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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 136

Special Chapter. Daily life after that (1)

It is truly a refreshing morning.

By the time Emilia had just gone out to the garden, the grass around her was wet with the morning dew.

It’s been almost a year since she got engaged to her lover, but nothing special has changed in her life.

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Just finish the morning routine as usual and go back to the mansion to start a new day.

However, if there is a slight difference, it will be in the place where I have lived and the people around me.

“Did you cough, ma’am?”

As Emilia headed to a small clearing near the garden, a woman with light blue hair bowed her head to greet her.

It was none other than Paula, her lover’s exclusive maid.

About half a year after the two were married, Paula changed the title of Emilia from ‘Lady Emilia’ to ‘Madame’.

Since the title for Ludwig had changed from ‘master’ to ‘master’, in a way, it might have been a natural attitude.

However, upon hearing that title, Emilia felt strange because it sounded like she had grown old.

I’m just over twenty now, but I’m a madam.

“Paula, too. Because it’s okay if you’re a girl. You called me well before, didn’t you?”

“The title of lady to the master’s companion is… … .”

Paula also had her own difficulties.

At that time, the title of lady was sufficient because they were in a relationship with a fiancée, but now she is the wife of the owner.

No matter how much you privately save yourself and treat yourself friendly, you have to make sure that the relationship is clear.

The only drawback was that the opponent was not good.

“I don’t want to hear the title ‘Madam’ already. yes? Would Paula understand?”

“… I understand, lady.”

Emilia was always like this.

Rather than blindly asking for something, she gently scratches the other person’s heart by mobilizing aegyo that she doesn’t usually do well.

Like slowly destroying a sandcastle from the edge.

This was also the way Paula struggled the most.

She’s more like a knife than anyone else when it comes to work, but on the inside, she’s a woman who belongs to the weak axis.

The act of appealing to her emotions and stimulating her was nothing short of a natural enemy.

“Huh, I was sure Paula would understand.”

“But what should I say to the master… … .”

“Wouldn’t Ludwig say nothing? You’re not the kind of person who dwells on things like that.”

Well, that’s it too.

Paula, who was quickly persuaded by Emilia’s words, nodded her head in agreement.

It would be unacceptable for that man to barely hear a title or something.

Rather, he might praise Emilia for following her wishes well.

“But are you really going to be okay? To take care of the two of us alone without Gritta.”

Emilia was currently staying in the Eifretz family, not the Bayemurn family.

Therefore, Gritta, who was at the head family, had followed her owner, Emilia, to the Aifretz family to do business, but this time she had to return to the head family unexpectedly.

It wasn’t that an unfortunate accident had happened, but rather it was because of a small blessing.

It was none other than the news that a new life had entered Emilia’s mother, Yulia’s stomach.

Originally, Carol had said that she would assign one lady-in-waiting, but Paula put forward the opinion that she would take care of both at the same time.

Uncharacteristically for her trying to do her best within her duties, she threw herself into a situation where one side could be neglected.

Even the owner, Ludwig, reacted quite surprised.

“Yes, because the master is fine without me anyway.”

“It was true. Ludwig has always liked to be alone.”

He’s not the type to get in the way of others, but he enjoys spending quiet time alone.

Besides, I didn’t really like the situation where someone tried to help me with my every move.

I wouldn’t know if I was just talking to her, but I wasn’t Paula who would spend her business hours doing nothing.

“Anyway, it’s a child, surely Mrs. Julia… … .”

“Yes, I know you heard that I would be the last child. It is nothing short of a miracle.”

It was Yulia who had been told that after Emilia was born, it would be difficult to have any more children.

So, there is no other way to describe this event than as a miracle.

On the other hand, thanks to that, a little funny incident happened in the Bayemurn family.

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Julia, who is no different from her son-in-law, went around the neighborhood saying that this was a blessing her son-in-law brought.

Stefan and Emilia stepped forward and told her not to do that, saying that she was a clean monk, but it was not enough to stop Yulia from jumping around with joy.

“Lady Julia also cares for you very much. I have heard many stories.”

“I guess I’ll just cherish it. Not too long ago, when I went to Lutentia because of the news of my mother’s pregnancy… Phew.”

It was to the extent that people around her tried to stop her from entering the kitchen with her pregnant body, saying that she would serve her son-in-law’s food.

Fortunately, Ludwig was able to defuse the situation by showing a wonderful way of serving a homemade meal to his pregnant mother-in-law, saying that it was right to cook for him.

So I put off my morning training for a while and was in the middle of talking about Doran with Paula.

The moment Emilia decided to get up, she heard the sound of someone approaching from across the corner of the grass.

Because it is quite a remote place, there are few people walking around, so the moment the two tilt their heads, wanting someone,

“yes? Were you talking?”

Ludwig appeared with his eyes wide open, holding a basket in one hand.

It was the basket that people often use when going on outings.

“Good morning, Ludwig. But what happened?”

I didn’t see him when I woke up this morning, but I wonder if there was something else.

“The weather is nice today, so I thought I’d have a meal while feeling like I’m out.”

“really? I was thinking about that too.”

It would be nice to have a normal day as usual, but in this kind of weather, you feel like going somewhere.

However, neither of them seemed to prefer walking around, so it seemed that they chose to at least create a mood in this way.

At the thought of her husband, who exactly matched her, Emilia’s expression instantly brightened.

If there is a reward waiting behind Jagoro, his strength will spring up even more.

It seemed that this morning’s training should be done with more spirit.

“Paula, what do you want to eat? I brought a sandwich just in case.”

Ludwig, who had even brought a mat, laid down a seat in advance and began taking out the food he had prepared behind Emilia, who had just started training.

Since we ate outside, there were no grandiose items, and most of them were things that could be easily eaten with bare hands or cleaned up.

Among them were sandwiches, which are representative of picnic food and Paula’s favorite food.

“Do you have mine too?”

“Then I must have brought only the two of us to eat?”

“no. Rather than that, I thought that Master would not know I was here.”

At Paula’s calm reply, Ludwig snorted as if he was full of energy.

The meaning that she, at the level of a workaholic, was not by his side in broad daylight was only to say that she had other important tasks.

And for Paula now, what task is as important as keeping Ludwig’s side?

If you think about it that far, the conclusion is bound to be drawn in an instant.

“If you’re hungry, it’s okay to eat first, Ludwig.”

“Isn’t it fun to eat together?”

Since there is no more toil than waiting for food to be served, Emilia recommended starting the meal first, but he firmly shook his head.

Eating wasn’t a problem in the first place, I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of going out together.

Ludwig, who watched from a distance as Emilia wielded a wooden sword and sweated, could not hold back his admiration.

how to say Usually, seeing a woman sweating in tight clothes like that would make her indignant, but I just thought she was respectful.

How do you take care of yourself like that without missing a single day?

It wasn’t because he was a companion, but as a person to person, it was something I really wanted to emulate and learn.


Ludwig is in awe as he gazes at her morning practice.

A smile leaked out of Emilia’s mouth as she turned around in his direction and swung a wooden sword before she knew it.

Ludwig tilted his head momentarily, wondering if he was in the way.

It was nice to see his wife absorbed, but it was pointless to disturb her.

“Why is that, Emilia? Even if I get in the way… … ?”

“no. It’s not like that… Cook Cook.”

Suddenly bursting into laughter, she put down her wooden sword and slowly approached the mat.

Paula held out the towel she was holding, and after wiping her forehead and neck with it, she abruptly lunged at Ludwig.

“It’s okay to make my heart beat a little bit, but it’s fun to just look at it with admiration.”

“You can’t look at sacred training with those eyes, can you?”

“Huh, is that so?”

Emilia snorted and pouted her lips uncharacteristically for her, then climbed onto Ludwig’s thigh.

Paula, who was watching this, smiled bitterly and slightly looked away.

These are people who don’t know how to be ashamed of others from the morning in case someone isn’t newlyweds.

Would you like to stay away for a while?

“If you’re so sure, it wouldn’t mind if I ask again tonight, right?”

“… Didn’t Georg and Scarlett come over tomorrow?”

“That is it. Me and Ludwig won’t even budge for a day, right?”

Her eyes curved like crescent moons, and Ludwig shook his head as if he hadn’t seen it.

Somehow after getting married, it seemed that she was getting more and more sexual in addition to her existing charm.

Thanks to that, there was not a single windy day. Of course, it was only good for him.

“Hey, let’s start by eating and then talking. Emilia. Is your training over?”

“It goes like that, right? like. Let’s eat first.”

“… May I come in, you two.”

Paula, who did not want to get involved in the fight between the two, tried to escape, but unfortunately could not escape Emilia’s clutches.

After all, when you get married, does the power naturally pass to your wife?

Paula, who realized who was in the middle of the day, had no choice but to sit down on the road and nibble on a sandwich.


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