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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 137

Special Chapter. Daily life after that (2)

A welcome guest came to the Ipretz family.

Georg and Scarlett, who visited hand in hand, waved at the now married couple.

I didn’t expect you to be waiting in the garden, not in the drawing room.

It was a welcome that somehow made me feel like two people.

“Long time no see, Georg. Scarlett too.”

“Yeah, it’s been a while. Almost half a year?”

“How are you, Ludwig?”

Ludwig greets the two of them while drinking tea in harmony.

Emilia, who got up late, also slowly approached and exchanged greetings.

Occasionally, they would send a letter asking how they were doing and Scarlett would often visit them, but it was a long time ago for these four to gather in one place.

The culprit was, of course, Georg.

“This fool didn’t come to me, saying he was busy, so he dragged me by the collar this time. Did you do well?”

“It is also Scarlett. Can you see that Georg is already being captured?”

“It was already scheduled. Right now, the wedding is next month, and it’s already dark before my eyes.”

Georg shook his head and smiled bitterly.

When Scarlett, who was furious with him, expressed her anger by asking if this was the case before the wedding ceremony, a smile was engraved on the lips of the other two who watched it.

“How is Ludwig getting more and more cool? Emilia’s hardships are clear.”

Scarlett was busy praising Ludwig whenever they met.

Rather than an intentional action to arouse jealousy from a lover, these words came out naturally, as if looking at a statue and saying it was beautiful.

To put it bluntly, Georg said, ‘Scarlett seems to set Ludwig as her standard of beauty.’ Did you even say

“I mean. Recently, the name has started to be known more and more because of the picture… … .”

“Ah, it was true.”

It was about a year ago that Ludwig began to paint in earnest.

Since Ludwig hadn’t yet inherited the position of head of the family, his mother-in-law, Yulia, made a proposal to Ludwig, who was playing fairy tales at home.

She knew better than anyone else that he was good at drawing, and asked if she had any intention of drawing in earnest, saying that it would be a waste to rot it.

Ludwig also started off as a joke at first, but his name became known as he showed some of his works through Yulia.

At first, Emilia was also happy that her husband’s reputation was rising, but this became more severe as the days passed.

If you think about it, don’t you send a love letter to someone who even has a wife?

One day, he was so angry that he directly checked the contents of the letter that had arrived in front of him, and there was an incident where he cut it to pieces with her beloved sword.

“You are a sinful man, Ludwig.”

Since he doesn’t like tea, Georg smiled as he sipped on a fruit drink called Kampot.

Ludwig, who was so ridiculous, counterattacked by citing an incident that had happened a while ago.

“I don’t think you meant anything… Do you know how much I cried when Scarlett visited before?”

“Keuheum, I was wrong, so I hope you don’t bring up that story. Even hearing Emilia say something makes me tingle.”

Realizing that he had gotten into a fight for nothing, Georg cleared his throat and looked away.

In fact, the wedding ceremony of the two was decided, but there was a funny incident between them.

It was Scarlett who stabbed Georg in the side to propose.

Putting aside anything else, the sadness was greater because I knew that he would step forward and propose once in a lifetime.

And not too long ago, when Scarlett visited the Ipretz family alone, she cried so sadly about it that it made both of the people watching feel sad.

I wonder if Emilia, who is reluctant to interfere in other people’s affairs, personally sent a letter to Georg and even criticized him.

It must have been all the more so because it was a matter she could not easily close her eyes to as a woman.

“If you think about it, you are right to be captured. How much Scarlett suffered because of you.”

“Are you doing that too… ? I’d like to say that, but it’s not wrong, so I can’t refute it.”

He never imagined that he would become a public wife, but considering what he had done to Scarlett, he wondered if this made sense.

It’s not like she’s the kind of person who grabs and shakes a man anyway, and it’s more like a feeling of controlling her when she wants to roll in a strange direction.

If you look at it in that way, wouldn’t this be a pair that suits you well?

“that’s right. Sophia went to my house a while ago, did you hear?”

“Ah, I heard you. When did you become so close?”

Sophia was acquainted with Tanya, but she probably had no contact with Scarlett.

But not too long ago, a letter from Sofia arrived in front of Emilia, and it said, “I went to Scarlett’s house.” that had the words written on it.

The surprise only increased because I hadn’t heard the details.

what the hell

“I am close to Tanya and the family is close. So, have you ever been to the Ansberg family before?”

“Are you from the Ansberg family?”

“yes. But at that time, Sofia was also there. When we talked about it, he was a really nice kid.”

Scarlett welcomed a friend with a relatively calm and quiet personality, probably because she herself has a lively personality.

A prime example was Emilia.

Maybe that’s why he was able to easily become friends with Sofia, who at first glance resembled Emilia.

The fact that there was a common topic also played a part.

“Georg, have you met Sofia too?”

“Yes, because most of them have been staying with the Zelaire family lately. He has a very quiet and calm personality.”

Maybe I felt that way more because I was a stranger.

Even so, in front of close people, I was a talkative child like a talkative chick.

Ludwig gave a word to Georg, asking him to take good care of him if there was a chance to meet him, and thanked Scarlett for getting along well.

Because to him, it was like a real sister.

“Come to think of it, I heard Sophia was also dumped by Ludwig? What a sinful man.”

“Puff! Coke! Coke!”

“… … .”

The atmosphere that had been so amicable was quickly devastated by Scarlett’s remark.

The black tea in Ludwig’s mouth made a rainbow and landed on Georg’s face, and he burst into laughter with his eyes closed as he was suddenly flooded.

I want to say something like a chimney, but this is because Scarlett was the main culprit.

Paula, who was standing by his side, carefully held out a handkerchief from his pocket, and Scarlett took it instead and wiped the tea from Georg’s face with a chuckle.

Of course, without forgetting a brief apology.

“Cook-Cook, I’m sorry for both of you. I didn’t expect you to be so surprised.”

“Scarlett too. I was also surprised when I heard it, but Ludwig must be amazing.”

“I thought there would be no big reaction because it had already happened. Ludwig, you’re surprisingly the type to keep things like that in your heart, aren’t you?”

Ludwig calmed himself down, feeling Emilia’s sharpened gaze for some reason.

Whether you put it in your bed or go to sleep, wouldn’t anyone be surprised to hear such a story right in front of your face?

Rather, it was a story that happened a long time ago, so the surprise was added. I don’t know if it was something more predictable.

“It’s my fault, so let’s move on cleanly. Come to think of it, it wasn’t a good topic. Emilia might be angry.”

“Is there any need to be angry? It’s a fact I know. However, if Ludwig still had any regrets… That would be a little different, right?”

The lifelessness in Emilia’s pastel-toned eyes disappeared, and Ludwig’s skin was mercilessly cut with a sad murder.

As Ludwig trembled at the feeling that the surroundings had suddenly become cold, Emilia reached out and grabbed his hand that was on the table.

“I’m kidding, Ludwig. What are you so surprised about?”

“… It doesn’t feel like a joke. It will never happen, so don’t worry.”

“Fufu, even the way you speak becomes hard… Then everyone will know that I am really angry.”


Emilia’s mischievous hand touched Ludwig’s shoulder, a dull sound resounded, and the complexion of the people around them turned pale.

The touch of a woman who is said to be the next swordsman.

At this level, I wonder if I should say hello to Ludwig’s bones.

“By the way, when are you going on a trip? I heard you are going to the northern provinces.”

Scarlett hurriedly changed the topic, thinking that if she left it like this, she would end up indirectly using violence.

It was a topic that Emilia had talked about the most in recent correspondence and expressed her anticipation, so fortunately, it was successfully accepted.

“I think it will probably depart sometime next week.”

“next week? That’s pretty fast. Ludwig, have you decided where you are going?”

“No, I am planning to move without making a proper plan. Emilia wanted that too.”

The theme of this trip is improvisation.

Move wherever your feet land, stay there, look around, and head to another place.

Emilia said, ‘I wanted to imitate Master at least once.’ Called.

“It’s a pretty interesting idea. We want to try it at least once.”

“I know. But I’m worried about sleeping. Even if I eat moderately, I find it very difficult when the bed is uncomfortable.”

For Scarlett, who was always wrapped in a soft bed and a warm blanket in a windless house, sleeping was the most important issue.

Besides, the northern regions are famous for being cold, so I was worried that I would freeze to death at night, not because I had chosen the wrong bed.

But that was no problem for these two.

“I ended up adapting when I was with Master in the past. Ludwig doesn’t care too much either.”

“Ah, it was true. anyway, have a good trip Don’t forget the presents when you come!”

“Phud, Tanya said that too. I don’t know how the two of them look so alike.”

When he promised to bring it without forgetting, Scarlett laughed like a fool and let out cheers.

one week. Just one more week and it’s the start of a cozy trip.

Emilia lightly ran her hand on Ludwig’s thigh, who was sitting next to her, and opened her mouth in a very kind tone.

“I’m really looking forward to it, isn’t it? Ludwig.”

“Yeah, I will. But Emilia, this hand… … .”

“How are you as a couple?”

Ludwig broke out in a cold sweat as he felt that she was increasingly desired.

I was worried that the journey that would continue from next week would become a shortcut to the place of death.


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