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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 15

Chapter 2. Coming of Age Ceremony (6)

When I returned alone, I was greeted by a calmer air than before.

Emilia was tasting food with a woman who was presumed to be her mother. Rather than eating happily, it seemed that they were only at the level of eating a few pieces out of courtesy.

‘Do you have no appetite?’

Or maybe the food just doesn’t suit your taste? Neither way is very pleasant.

“I’m going to finish talking with Sir Carol for a while. We can have a drink later. Then ask for your daughter.”

“I see, Sir Stefan.”

I tried to avoid sticking with Emilia in front of others as much as possible, but… It became unavoidable.

That’s how I’m going to get the attention of others whether I like it or not. Just talking with Emilia earlier, I could hear the whispers around me.

That said, he couldn’t say he didn’t know when he was asked by Sir Stefan.

Besides, the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family had come all the way here. I should have at least acted as the owner of a small household.

“Mrs. Bayemurn, may I excuse you for a moment?”

“It is Prince Ludwig. Anything.”

Except for the momentary passing greeting earlier, he hadn’t even spoken to Emilia’s mother before, so he bowed and intervened between the two.

In contrast to Emilia, who greets her eyes, Mibu greets her face to face with a warm tone.

She is Emilia’s mother, and the mistress of the Bayemurn family, who is also Sir Stefan’s companion. This is Julia Bayemurn.

According to the setting, part of Emilia’s name must have been taken from her name.

“Please feel free to call me.”

“Then can I call you Ludwig?”

Despite being about the same age as her mother, she was very polite in her manner.

It must have been because of that nature. A few people who have been here have seen that kind of thing.

A person who does not carelessly talk to people who are younger in rank or age than himself, and always maintains respect. She was just like that.

“Can you call me by my first name? It can be confusing when you are with your daughter.”

“I will. Mrs. Julia.”

It wasn’t an unreasonable request, so I quickly agreed.

Since the titles attached to the back are different anyway, I don’t think there’s anything to be confused with the surname Bayemurn… … .

“Where is Mrs. Eifretts by any chance? I just wanted to talk for a moment.”

“Your mother will be over there. I will guide you.”

“I’m fine, so I’ll take care of my daughter for a while. It’s the car I’ve been looking for since you’re not here… … .”

“Oh, Mother!”

be surprised Was Emilia able to raise her voice like this?

Of course, I read the scene where she exploded in anger in the original work, but seeing it in front of my eyes was quite fresh. I don’t think it was like this before.

Anyway, I’m honored that you found me. It’s likely that it was polite, but it didn’t feel bad.

After greeting me right away, Mrs. Julia stepped back accompanied by the lady-in-waiting standing next to me.

I wonder if she had a contact with her mother, but I didn’t think it was a big deal, thinking that she was trying to get acquainted with the long-awaited opportunity.

“Emilia, does the food suit your taste?”

“Yeah? Oh, sure. It’s embarrassing, but it’s to the extent that I ate a little too much.”

“Is that so? That’s good.”

She must be saying this without thinking that I was watching from afar.

That’s why she told me to be considerate of me on purpose, but I couldn’t stick a dagger for lying. Rather, here I… oh, isn’t that a bit

Thinking that if Emilia’s taste was the way it was in the original story, I would be able to cook to some extent, so I thought about trying my hand at it, but I decided to quit.

You don’t even know the circumstances of her stomach, and suddenly being asked to cook for you might feel burdensome.

“Aren’t you the princess of Bayemurn by any chance?”

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Just as I was thinking about it, a man suddenly appeared between the two of us.

I was worried that I might run into Georg all day, so I turned my head away thinking it was impossible, but there was a man standing there who was completely different from the impression of Georg I had seen through the illustrations.

“It is an honor to meet you. My name is Wilhelm, the eldest son of the Rahethofen family.”


for a moment. What did this guy just say? Wilhelm, the eldest son of the Rahethofen family, could it be the Wilhelm I knew?

He is the older brother of Georg, the main villain of the original work, and a supporting actor who is killed by Georg’s scheme when he turns 19 and loses his position as head of the household.

In the original work, there is an expression comparing the two people, and if Georg is a villain who hides his true feelings, he is a wicked person who does not hide his true feelings.

So readers can bet that the ending would have been terrible, no matter who owned the Rahethofen family.

Of course, unlike Georg, who didn’t know how to do it, Wilhelm was a person who knew how to bow his head at an important moment.

Wilhelm greeted Emilia calmly, excluding me who stood next to him.

It was a blatant disregard, but it didn’t crack or damage his pride. Rather, it was to the point that I didn’t feel much because I ignored it so cleanly.

The problem was that Emilia’s gaze was unusual.

“Nice to meet you, Prince Rahethofen. So, is that the end of the greeting?”

“… Yes?”

His tone was so sharp that it felt like the famous sword, whose thorns had not sprouted, opened its mouth.

Wilhelm asked if he had heard it wrong, unable to maintain his cool smile.

“Prince Ludwig next to me didn’t greet me because I couldn’t see him… Are you going to make an excuse like that?”

“That, that… … .”

Uncharacteristically for her, with her hand on one side of her waist, Emilia fired at him with a crooked attitude.

I’m mad. I guess I’m in a pretty bad mood.

I’m grateful that you took the place of me for ignoring me, but I don’t want to cause a fuss.

More than anything, I didn’t want her to feel any worse. I’d rather ignore the situation here and let it go.

“I saw you before, Prince Rahethofen. I never thought we would see each other again.”

With a kind smile, he stepped forward and gave him a hand.

Then, with his eyes wide open, Wilhelm alternately looked at me and the outstretched hand. Then, as if he had understood the situation belatedly, he hurriedly nodded and joined hands.

“Yes, Prince Aifrets… Excuse me just now.”

“It’s okay because it’s burdensome to be greeted twice a day. Rather, it only ruined the atmosphere because I didn’t tip in advance.”

Only then did Emilia relax her coldly open eyes and cautiously approached me next to me. Did you say hello already?

Of course not, but I had no choice but to lie to cover up the situation. I don’t care what that bastard is like, but at least I didn’t want to see Emilia get angry.

Unless he was an idiot, he must have had a scratch on his pride as he was receiving favor from the person he tried to ignore.

Sometimes it’s better to let it go like this rather than responding to an insult with an insult.

“you’re right. I haven’t been able to give you a word yet. I’m sorry, Emilia.”

“… No. It’s because I overlooked it and excused myself.”

Emilia quietly backed away while staring at me with suspicious eyes. When I look into those eyes, it feels like I’m looking into my heart, and my spine runs cold.

She seemed to agree with my words, but in the end, she didn’t apologize to Wilhelm.

It’s just a story I made up with lies anyway, so I didn’t even want her to apologize. Rather, if I had tried to hand over an apology, I would have moderated the atmosphere.

“I ruined the atmosphere because of my mistake, so I’m going to step down first.”

Fortunately, he seems to know something.

Wilhelm bowed his head, apologized at the same time as bowing, and returned to his seat.

I’m sure I made sure the atmosphere didn’t get any worse, but it wouldn’t have been better if he was around more. It’s just that it’s more difficult if the lie is exposed after a long time.

Still, he had the basic hair of a count’s eldest son.

– Kwok.


While I was watching Wilhelm retreat, Emilia suddenly pressed both hands on my forearms.

If he said he had something to say, he would rather grab his sleeve or poke him.

As I called out her name in a meaningless gesture, Emilia looked up at me with a puzzled expression.

“Only once.”


“Ludwig, I put up with it because I saw your face. But not twice.”

Could it be that you even noticed my lies?

It’s not like she’s always been by my side, and I don’t think there’s anything suspicious about the circumstances… Or did it simply mean that he was merciful to what could have been pushed further?

Emilia didn’t say anything further. However, the protruding mouth clearly showed that she was not in a good mood.

Well, that’s why it’s so difficult. I wonder if there’s something to lighten her mood.

What immediately comes to mind is the garden, but I can’t drag her out either. It must have been even darker outside than before.

“Today, I make a lot of mistakes with you. I’m sorry, Emilia.”

“Do you really think I was wrong?”

“of course.”

In conclusion, if it made her feel bad, it must be her fault. It’s not that there aren’t any regrets, but… I think this is within an acceptable range.

Emilia thought about something in response to my straight answer. It was an unusual atmosphere to even drooling and rolling her eyes.

Then, looking around at the tables and people arranged in the hall, she opened her mouth and clapped her palms as if she had come up with an idea.

“Then, would you like some wine? I think that will make you feel better.”

“wine… You mean?”

“Yeah. If possible, I would like to drink it alone.”

You’re not good at drinking, so what kind of idiot is drinking?

In the original work, she stretched out over three glasses of wine, but her stomach felt bitter again because she confidently demanded a masterpiece.

What the hell is this woman thinking?


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