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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 158

Special Chapter. A gift to the two (1)

As the birth date approached, the Bayemurn family was enveloped in a strange atmosphere of anticipation and anxiety at the same time.

Basically, it is true that giving birth to a child carries some burden on the mother, and at the same time, it is also true that it makes her feel the anticipation of having a new life.

“Everyone is true. I have too many worries.”

In such an atmosphere, Emilia, the person involved, was truly at peace.

Moira, who had been there before, had reassured her in many ways, but it was also because she belonged to the fearless axis by default.

She was the strong-hearted woman who resolutely slashed even a worm that appeared suddenly, and did not blink an eye in front of quite a few monsters.

Of course, childbirth is an unknown territory even for her, so she must be afraid, but sure enough, even though the day of childbirth was fast approaching, it was still sunny.

How can you say such foolish things without worrying?

As Ludwig was watching, it was quite frustrating.

“If Emilia were in my shoes, she would never say that. It feels like my blood is drying up every day.”

“Whoops, Ludwig wasn’t born, isn’t it too unusual?”

“If it had been me, I wouldn’t have been so worried. Think of Emilia in reverse. This is what she said.”

At his words, Emilia put her hand to her chin and pondered for a moment.

Clearly, when he switched sides and assumed that he was a man and Ludwig was a woman, the thought that he might be wrong set off a sharp insecurity.

“I hear and see.”

“Yes? I’m not unusual, Emilia.”

At least, Ludwig was on the side of a nobleman, and Stefan was so worried that he couldn’t even sleep properly lately.

In particular, he clearly remembered how hard his wife went through when she gave birth to Emilia, and the aftermath of the storm.

In this case, as with the Ludwig couple, it means that the man is more concerned than the woman.

“Still, if you keep rolling your feet like this, you won’t be able to come up with sharp numbers. At times like this, I think it’s right to wait patiently.”

“Emilia doesn’t seem to be worried at all.”

Ludwig felt that such a bold wife was truly amazing.

I’m not saying this to be sarcastic, I really wanted to open up to how I could have such a strong heart.

Seeing her husband showing so much concern, Emilia let out a small laugh.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t worried, but the subject of that worry was just a little different.

“Of course I am worried. But I’m not worried about my body. I just want the unborn child to be healthy.”

Responding with such aloof attitude, Emilia innocently asked her husband, who was still dark-skinned, what name they would name their soon-to-be-born child.

“I do not know. I didn’t have anything in mind.”

“why? This is our first child, aren’t we excited?”

Seeing his rather insipid attitude, Emilia puffed out her cheeks.

Even though she was well over 20 years old, Ludwig patted her head without realizing it.

In his eyes, she is always a truly lovely wife.

If he had a calmer impression before, it was all the more so because after marriage he added a bit of a bitch-like side to him, making him even more attractive.

I just hope that this time the birth goes well and I live a long life with my child.

That was all Ludwig’s greed in life.

“It’s not that I’m not expecting it, it’s that I think I’ll immediately come to mind when I see my child the moment it’s born. I heard that my father named me that way too.”

“It’s kind of cool to hear that.”

As people live, there are times when an unknown intuition is activated.

Some say it feels like destiny, but Emilia thought maybe Carol felt that way when she first saw her son.

At the same time, they also thought that such a fateful moment would come to them.

“Anyway, I hope you will be born healthy. Even for my worried dad.”

“I think my mother is too formidable.”

“Then let’s do it for both of us.”

At Emilia’s answer, Ludwig agreed that it would be nice and smiled at the same time.

Whether it will be a daughter or a son is not yet confirmed, but I just hope they are born healthy.

It was all I could have hoped for as a parent.

* * * * * * *

As the delivery date approached, Tanya couldn’t stand it and visited the Bayemurn family after a long time.

During pregnancy, she was reluctant to come because she did not want to burden the mother, but in the end, she was itchy and itchy to wait for news while staying at her home.

“Emilia, I’m here!”

To Tanya, who was waving her hand happily, Emilia covered her swollen belly with one hand and responded by waving her empty hand.

“Welcome, Tanya. Does it feel like seeing you after a long time?”

“Ehehehe… I thought it would only burden me when I came. How many times did Scarlett come and go?”

When Emilia hinted at it in a slightly regretful tone, Tanya scratched her cheek awkwardly.

There was a good reason, but it was true that I didn’t come to see my friend often anyway.

However, knowing that Emilia wasn’t the type to be sad about something like this, she didn’t have to worry any more.

“Tanya, don’t you even say hello to me?”

“Uh, yes… How are you too?”

“The treatment is really rude.”

And Ludwig, who was alienated from one side, asked Tanya in a blunt manner, but she was not shaken at all.

Rather, ‘Old’ Greetings here.’ With a nuance as if to say, one of the eyebrows wriggled and he replied dryly.

It couldn’t have been a really cool friend.

“Anyway, it’s been a while, Lel. Didn’t you come with me last time?”

“Yes, see you in a while, young master. How are you?”

Ludwig, who passed his greetings with Tanya so lightly, and moved his gaze to Rell, who was standing behind her, did not forget to greet her as well.

Anytime you look at her, she is a true example of a lady-in-waiting.

If Grita is lively and Paula has a strong impression of going back and forth, Lel doesn’t seem to be disturbed at all.

Ludwig thought that such a thing was creating a good synergistic effect in conjunction with the careless owner.

“Come to think of it, I heard Lel also got a lover? Congratulations.”

“It’s true? Why didn’t you tell me the good news?”

Ludwig’s eyes widened when Emilia, who had been watching the two greet each other, relayed the news she had recently heard through Tanya’s correspondence.

Depending on the family, those in important positions such as maids often forbade marriage, but the Ansberg family was not such a family.

That’s why it wasn’t too strange to say that he had a lover, but he was very surprised when he heard that the target was Lel.

At this reaction from the Ludwig couple, Lel broke down his rather hard expression, flushed his cheeks, and waved his hands hurriedly.

It was because he hadn’t even dreamed that Tanya would even deliver such news, so he hadn’t prepared for the question to come.

“I-I thought it would be a little presumptuous to tell you about my personal history… … .”

“I’m embarrassed. It’s something to celebrate.”

“That’s right, Lel. Did I tell you? Emilia would definitely congratulate me.”

As Tanya helped out from the side, Lel lowered his head as he apologized.

However, this was not the answer they wanted, and they had to get to the point.

“So who is your lover? Tanya, you must have seen it.”

“I saw that. Actually, he is our family gardener.”

“Are you a gardener?”

The tone of Emilia’s voice rose at the unexpected answer.

He would be the same, for some reason, he thought that if Rell had a lover, it would be someone who had nothing to do with family or work.

“Lel, since I’m your lover, please introduce yourself.”

“Ah, lady. please forgive me… … .”

“What forgiveness is when you haven’t done anything wrong? hurry. The two of you are waiting.”

“… … .”

Rell was able to assert that if there was one embarrassing moment in his life, it would be right now.

At least in front of the owner, I was able to explain how we met and the details behind the scenes, but even though I knew Amman, it was embarrassing to say it in front of the owner’s acquaintances.

“Couldn’t it be that we’re not so lighthearted that you can’t even talk about this much? Lell.”

“… All right, that’s natural. Lady Emilia.”

Rell, who had been silently wasting time, was eventually destroyed by Emilia’s finishing attack.

Normally, Emilia wouldn’t have said such a mean thing, but she was so curious that it was a choice she couldn’t help.

“Then, from the first meeting… Will you?”

“A very good choice.”

“Oh, Lele. Would it be all right if I brought Grita and Paula? I think the two of you will want to hear it too.”

“Good idea, Ludwig! I’ll let you go, so come get me!”

“… … .”

In a situation where the number of listeners suddenly increased, Lel, who had been talking about his first meeting with a bittersweet lover, stopped talking.

Since they said they were going to Lutentia after a long time, they thought that following the master’s footsteps would become a source of trouble.

I regretted it now, but it was late.


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