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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 153

Special Chapter. new life (6)

That evening, Rebecca said she was leaving.

Emilia wasn’t too surprised because she was a person who wandered around here and there, but it was true that she felt somewhat regretful.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a teacher who’s hard to meet even once, and I wanted to stay a little longer.

However, I couldn’t interrupt Rebecca’s schedule on my own, so I couldn’t bear to tell her to stay a little longer.

Although he implicitly said that there were places he wanted to go with, how about staying for a few more days, the swordsman firmly refused the student’s offer.

He asked why he wanted to go with someone like himself after having a long-awaited friendship.

Ludwig, who heard this, couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Even if there is an Amman Jeong-in, there are times when I want to be with her because she is a teacher, but I thought that Rebecca, who knew her heart but pretended not to know it, was very ironic.

After dinner like that, Rebecca left the mansion only after rejecting all the gifts Stefan gave her.

Actually, I only got one.

However, it was not a gift from Stefan, it was the traditional Frya liquor that Ludwig served on the first day Rebecca came to the mansion.

Originally, Stefan was going to have someone do it because the amount was quite large, but Rebecca herself said that it was okay and put the bag on her shoulder.

“The moon is very bright. I feel like I just want to take out a bottle of alcohol from inside and drink it.”

The swordsman, passing by the stone statue in the middle of the garden, suddenly stopped and looked up at the brilliantly rising round moon.

Contrasting with the neatly dressed outfit, which is not like her, the appearance of a nerd standing slanted with one leg crossed gave a sense of difference.

“Master too. You should cut down on your drinking.”

“It’s not like the heart, disciple.”

Rebecca shrugged her shoulders while pretending to dig her ears at Emilia’s nagging, which was activated again today as well.

How can I reduce alcohol, which has now become a companion for life along with the sword?

If I had to compare it to Emilia, ‘Don’t hang out with Ludwig often.’ It was on the same level as asking for it.

“Eat just enough to keep you from harming your health, Sir Rebecca. Emilia is always worried.”

Meanwhile, Ludwig, who had been watching this scene, quietly stepped forward to help Emilia.

She wasn’t just saying it all the time, because she often worried about her master’s body to Ludwig and others even when Rebecca wasn’t around.

Rebecca’s eyes widened in surprise at this comment.

Doesn’t the word “normal” mean that even when she’s not there, he says things as worried as he is now?

She also knew that her pupil was kind and worried, but she was a bit dumbfounded because she didn’t know it would be that much.

“You worry a lot, even during normal times?”

“Yes. Sir Rebecca may not know.”

Ludwig smiled calmly and nodded, and Rebecca glanced down at Emilia, who was shorter than herself.

It’s like asking if that statement is true.

“… … .”


When Emilia silently expressed her affirmation, Rebecca awkwardly averted her gaze and scratched her cheek with her index finger.

She overheard Emilia’s nagging with words that she didn’t want to see her daughter drinking, but it seemed that she was genuinely concerned.

Dropping her head as if she had finally lost, she placed her hand on Emilia’s head and gently brushed it.

“… Well, don’t cut it down a bit. So don’t worry too much.”

“ah… … .”

Although not a definitive answer, a statement with the intention of referring to Emilia’s words.

The teacher’s positive answer, which was always silent, made the disciple’s face brighter.

“Before the baby is born, I will bring you something good for your body, so take care of yourself until then. disciple.”

“Yeah… ! Master.”

Rebecca quietly pinched the cheek of her pupil, who was still cute despite her age, and left the mansion grounds.

Outside, there was a horse prepared that was not even a carriage, and even this was not prepared by the Bayemurn family, but was what she rode when she came.

Watching the disappearance of her teacher who came and left like the wind, Emilia squeezed her husband’s hand tightly.

I always think of you as the same person.

* * * * * * *

After Rebecca left, time flew by.

By the time Emilia’s swollen stomach had now turned into a ball, and her movements had slowed considerably, the mansion was filled with gifts rolling in from all over the place.

Most of them were sent by hostesses from other families who had seen Ludwig’s paintings before and liked them.

Apparently, since they had already experienced childbirth, they knew the hardships of pregnancy and were familiar with good food when giving birth.

But there was one problem here… … .

“I do not like it.”

Emilia suddenly refused to eat the specialties and food they sent.

Actually, I don’t eat it, so there’s no big problem. You can give it to servants, or you can get rid of it somehow within the family.

The problem here was the reason for her refusal.

One of the presenters was none other than a widow from another family who had previously tried to lay a hand on Ludwig.

“Did you still have the incident from the other day in your heart?

“Of course… ! I feel like I want to meet and argue in person, but I’m holding back because of Ludwig!”

Uncharacteristically for her, Emilia raised her voice and stammered.

Even if she put up with everything else, there was one thing she couldn’t stand, because that was the ungrateful people who cursed at her husband or tried to touch her.

“Isn’t Ludwig even angry? Or maybe… … .”

“I think I know what to say, but I never did. Emilia.”

“Yeah, that’s right… sorry. I must have lost my mind because I was angry for a while.”

No matter how much she is, she will be sensitive when she is pregnant.

On top of that, when I heard that a gift sent by someone who looked like no one was almost on the table, I went blind for a moment.

That’s why she almost said something she couldn’t bear to say, but she hurriedly apologized and canceled her words.

Amman, even when I am angry, there are things I can and shouldn’t do, but I can’t cross that line.

“And as I said before, that part is a misunderstanding. If you meet him in real life, he’s not like that at all.”

“Yeah? but… … .”

For that reason, there was something Emilia had seen and heard before.

Apparently, the scene where the widow secretly held Ludwig’s hand and flirted with her in a coy tone was still vivid in my head.

Even so, when Ludwig said it was a misunderstanding, she only had doubts.

Even though that scene seemed like nothing more than a ploy to mess with her husband, who was in possession of it.

“Well… It’s a bit vague what to say. If I had to argue, I should say that Mrs. Moira is that kind of person.”

“Are you that kind of person?”

“Why, if you look around, there are some men with a light atmosphere flirting with this woman and that woman, right? You could say that Mrs. Moira has that kind of personality.”

At Ludwig’s additional explanation, Emilia tilted her head as if she couldn’t understand it even more.

Rather, isn’t it natural that such a woman should be more vigilant?

From what he had just said, I had no idea what he was trying to say.

Ludwig also thought that the words I just handed over were not enough to explain, so he said, ‘Umm…’ … .’ I let out a low saliva and wondered if there was a pointy number.

Meanwhile, Emilia, who came up with a plausible idea, spoke first.

I think this will be easier to prove than anything else.

“Then, how about inviting Mrs. Moira over here?”

“It’s an invitation… By the Bayern family?”

“Yes, I want to see what kind of person he is.”

Although surprised by the unexpected offer, Ludwig considered it a not-too-bad choice.

If there’s one thing that gets in the way, since Emilia is pregnant, I wonder if it’s overdoing it, but if the person concerned says it’s okay, it should be possible.

“Then let me send you a letter. Perhaps Mrs. Moira will be very happy when she sees Emilia.”

“Is he me? Why?”

Wasn’t Moira’s favorite painting of Ludwig?

It was only a question to Emilia as to why she was welcoming her.

“You will know when you see it. The problem is that I’m worried that the baby in my belly will have a hard time.”

“… … ?”

Emilia tilted her head at Ludwig’s behavior, which only threw out meaningless words.

On the other hand, Ludwig’s idea that meeting Moira would solve all doubts was somewhat unexpected.

What kind of person can you be so sure of?

For the first time since Sofia, Emilia was able to have a rare experience of wondering what kind of woman she had never seen before.


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