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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 154

Special Chapter. Interlude – Mrs. Moira (1)

Moira Kirtland.

She is the hostess of the Kirtland family, and is now a widow who has lost her husband and lives alone.

In fact, the Kirtland family itself does not have much influence compared to other families, but her personal name is quite famous.

The reason is that she has a good eye for art and has a lot of knowledge, and people who have talked to her in social circles tend to admire her.

However, she says that for some reason, she does not want to meet anyone except for the people she has decided, and because of this, she is also a person who is quite veiled.

One day, a letter arrived to her.

The sender is Sogaju of the Aifretz family, whom she has spoken to several times.

He was a man who was also a painter that she had been eyeing lately.


“Is something wrong? lady.”

While reading the letter from the lady-in-waiting, she opened her eyes wide and let out a low exclamation when she saw something unexpected written on it.

When the lady-in-waiting who was sitting next to him cautiously asked a question, she shook her head saying it was no big deal.

Normally, if you send a letter, he will reply, but since he has never sent a letter from the other side first, it was a moment where he wondered why.

But now I see it all for a reason.

“Anne, I guess I have to go to Lutentia for a while tomorrow. Prepare the wagon and luggage in advance.”

“Yes, madam. I’ll let you know. But what happened to Lutentia… … ?”

Lutentia is a city ruled by the famous Bayemurn family.

However, as the family had no ties to the Kirtland family at all, Anne decided that she would not go because of family matters.

Eventually, she finished the accident in that short time, realizing that the reason she had to go to Lutentia was written in the letter that had just arrived, and cast her gaze at the stationery on the table.

“There was someone I wanted to meet at least once, but I think this time I will get a chance. Whoop whoop… How I have been waiting for this day.”

“… … ?”

Anne knew very well that Moira would not show her emotions so openly for most things.

In other words, it means that you are so happy that you cannot hide your emotions.

However, as far as she knew, there were no relatives or acquaintances of Moira in Lutentia.

If you’re someone you’ve always wanted to meet, doesn’t that mean that this is the first time you’re meeting someone in person?

If so, it was even more difficult for her to guess the identity of the other person.

“Thanks to you, I can sleep soundly tonight. Oh, don’t prepare alcohol. I will go to bed right away.”

“… Yes?”

At the unexpected command of the owner, Anne momentarily wondered if her ears had gone wrong, so she uttered a stupid sound without realizing it.

Of course, a woman named Moira Kirtland was basically a woman who knew how to enjoy the taste of alcohol and the moon.

It was her routine to sleep with a glass or two of wine every night, even if it wasn’t to the point of being drunk.

But to tell her not to prepare alcohol.

Anne could say for sure that this was the first time she had ever had a day like this while serving Moira.

“Ah, I see. Then, I will help you go straight to bed without preparing alcohol.”

“Yes, you want to do that.”

A question is a question, and an order is an order, so even while having doubts, Anne nods straight away and doesn’t show it as much as possible.

In response, Moira took off her glasses and put a bookmark on the book she was reading.

Then, after taking the letter I had left on the table, I got up and went out to the study.

If you’re heading to Lutentia tomorrow, the schedule will be pretty tight.

I think it would be beneficial to go to bed early.

* * * * * * *

Emilia had been counting on this day.

Mrs. Moira, whom I had only heard of. In order to dig into the details of what she really is.

She didn’t pay much attention to it because she didn’t have any connections in that field, but from what I heard recently, the name Moira is quite famous among those who have some knowledge in the arts.

Her first meeting with Ludwig was also a picture he drew, so it was natural that she was interested in it, but she was a little surprised because it was not expected that she would be that kind of person.

“I heard you have guests today.”

These were the words suddenly brought up by Stefan, who had heard the news, while chatting and enjoying a meal together at a breakfast table.

At this, Ludwig, who had completely emptied the sorbet that came out of his mouth, nodded slightly.

Since this was the Weimurn family, it would be polite to inform Stefan in advance about the coming guests.

“Yes, Mrs. Moira of the Kirtland family is coming.”

“The Kirtland family?”

“Oh, by Mrs. Moira, do you mean that Mrs. Moira?”

The Bayern couple’s reaction to Ludwig’s answer was somewhat contradictory.

That’s also true, since the field of interest is completely different, there will be people who have heard of the name Moira, and there will be people who have not.

In that respect, Yulia was definitely the former, and Stefan was definitely the latter.

“That Mrs. Moira would be right. Have you ever met them?”

“Unfortunately, no. But I’ve heard the name a lot. They say he’s a very difficult person to face… … .”

“I heard that too, but how did the kite come about?”

At Ludwig’s comment, Julia asked a question about how the two met.

Emilia was curious as well, so she pretended not to, savoring the sorbet while listening with pricked ears, waiting for the next words.

“At first, we met because he showed interest in my paintings. The person who bought my second painting was also Mrs. Moira.”

“Was that Mrs. Moira? Oh my, that’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

As for Ludwig’s paintings, Julia had also been interested in them, so she had heard about them in many ways.

Incidentally, the first person to buy Ludwig’s painting was none other than Julia.

At that time, it wasn’t a picture I drew to sell, it was just a picture I drew out of inspiration, but I gave it to Yulia because she liked it so much.

Asking how he would get paid for his mother-in-law, he vehemently refused, but Julia paid, saying that she could not receive a painting like this without paying anything just because she was her mother-in-law.

Of course, I didn’t really hand over the money, but I paid the price in a different way.

“So officially, he’s going to be the first person to buy your painting.”

“I guess so. However, I still think that the first person who recognized my paintings was my mother-in-law.”

“You say nice things. Huhu, this is why I can’t help but care for my son-in-law.”

As Yulia always felt, Ludwig’s words were tinged with subtle consideration and wit that did not feel excessive.

It’s not stiff, but it’s not rude, and it’s good to say that it filters out the words that make people feel good.

I thought it was for this reason that her daughter melted right away whenever she talked to Jeong-in.

“Ah, the name Kirtland must have sounded familiar… It must be the place where the head of the household died before.”

“you’re right. It seems that you are not familiar with those people.”

“Well, it’s quite far away, and the kite doesn’t reach it. I heard that the former head of the household was quite a good person.”


Former head of household means the husband that Moira sent away.

And, as if Yulia had heard about this story, she voiced her deep regret as a married woman.

“You seem to be living a good life. I’ve said it myself before, and he said that it would be too hard for a living person to think of the person who had passed away.”

“You are a proud person. If the opportunity arises, will you arrange a place for me to meet separately today?”

“Let me tell you.”

They would meet at dinner anyway, at the latest, but what Julia meant was probably a place where the two of them could have a deep conversation.

“By the way, what business are you here this time?”

“Oh, nothing else, Emilia said she wanted to meet Mrs. Moira. How about sending an invitation and inviting them to this place… … .”

“Is it Emilia?”

Stefan spat out a questioning voice when Emilia, who seemed to have no contact with Moira and didn’t seem to fit the topic of conversation, asked for it.

“Yes, father. I want to see you sometime.”

“It’s a big deal.”

“Did you want to express your gratitude to the person who bought your husband’s painting?”

“I guess so.”

In response to her mother’s question that followed, Emilia looked around with a strange smile.

‘I want to see who the female cat who flirted with my husband is.’ Because I couldn’t say

It is only today that we meet the person who was hidden in the veil in person.

Emilia’s eyes shone sharply with anticipation or unknown emotion.


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