

Oops. It seems I was too distracted.

Ludwig’s face, which had come close to him. It seemed that he was worried, but his slight frown was strangely attractive.

In addition, I feel that my eyes are pretty even in the midst of this, I must be seriously ill too. Of course, I don’t hate myself for changing.

When he asked me about my condition again, I responded with a smile, saying that it was okay, and then asked him about the sudden call.

Ludwig opened his mouth cautiously with a shy expression on his face.

I had to try to hold back the near burst of laughter at the sight of a misbehaving child asking her mother for permission.

“Is it okay if I serve food instead of alcohol?”

“Cooking… You mean you make it yourself?”

Planting flowers and cooking were quite trivial hobbies for the Sogaju of the Ipretz family.

Why do I still feel that way? Maybe it was because he was looking at him as ‘Ludwig’ rather than ‘the Sogaju of the Ipretz family’.

strange thing How can you look so different just by changing the way you look at people?

“It’s a lack of skill, but it won’t be enough to spit it out. Of course, if Emilia still has enough to eat… … .”

“I want to eat.”

I answered quickly so as not to give him time to escape.

I’ll be living here as a family member for the time being anyway, so it’s always possible to do a masterpiece with him. Whether at a meal or on another occasion.

However, it would be difficult for him to be served food prepared by himself. After carefully weighing the two chances on the scales, the answer came out simply.

Ludwig seemed to hesitate for a moment at the consent that jumped out before he could even finish his words, but soon reached out his hand to me with his signature smile.

“Then let’s go. I will guide you.”

“Yes, please.”

I gave a word to Grita, who had been by my mother’s side, and left the hall with him.

Everyone else must be spending their time drunk at a banquet. It’s just a dinner for two.

Plus, he cooks himself. Maybe I’ll overeat a little today.

* * * * * * *

At first, to be honest, I was a bit worried.

Whatever the taste of the food he made, he was ready to put it in, but he worried about what to do if the taste was too strange.

Fortunately, however, that concern was put to an end when he saw the back of him skillfully handling utensils and continuing to cook.

‘This is what it means that a man who is passionate about something is cool.’

With the exception of swordsmanship training, I was almost stuck at home, so I often read the books in my father’s library.

Among them, there was a romance novel that I didn’t know was my mother’s, but it was a sentence I saw there.

I didn’t quite understand what he meant at the time, but lately I’ve been able to fully understand what he said.

After all, humans are animals of experience. Even the colorless stories that made you tilt your head when you were watching them began to take on their own color after meeting him.


“Yes, Emilia. Did you call?”

“Oh, no. I’m just looking forward to it.”

Even in the middle of the cooking, I felt like a puppy that he turned his head quickly when his name was called.

Oh, it shouldn’t be like this. Amman, even if he looks cute, he is a decent man who even went through a coming-of-age ceremony today. This kind of thinking is just rude.

‘But… … .’

I was able to find myself laughing at him at some point.

Have the muscles in your face loosened up? I don’t think the clown will come down.

It’s a shame because he’s not looking this way. If they did find something like this, they would surely think that she was an insidious woman.

– Cheik.

Soon after, the scent of wine wrapped around the tip of my nose gently closed my eyes.

Are you going to use an entire bottle of wine for grilling meat? It’s a very exciting recipe.

When I was at my parents’ house, I rarely saw others cooking. Perhaps thanks to that, I was able to realize for the first time that watching others cook is also quite fun.

Maybe it’s just a thought because the chef is Ludwig.

“I see you cook often. Are your hands very skillful?”

“hahahaha, is that so? I’m glad I didn’t look like a beginner.”

Ludwig continues to cook without any errors while bursting into laughter.

Although I am no stranger to cooking, I got the impression that I was quite good at it. Isn’t it a considerable skill to pass up simply as a hobby?

I thought that landscaping was not my skill enough to humbly say that it was a hobby, but… Anyway, it’s just great.

Soon after, his dish was finished, plated on a bowl, loaded onto a cart, and slowly approached the table.

“I prepared food that is hard to eat, but… I don’t know how.”

“Does it look delicious just by looking at it?”

The food he served was a fairly ordinary steak. At first glance, it didn’t look like beef… Is it lamb?

“It is a steak made from venison. I hope it suits your taste.”

“Deer meat?”

I thought it wouldn’t be ordinary meat, but I thought it was Gibier.

I had eaten something like rabbit, but it was my first time eating venison, so I hesitated to eat it. How would you like to eat it? If it was a deer, the meat would be tough, so it would be difficult to cut… … .

‘uh… ? Does it cut well?’

When you gently press the knife, the bright red flesh that reveals its shape according to the blade. Was venison so tender?

I’m not good at gastronomy, so there’s no way to express it… I thought it was already delicious at this point that I hadn’t tasted it. Even excluding the bonus point that Ludwig made the food himself.

When a dish is served with Jagoro, the chef’s explanation must be added to enhance the taste.

Perhaps because Ludwig was well aware of this, he came to me and recited the ingredients and recipes for the food.

“… I made it that way, and since Emilia suggested a drink after a long time, I added a lot of wine.”

“ah… … .”

no wonder. Of course, wine is common in cooking, but I wanted something to use in a fairly large amount.

Maybe that’s why the deer steak cut into bite-sized pieces smelled like wine.

I thanked him for making the food and immediately brought the steak to my mouth. Then, the juice and acidity that explodes in your mouth.

I heard that confiture made of apples was included… Is it because of that? The sauce had a very strong fruit flavor.

Anyway, to conclude… It was very tasty. to such an extent that there is nothing better.

“Ludwig is really talented… I am envious.”

“I am ashamed to praise you like that. How does it suit your taste?”

“Yeah. It is very delicious.”

To be honest, I didn’t really like the food I ate here.

It was to the extent that he didn’t eat anything properly until Ludwig returned from talking with his father.

However, the food he prepared was really delicious to attribute it simply to hunger. Perhaps, even when he was full, he would have expressed the same impression.

“Do you feel better now? Emilia.”

“Dah, I’ve never felt particularly bad about it.”

It seems that I was concentrating on eating without even knowing he was there.

Ludwig, looking at me happily with his chin resting on his chin, asked me. My face heated up in an instant, and I replied bluntly without realizing it.

Then, he laughed, saying that he knew it as if he were trying to soothe a child.

what do you know without knowing anything

I had a heartache for no reason, so I finished the remaining steak with my mouth sticking out. There was no time to worry about etiquette or anything.

“Eat slowly, Emilia. Then I’ll catch up… yes?”

Trying to calm me down, he suddenly opened his eyes. Just like when you first met me.

The reason was simple. ‘Cause I’ve done a sudden act

I grabbed his wrist with both hands and pulled him close to my face.

It was very interesting to see his expression change in real time as his hand got closer to me. But it’s not over yet.

“What should I do, Ludwig? I must have been a little drunk because of the wine.”

“Yeah, that can’t be. It must have been blown away while cooking… Emilia!?”

His voice cracked, like when women shout.

It’s not even reached yet, so it’s a fuss. If you are the head of the company, you have to show a confident appearance at times like this.

But it’s Ludwig. In the midst of this, the lump that floated above his head was filled with nothing but confusion.

Can’t you think of something a little different? For some reason, I feel like I’m the only one thinking of him. No, not for some reason, although it may be true.

“It was very delicious, Ludwig. Enough to eat every day.”

“Oh, I’m glad you enjoyed your meal. Rather, hands… … .”

“You can’t even help a drunk woman? That’s too much treatment.”

“That’s right, Emilia is weak to alcohol… No, even so, this… … .”

How else do you know I’m weak to alcohol? For some reason, he seems to see right through my likes and dislikes.

Of course I know you well, Ludwig.

The fact that his face turns red in surprise when he approaches me so suddenly.

A transparent mind that values me but doesn’t have any negative feelings towards me.

He likes flowers, cooks well, and has a polite and upright personality, but he is too humble to humble himself.

But I would like to know a little more. this is not enough

Your wrist held tightly with both hands. Beyond that, you can feel the pulsating pulse.

Wouldn’t this thumping sound tell you? After listening for a moment, he laughed and let go of his hand.

I didn’t think he would like it if I kept holding it with my not-so-pretty hand.

– Bumpy.

“rood… Behi?”

His hand, which had been moving away, took hold of my hand this time.

It was a quick pace, but in the middle of it, did I take care not to be offended? It was a very delicate and careful touch rather than rough.

Looking at my hand, which had calluses all over it from swordsmanship training, he smiled.

“Oh, sorry. I thought it was a very well-groomed hand. These are Emilia-like hands.”

“I… Is that the answer?”

“Isn’t that the hand that came running while holding onto a single sword? My hands look very shabby compared to this.”

Also he’s weird He always tells me what I want to hear and makes me discover myself that even I don’t know.

I felt that I wanted to be close to him, but at the same time I felt a little afraid.

What will happen if I don’t know myself more than this?

I don’t know. But I thought that it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing. It must mean that a being has appeared who will change the whole world as I know it.

But eventually, he let go of his grip.

I can’t help it. If I were to be held like this any longer, there would be no excuse for my heated hands.

My head is dizzy. Maybe he was really drunk. I don’t know what he got drunk on, but anyway.


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