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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 159

Special Chapter. A gift to the two (2)

Except for Tanya, who had already heard of Lel’s story, the other two were very interested in her love story.

“Lel is also very active than I thought. It’s kind of surprising.”

Emilia, in particular, was very surprised to hear that it was Lel, not the man, who approached first, after hearing the whole story.

Apparently, the side of Lel she saw was blunt and businesslike, with a strong sense of being engrossed in work.

In fact, even after hearing about Lel from Tanya, it was close to that kind of personality.

“Euhuhu, it means that even Lel can’t help it in front of love.”

“Ah, lady… … .”

At Emilia’s reaction, Tanya glanced sideways at Lel with sly eyes and laughed like a greasy middle-aged man. Lel begged the owner to stop.

“For some reason, I thought it would be a story about the cool guy who melted the ice princess. Isn’t Ludwig like that too?”

“I agree. But I think this one is more fun.”

“Yes. A story is always less fun when it goes the way you expect it to.”

As Ludwig and his wife smiled and continued their pairing, a cold sweat formed on Lel’s forehead as he watched.

“Lel, aren’t you too embarrassed? Your face is very red.”

“No, please don’t tease me, lady.”

Lell was the first to protest against Tanya, covering his face, but it was no use to her, who was very playful.

On the contrary, Tanya rushed in at this time and began to ask if there were any more stories she was hiding.

If that was most of the story she had heard so far, she was wondering if there might be a little bit of a hidden story behind it.

“I, really, this is all… ! Trust me, lady.”

“A real egg? Still can’t believe it?”

“eww… … !”

At Tanya’s smirk, Lell covered his face and shook his head.

Of course, it’s not that there aren’t hidden stories, but I didn’t have the confidence to protect the last remaining dignity to reveal that.

‘I never thought it would be so difficult to reveal a love story.’

For her, who has always been obsessed with work, it is the first love in her fresh life.

That’s why he’s so shy, but since he’s the type of person who doesn’t reveal his story well, there’s a part of him that’s more like that.

In the end, Emilia, who couldn’t see this, clapping her hands and refreshing the atmosphere.

Lell’s face might explode if he did it any longer, so it would be the right choice for both of them to step back moderately at this point.

“We have had enough of this. So, Tanya, please stop teasing Lel too much.”

“See, if Emilia comes out like that, then I’m the only one who becomes a bad owner… … !”

“Whoops, didn’t I ask for more?”

As Emilia pulled herself out and kept ignorance, Tanya had no choice but to step back with a sorrowful expression on her face.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with what she said.

Shortly thereafter, Paula and Grita brought refreshments for the three of them.

Originally, when the two of them came, Lel planned to unpack the story, but unfortunately, the time didn’t match, so it ended like this.

“Lel, let the two of you hear it too. Understand?”

In that situation, as Rell let out a sigh of relief, Tanya poked her arm from the side and ordered.

It was no wonder that Lell’s complexion turned pale, and Grita, who had served the tea, also pricked up her ears and expressed interest.

“Did you share something pleasant?”

“then. The two of you should listen separately later. Will it be very fun?”

When Tanya asserted with a chuckle, Paula, who had been pouring tea into their respective cups, tilted her head when she heard the news belatedly.

“me too… Are you talking? Miss Tanya.”

“yes. do i have to listen? Paula.”

“I don’t know what you mean… If you say so, I will listen.”

Beside him, Lell complained, asking him not to do that, but Paula nodded, saying, “I don’t know,” as Paula tends to be playful at times like this.

In fact, these three ladies-in-waiting were quite friendly with each other.

In the end, he would pretend to remove Lel and tell the story.

Besides, there was a promise he made with Grita the other day, so it was an unavoidable option to fulfill that promise.

“Um… ! tasty. Why doesn’t my homemade one taste like this?”

Tanya, who had succeeded in arguing with the two, immediately cut off the cake in front of her with a fork and put it into her mouth.

It was enough to put a smile on the lips of the rest of the people watching them eat so happily.

Even though Tanya is not one of the gluttons, she still enjoys food quite nicely.

It was no exaggeration to say that Emilia learned what the feeling of ‘being full just by looking at’ was through her, as she ate so much that the onlookers were happy.

“Isn’t it because I eat my family’s food every day, so I feel that way?”

“That’s a good word too. Well, you shouldn’t be fooled by familiarity and forget important things. yes.”

“I’ll say that and repeat the same thing next time.”

“Oh no! Won’t you catch a live person!?”

At Ludwig’s brief remark, Tanya screamed in anger like fire.

It was a reaction she always showed when she was flustered, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she was made fun of.

To put it bluntly, even that calm Sofia ‘it’s fun to watch Tanya suffer.’ enough to say

“Thanks for coming anyway, Tanya. I was wondering when you would come, but I’m glad to see you today.”

“Ugh, it sounds like it has bones for some reason… You’re not saying you haven’t come in a while, are you?”

Tanya hadn’t stopped by to be considerate of Emilia, but in fact she did receive several letters from her along the way.

You don’t have to think about your physical condition, so please stop by sometime.

But at that time, I couldn’t come for a while, and I wanted to put off the burden even if I said it, so I put it off, so I’ve come this far.

I don’t think Emilia would be upset about something like that, but even so, Tanya felt some uneasiness and asked cautiously.

Of course, if you really didn’t care, there wouldn’t be any reason to keep bringing up the topic like this.

I wondered if this might be a way to turn around the fact that I kept it in my heart.

“Please. Of course, I don’t have that kind of heart.”

“… !? Eh! Coke! Coke!”

And, as if Tanya’s guess seemed to fit very well, Emilia revealed her true intentions with a smile on her face.

As a result, she was caught eating cake, and when Tanya coughed continuously, Lel hurriedly handed her a teacup.

It wasn’t too hot, and it was a moderately drinkable temperature, so Tanya was fortunate to be able to clear the piece of cake that was stuck in her throat with the tea.

“I’m sorry, Tanya. I guess I was joking around too much.”

“Now, if it’s a joke, I’d rather be glad. I was scared because I thought it was real.”

“When you come like that, why did you bounce so much?”

“You keep quiet! you stupid!”

Tanya, whose fever had risen due to Ludwig constantly helping out by her side, sighed again, but it did not have the proper effect.

Ludwig, thanks to his mastery of dealing with Tanya, knew at least that he could deal with it skillfully in situations like this.

“By the way, when is the baby born? Is there a rough date set by any chance?”

In the end, Tanya, who couldn’t stand it any longer, tried to change the subject to the child in her belly.

A smile appeared on Emilia’s lips at this unnatural action, but she pretended not to know and nodded.

“As far as the date goes, the time has come. So, there are things to be as careful as possible.”

“Well? Has Emilia ever been careful?”

“Lu, Ludwig is also true. Why are you so upset that you can’t make fun of me and Tanya today?”

“I mean. Somehow, I feel that way today.”

When Emilia gave him a slap on his forearm, as if he hated him, he laughed awkwardly and added, “Isn’t it wrong?”

That would also be the case, because Emilia didn’t just train after having a child, she wasn’t very careful.

It was to the point that Yulia said that she was worried about the child in her belly and told her to sit quietly.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable with eating? I think that will be the hardest.”

“It must be a bit difficult. It’s okay though, since there’s not much left.”

“If the child comes out soon, the mother will suffer less. I will pray for you to come out soon.”

“Whoops, thank you. Tanya.”

Always a really good friend.

Although Emilia has received help from Tanya many times, most of all, she was most grateful that she could always be healed thanks to her innocence.

That’s how they recited each other’s current situation, and around the time when the topic shifted to talking about the people around them.

Emilia’s expression, which had been bright a moment ago, began to darken somewhat.

“My lady, you don’t look good.”

“Mi, I’m sorry. Gritta. I’m a bit hungry… … .”

“Yeah? Barney… Wouldn’t it be better to see a doctor soon?”

Grita proposed, thinking that she might not know, given the situation Emilia was in.

However, Emilia shook her head with a smile on her face.

It was because I didn’t want to worry about the day I met my friend.

“Okay, it’s okay. It’s definitely not a big deal… … !?”


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Just as she was about to continue her conversation, Emilia tried to stand up due to a piercing pain in her stomach, but she lost her balance and fell forward on the spot.

Ludwig managed to support her along the way, but the chair that rolled away from her showed how severe her pain was.

“Emilia, let’s go in now. Ernest is also inside, so it’s better to see it. Gritta, Paula. Can you help me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Don’t worry, I will support you by your side… … !”

As Tanya was at a loss as to what to do with the atmosphere that quickly deteriorated, Rell approached her and offered to accompany her inside.

The long-awaited tea time was canceled due to sudden news.

We will have to wait and see what kind of news it is, but we will know.


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