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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 151

Special Chapter. new life (4)

The more Rebecca looked, the more she thought these two were truly amazing.

Even though it has been a while since the newlyweds and now married, is it possible to exude a sweet atmosphere whenever you see it?

However, compared to the past, there was a slight difference, but back then, I was really shameless and always expressed affection without hesitation.

That’s not to say that everyone bit and sucked and made a fuss, but from a third person’s point of view, the words that made me desperate for a cup of cool water because my mouth was not sweet were constantly pouring out.

On the other hand, I would say that it has become more stable now.

It felt like it was only natural for her to be by my side, but it was close to that level of not being neglected.

To the extent that I feel like I am seeing the most ideal form of a couple who will walk the journey of life together.

“Looking at your swollen belly, you feel the passing of time all over again.”

“Master, are you still not interested in marriage?”

“What kind of marriage is a marriage of someone who is about to freeze to death? Arthur, Arthur.”

At the disciple’s irrelevant words, Rebecca roughly shook her hand that did not hold the glass and emptied her drink at once.

The alcohol Ludwig brought suited her taste quite well, and most of all, it was good that the alcohol was not too strong, so it went in and out.

Normally, she likes to drink strong, but she wasn’t frivolous enough to get drunk even in front of her pupils and have a good time.

In that respect, this drink could be said to be very suitable for boosting the mood before or after a meal.

“You seem to like your drink.”

“Um, very good. Who bought it?”

“This is the liquor I bought when I went to Fruia with Emilia in the past. Thanks to saving as much as possible even if it was a little overkill, there are still quite a few left.”

Rebecca tilted her head for a moment at the name Frua, then put down the glass and clasped her palms together and opened her mouth in a welcoming way.

“Fruya? Hey, you’ve been to faraway places. I heard that there is definitely a special traditional liquor there, but is this perhaps that?”

Rebecca, who had heard through letters that she was going to the northern region, but did not know that she had been to Frya, let out a low exclamation.

Of course, since it is the beginning of a full-fledged field of snow, even if it is not that difficult, it must have been a difficult schedule for the two who are accustomed to the warm climate.

Even so, it was more surprising than anything that he seemed to have enjoyed the trip.

On the other hand, even Ludwig was curious.

It is said that she has never been to all kinds of places in Amman, but when someone talks to her, she always pretends to answer and comes back.

“You seem to know.”

“I’ve only heard the name, but I don’t know. I’m not the type of person who likes the cold, but I haven’t set foot there much.”

“Did Master get cold a lot?”

Emilia, recalling memories of her previous encounters in the Mule, tilted her head and expressed her doubts.

Apparently, at that time, he looked like a person who slept outside the tent or got along well without any sign of cold outside.

In the first place, she couldn’t even remember seeing her teacher complaining about being cold.

“Nothing. I just hate the feeling of being frozen in the cold. I don’t like wearing clothes.”

Apparently, her main job is a prosecutor, so she hated slowing down her movements.

Thanks to that, there were many times when I was looking for clothes that were easy to move, so I wore them somewhat openly, but each time, Emilia would pick up any clothes and put them on.

No matter what, Rebecca’s body was so superior that even Emilia could fold it.

“Anyway, Master, you have to pay attention to how you behave. Did you know?”

“It’s only because the disciple nags so much… Isn’t that too much for the teacher to wear comfortably?”

“It’s nice to dress comfortably, but you don’t care too much about how others see you.”

Although Rebecca is no longer in the youthful age, her beauty is still undefeated because she has taken good care of herself.

Even if you go out wearing only a little bit, it must be a normal thing to catch men’s attention at once.

However, in the eyes of the disciple, the master did not seem to be conscious of such things at all.

There was a time when Ludwig also said something like what would be good to see such an old man’s body, so it was quite possible.

“Hey, Gongja. Try to rip off your wife. My ears sting so I should be able to live.”

“Ahahahaha… I wonder if it’s because Emilia is also very worried about Sir Rebecca.”

“Chit, crayfish are on my side, after all. I was stupid for speaking up.”

Rebecca, who had turned her arrow toward Ludwig but couldn’t even make it, filled her glass again with a sullen face.

Although it was somewhat regrettable that it had become lukewarm compared to a while ago, the taste was satisfactory, so his expression immediately relaxed.

“I would have filled it if you had told me.”

On the other hand, Ludwig, who noticed that the long-awaited guest was lonely doing his own work, smiled bitterly and whispered.

In response, ‘huh.’ The swordsman sighed and replied bluntly in a tone that was unreasonable.

“My hand is fine, so why entrust it to someone? Besides, it’s a last resort anyway, so don’t worry about it.”


Rebecca, who had emptied her last glass so cleanly, leaned back on the sofa with a satisfied smile.

The two people who were watching this faced each other and burst into small smiles without saying who came first.

I think that she is a lofty woman who is still very free no matter when she meets her.

* * * * * * *

Basically, the character Rebecca Steinbaum is weak in formality and manners.

This was largely attributable to the fact that, from birth to growing up, he lived by swinging his sword one more time while learning manners.

Maybe that’s why I became such a free personality.

Anyway, the reason I mention this again is that there are some types of people that Rebecca has difficulty with because of this personality.

“Thank you for coming all the way. As a mother, I can’t thank you enough for always taking good care of my child.”

“Oh, no. What a great kid… … .”

A typical example of this is Julia, the hostess of the Bayemurn family and also the mother of the student she raised.

Even if you look at this scene now, you will know that the reactions of the two are so contrasting.

Yulia, who treats Rebecca with a smile the whole time, and Sword Saint, who does not know what to do, bending and straightening her body uncharacteristically with the momentum to break out in a cold sweat.

The two hadn’t met very often, but whenever they did, Julia would express her gratitude to Rebecca to the point where she felt burdened.

It was partly because of the great reputation of the swordsman, but above all, he was a teacher who taught his daughter correctly, so he wanted to do his best.

However, it was also the biggest struggle for Rebecca.

She was a person who was very vulnerable to pure kindness, such as expressions of respect or gratitude, and Yulia was a typical good-hearted person who showed such feelings without hesitation.

There is no one bad person, but to put it simply, it meant that the compatibility was not right.

“Phuhuh… It’s fun to see Master’s troubled expression.”

“That is too much. Emilia.”

The sight of Rebecca, who was caught by Yulia and kept looking at her disciple as if asking for help, made Emilia laugh.

How many people would have seen the sword saint look so embarrassed?

Even halfway monsters wouldn’t be able to move her eyes.

It was truly a rare sight that could only be seen at this moment, so Emilia tried to keep it in her eyes somehow.

Of course, when I thought I should stop my mother, I belatedly handed over a helping hand.

“Mother, Master will faint after that.”

“Look at my mind. I was so glad that you stopped pouring out my story.”

Fortunately, at her daughter’s dissuade, Julia quickly came to her senses and hurriedly apologized to Rebecca, saying she was sorry for talking too much.

Even that was uncomfortable for Rebecca, but it was still better than being baptized with thanks a little while ago, so she had no choice but to smile and wave her hands.

“My mother did it because she was so grateful. Because you always told me I should be proud to serve someone like Master.”

“… I don’t know what to do with this.”

Somehow, she thought she had come to stop Yulia, but Rebecca’s body was twisted because of the disciple who was joining forces and attacking.

I was grateful that the two of them truly appreciated me, but that was the biggest problem because my mind couldn’t stand it.


“Sorry for this late, Sir Rebecca.”

In the midst of this, when Rebecca was struggling with not being able to do this or that, Stefan appeared in the drawing room and handed over a short apology first.

It was a bonus that a bright smile was engraved on the mouth of the Sword Saint at the appearance of a savior who would help him escape from this situation.

I’d like to have a drink with Stefan and have a conversation in a comfortable atmosphere, but unfortunately I’ll have to postpone that to dinner.

In any case, I was just grateful that I could evoke this atmosphere.

“Oh, no. Sir Stefan. You’re busy, but you came to bother me for no reason.”

“What are you talking about? I always wanted to express my gratitude for my daughter’s work, and I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.”

“… Yes?”

Let’s start with a fairly unsettling content from the beginning, Rebecca opened her eyes wide at the thought.

“My daughter has always been like that. I was able to meet a teacher I wanted to emulate. I wanted to have an in-depth conversation sometime.”

“ah… … .”

Rebecca knew then.

It is clear that these families are trying to drown themselves by drowning them in the hell of praise.

And the hole to get out is now gone.

In the end, as if giving up everything, he let go of the teacup in his hand, and a pitiful smile was engraved on Ludwig’s lips as he watched it from a distance.

There was a difficulty that even the swordsman of the world could not do anything about.

It really couldn’t have been more surprising.


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