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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 138

Special Chapter. Daily life after that (3)

The morning of the day of the long-awaited trip.

The two got up from the bed without saying who was first and busily finished their grooming.

profit. profit.

Emilia has recently started to enjoy using perfume.

The trigger was her husband, and the reason was quite unique.

One day, while we were sticking together, showing affection as usual, Ludwig suddenly spoke out.

She said that her body smelled like freesia.

So Emilia, the person in charge, sniffed all over my body and smelled it, but there was no scent.

However, I was worried about that word for nothing, so I sprayed a perfume I received as a gift on my body, and it happened to be freesia.

And on the same day, the moment we spent time together in a room together.

Even though Emilia didn’t send any special signal, Ludwig somehow actively attacked her that day.

It was only in the morning after a pretty intense night, when I asked him what happened last night, he said, ‘I felt like I was intoxicated by the scent.’ Isn’t that the answer

After that incident, Emilia often wore perfume that smelled like freesia.



“This is true. It would be difficult if you sprayed perfume and rushed like that, Emilia.”

After spraying an appropriate amount of perfume on her neck and wrists, Emilia called out his name in an unprecedentedly bright voice and embraced him.

At that, Ludwig patted her back while laughing as if he was embarrassed.

“Are you going to turn me into an animal in the morning?”

“Huh, that’s good too. Would you like to become a beast?”

The thick fragrance of freesia mixed with body and perfume, and her soft skin that touched her in places made my head dizzy, but even her lines were blatant.

When the reaction she wanted came out, Emilia, who was excited, pushed her body as much as she could.

In response, Ludwig removed the hand that was caressing her back early, and shook his head resolutely this time.

“Please. I have a busy schedule today.”

“Cheese, Ludwig always gets away with arguments like that.”

Emilia pursed her lips as if she was not having fun, but even so, she showed no sign of escaping from his arms.

Who wants to win?

Ludwig, who had come to the point, also let out a clearing of his throat and gave up facing her, trying to look away.

A few seconds of confrontation in the silence where even the sound of a single drop of water seemed to resonate.

In the end, it was Emilia who declared the white flag first.

“Let’s see. For the time being, the two of us are always alone wherever we are.”

Emilia, who escaped from his arms and spun in place with her hands behind her back, declared war early on.

It would be a big mistake if you thought you would be able to get along just because you just passed on like this now.

There is a schedule that needs to be done first, so I just close my eyes, and the war starts from the moment I get on the wagon.

“There must be many opportunities during the trip, but I don’t know how I became so impatient. My wife.”

“To borrow Tanya’s words, it’s ‘exciting.’ It was Ludwig who made me like this. This is the fish you just caught, right?”

Even if you say that, they were two people who had a sad time the day before yesterday.

Seeing that I have a schedule today, I had no choice but to skip over yesterday, and I never thought that this would cause such an uproar.

It seemed that special measures were needed.

“Paula, are you there?”


“Yes, master. Did you call?”

“Tell them that it will be a little late outside. And you’re back for a while.”

“All right.”

It was Emilia who was taken aback by Ludwig’s sudden behavior.

To tell you that you’ll be late, why all of a sudden?

Maybe he was angry because he behaved too selfishly?

I thought I behaved well in my own way, but even between the Amman couple, this seems to have gone too far.

“Lu, Ludwig. sorry. To be so angry… to?”

There was a bed right behind Emilia.

That means, if she loses her balance and is suddenly pushed, she will land on the bed.

And as if the words were going to kill him, Ludwig pushed her on the shoulder with quite strong force, and she sat down on the bed in an awkward position.

Looking at him with a dumbfounded face, Ludwig untied the tie she had tied herself and raised one corner of her mouth.

“Then you should be sorry. We’ll see how well you apologize, Emilia.”

“Lu, Ludwig? Scary eyes… … .”

“I tried to put up with it because of my schedule, but they provoked me like this, and then I have to pay for it.”

It was only then that Emilia remembered the events of the night that had happened dozens, maybe hundreds of times.

Come to think of it, even if she actively seduced him, there was never a day when she won him.

Probably from now on too.

Due to the unavoidable circumstances that usually occur when newlyweds, the departure time was somewhat delayed.

* * * * * * *

Eventually, after the departure schedule was delayed for about two hours, the two were able to get on the wagon and start their journey to the northern provinces.

Ludwig shook his head at the feeling that his body was drained of energy, even though he was second to none in terms of physical strength.

Leaning back on the backrest, she complained uncharacteristically, but Emilia’s expression was still bright.

“I don’t blame Emilia for too long, but… This time, it’s really Emilia’s fault.”

“I know. Still, isn’t it nice to start off with a warm heart?”

“Although I feel exhausted.”

It was a very rare sight to see him grumble like this, and Emilia, who liked this situation, only smiled the whole time.

“Now, I’ll give you a present for Ludwig.”

“A gift? I hope it’s not strange, Emilia.”

“You don’t trust me that much? Stop talking and close your eyes.”

Eye? It would have to be cold, but I had no idea what an alternative gift would be.

In the first place, there was no space near her to hide presents.

What is it?

“… yes?”

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Just as Ludwig was rolling his head and guessing, the vision reversed along with the sensation of something gently pulling his body, and something soft touched his head.

He opened his eyes wide open, turned his head slightly, and looked up at Emilia’s face, which was above him before he knew it.

“Is it comfortable? I’ll stay like this until I go.”

“I’m fine, but wouldn’t Emilia be uncomfortable?”

It seems like it would be comfortable just because it’s in the carriage, but it’s not as comfortable as I thought.

In particular, moving around with someone lying on your lap would be quite uncomfortable.

I don’t even need to do this.

Ludwig tried to stand up, saying he was fine, but she pressed his head back and put on a stern expression, as if disciplining a baby.

“Yes, I can’t use it when I wake up.”

“If anyone sees me, they’ll think I’m a three-year-old.”

Still, somehow it was fun.

If they had a child later, would Emilia make this kind of expression when she was disciplining her?

Let’s leave it as a pleasure then.

“I don’t think it would be fun to be called mother by Ludwig?”

“Please. I have only one mother.”

“Phew, I’m kidding too. I only have one husband.”

Emilia stretched out her hand and straightened his bangs, which were tangled while lying down.

Ludwig, who had been silently accepting this, suddenly felt strange.

How can this hand that holds and wields a wooden sword every morning feel so soft and delicate?

In fact, if you look at your hands, there are a lot of calluses, but I didn’t feel anything like that at all.

While enjoying a peaceful time on the carriage heading to their destination, Emilia took out a notebook from her luggage and fluttered.

Since it was the first notebook Ludwig had ever seen, his eyes were shining with interest.

“Emilia, what is that?”

“This one? It’s been a long time since I’ve written down a few places I want to go together. Would you like to see it?”

At that, Ludwig got up and looked over the contents of the notebook.

It wasn’t written in detail, but only briefly included the place name of the place I really wanted to go and the sights around it.

“Well, even on impromptu trips, it would be nice to have something like this.”

“Right? It also lists places I’ve been to before. Come to think of it, did Ludwig say that the northern region was the first?”

“Yes, I rarely go there.”

I heard that Emilia hadn’t been there much except when she was young, but she was definitely more senior than Ludwig.

‘Ahem.’ She made a cute sound and confidently shrugged her shoulders, revealing her aspirations to trust only herself and follow her.

“Emilia only looks excited at times like this.”

“What time is it like this?”

“It’s when I’m in a position to learn from Emilia, or when I’m doing my first job together.”

Is there some reason?

As Ludwig tilted his head and expressed his doubts, the arc drawn on her lips deepened.

“That’s natural. What could be more gratifying than being with Ludwig for the first time in his life?”

“I think you know what I mean. I had a similar feeling once.”

Ludwig nodded as if he understood only then.

That’s also true, because when Emilia taught him what to do for the first time, he felt a sense of pride for some reason.

You are sharing your first experience in this person’s life.

That fact alone would create a strange sense of satisfaction in any little thing.

“There will be a lot of first things to do in the future.”

“Huh, that’s really nice. Doesn’t that mean that Ludwig will gradually become stained with me?”

“This is really, love is heavy.”

When he laughed as if he was troubled, Emilia tilted her head slightly and said cutely, ‘So you don’t like it?’

Ludwig’s answer to that.


“Um, isn’t this enough to convey?”

“Then how many times will it be enough?”

“I don’t know. Unless you try a little more.”

In the end, a manly sound resonated in the carriage heading to the destination for quite a long time.


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