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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 143

Special Chapter. Daily life after that (8)

It wasn’t cold enough to be called cold because the cold wind didn’t leak in, but it was quite chilly as I was soaked in the outside air.

The two people, who had been in the middle of a relationship, soaked themselves in the bath again.

There were pauses along the way, but that didn’t mean that the extremely dense air disappeared in an instant.

Emilia sat on Ludwig’s body and kissed him.

However, it was a little different that it was not a simple procedure to confirm each other’s love like the usual bird kiss.

“Huh… Chun… hahahaha, Rude… What!?”

The two people who continued their sticky affection by intertwining each other’s meat.

On the way, Emilia, who had been choking for a bit, tried to drop her face for a moment, but Ludwig, as if refusing to allow it, grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her roughly.

How long did the kiss last like that?

It was only after the thin silver solid line was cut off that the two were able to catch their breath and face each other with hot eyes.

Emilia stared blankly at him with eyes as if they were about to sink into his pupils, then shrank back at the terrifying sensation.

His penis, which seemed to have subsided for a while, was squirming from below, stimulating her buttocks.

“Even though I did it a little while ago… It’s still the same.”

“It’s because Emilia is so attractive.”

“Huh, then I’ll have to make it better.”

As if asking to stay out of the water for a while, Emilia tapped the bare floor with her hand.

Accordingly, Ludwig quietly went outside and sat down with only the tips of his legs dipped in the water.

Then, she cautiously approached and gathered her two breasts that had risen in size and approached between his crotches.

“It is also stimulating.”

“You mean good?”

“I like it so much that I wear it.”

Ludwig trembled lightly as soft touches were transmitted from all sides through the phallus sandwiched between her voluptuous breasts.

It is a view that can be said to be a superb view at any time.

To see a woman who seemed so noble in normal times doing such a decadent act without hesitation and serving herself.

Thinking that it was a sight that only he could enjoy in this world, Ludwig’s dark mind that had been sleeping deeply began to rise again.

“It’s hot, it’s hot… … .”

Even when I was soaking in the bath, I never felt this hot.

Seeing his penis wriggling between her breasts and trying to get out of the extension, Emilia wondered if it might be Daisy.

snap. snap.

There was a fragrance that was used separately when making a relationship in the mansion and serving with the heart like this, but unfortunately it did not exist now.

So, Emilia soaked her breasts and her phallus thoroughly with the warm water from the bath and continued her service, and thanks to that, the sound of the wet skin hitting each other irritated her ears.

Her hands were very skillful.

It was a fact that he felt even during the first night, but Ludwig used to think that she might be a dream horse.

Even then, it was her first experience, and she was too good at stimulating a man’s intoxication, and how many times did she vomit that day.

However, with the addition of years of experience, each gesture became coquettish, and the desire to subdue and conquer her at once welled up.

‘I’m going crazy.’

She licked the glans sticking out between her breasts with her tongue, and rubbed a pile of flesh together to stimulate the pillar.

But for Ludwig, the hardest thing to endure was the visual stimulation.

It was because her raised buttocks appeared out of the water, and every time she moved her chest, her twitches seemed to be clamoring for a hug right away.

Her body, which she trained every single day, was not enough to simply say that she was attractive.

If you pass between the thin waists, you can see the coveted buttocks, and if you go up, there is a dizzying peak that makes you wonder if you can survive with that thin waist.

The pink tip protruding from the white jade-like flesh was sensual just by its existence.

Ludwig, drowning in lust, let out a light breath, looked at her twitching chest, and then inadvertently reached out his hand.


As I gently pinched both nipples with my index fingers, her waist, which was rolling her tongue while holding the glans in her mouth, lightly floated up.

“hahahaha… … .”

“… … .”

There, the noble female knight he knew was nowhere to be found.

Emilia, who had revealed her shame with just one attack, looked up at him with trembling eyes and earnestly demanded something in silence.

Ludwig has had relations with her several times, and has come to realize that she secretly likes to be conquered.

I’m ashamed to say it myself, but I’ve never openly revealed my taste, but the glances I send now and then, like now, made me feel as if I was asking for something more harshly.

Every time that happened, instead of the usual gentle touch, he would violently grab her buttocks and bite her chest roughly, and he would let out a groan full of joy.


“… Yeah.”

Ludwig took Emilia’s hand as it was and pulled her, and she gently came out to the shore and was held in his arms.

There was no need for foreplay.

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Just in case, when he touched her secret part with his hand, the place was already soggy.

He gently touched the labia minora so that it burns, and when he inserts his finger into the hole and pulls it out, something sticky comes out.

Anyone could tell that it wasn’t just hot spring water.

“Lu, Ludwig. I am… … .”

“Do whatever you feel comfortable with, Emilia.”

Emilia, who wanted to take the initiative this time, reached out cautiously, grabbed the shaft of the penis, and swallowed back her words.

Ludwig nodded lightly at this, and Emilia lifted her waist for a moment, put her glans on the hole, and then lowered her back roughly.

“Yes… Haaang!”

The penis penetrated deep into her secret place at once without the slightest snag.

Emilia’s waist was lightly bent at the gigantic phallus that gnawed through her vagina, and lascivious nasal sounds filled the space.

It was only inserted, but when she stopped at the thrill of pleasure that seemed to flicker in front of her eyes, Ludwig, who was playful, continued to take the initiative without waiting.

Chuck. Chuck.

“Hi-geuk! Lou, Ludwig… ! still going… haang!?”

“Emilia likes things like this, doesn’t she?”

“Oh, no… ! No way… Whoa!?”

Emilia had no time to wake up to the hot penis that moved rhythmically, sometimes shallowly, sometimes deeply, as if it were her own home.

Only the lustful sound resounding from the occlusion area tells her that she is being conquered by him.

Because her reason had already been blown away.

“Haaa… ! Slow down a bit… … !”

As if she didn’t have the strength to move her waist properly anymore, Emilia was almost hanging on with her arms wrapped around his neck, desperately asking for it.

But Ludwig knew that it was a kind of cruelty.

The fact that at times like these, it is what she really wants to act more violently and treat her harshly.

“Aftermath!? uh, not there… ! I really can’t… … !”

Ludwig, who questioned the strange sensation of biting the tip of the glans, was able to quickly recognize what kind of place it was.

Because his object was quite large, it seemed that it reached the cervix at once when he raised his waist roughly.

However, Emilia shouted no, but showed no sign of escaping, rather actively clinging to it, and now gradually began to move her hips.

Like a person intoxicated with a weak drug, he was longing for the dizzying pleasure he felt a moment ago.

“As for not being able to, whoa… Are you happy here? Emilia.”

“Ji, really can’t… ! hey!? Mmm, my head got weird… … !”

Every time the glans that touched the cervix kissed her dizzyingly, unlike her owner’s mouth, her vagina was rejoicing by holding the penis tighter.

Like a liar

Ludwig felt disgusted with her actions, shouting that he couldn’t do it with his mouth, but moving his vagina and waist and urging her more violently.

He intended to completely conquer her today and make her his own.

To the point where I can’t even easily tell a lie like this later.


As it was, Ludwig supported her back, laid her down on the ground, and climbed on top of her.

Today was my dream come true.

It was his intention to somehow impregnate her and make her truly his.


“Oh! Huang! you are too deep Ludwig… … !”

“i know. I’m going to get her pregnant somehow, so be prepared.”

“Pregnancy… A hit!?”

Even the slightest bit of mercy he had left was gone with this.

Ludwig sprinted wildly like a raging bull, moving his hips with the determination to sow more of his seeds in her somehow.

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“Joe, after taking a break… Whoa!”

“There is no time to rest, Emilia.”

Unable to withstand the pleasures one after another, he ejaculated deep inside her, but it was still not enough.

Emilia, too, seemed to think that it was impossible to stop him now, but instead wrapped her legs around his waist and grabbed his neck with both arms, only moving her waist in a dim consciousness.

Occasionally biting his ear lobe with his teeth, or kissing the nape of his neck, acted as if to urge him to ejaculate more.

By the time he finished the second time, the thought of quitting had long been erased from her mind.

It’s okay to crumble like this, so only the instinct to enjoy this pleasure a little longer remained.

“Ludwig, a little more… … .”

After three more ejaculations, the exhausted Ludwig tried to pull the penis out of her vagina, but Emilia kept her arms around him and secretly whispered in his ear, so he couldn’t stop.

That day, at the hot spring, Ludwig suffered a total of seven blows and Emilia suffered a total of twelve blows.


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