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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 135

Final Chapter. A story to continue with you (complete)

The newly decorated garden for today was neat and stylish.

Both sides of the Virgin Road that runs through the center were decorated with flowers, and it was polished neatly and elegantly as it was a road made to celebrate the new future of the bride and groom.

Meanwhile, the guests who filled the surroundings were busy talking to each other.

Originally, the more you are in a place like this, the more you get to meet people you haven’t seen often.

Tanya and Sophia were also examples of this.

“You are Sophia. I heard a lot about Ludwig.”

“I also heard a lot from my older brother. Please take good care of me, Tanya.”

“What about my sister? Treat me like a friend.”

It was itchy to hear that she was called older sister when she was only one year old, so Tanya quickly got along with Sofia by putting the title aside in an instant.

The two of them had a lot more in common than I thought.

In particular, since both of them are naturally weak, and enjoy the work that can be done at home, there were many overlapping parts in many ways.

On the way, talking behind the back of a man who kicked a fortune that rolled in without knowing the fountain, I was almost unaware of the passage of time.

While the two of them were having a conversation, the fuss around them subsided somewhat to see if the full-scale preparations had been completed.

Thinking that it was finally starting, Tanya and Sofia also paused their conversation, sat down, and looked straight ahead.

Soon after, a woman came up to the podium, cleared her throat, and straightened her clothes.

The eyes of most who saw her face were amazed.

Could it be that he officiated the ceremony?

“I’m Rebecca Steinbaum, who is in charge of the officiating ceremony and wedding ceremony today. Well, it’s a bit difficult because I’m not accustomed to respect.”

Some might think that the awkward cheek-scratching look and the strangely touching way of speaking were out of place for this occasion, but no guests would speak out about it.

That’s why her prestige was so high.

Originally, she would have ended up filling the place as a guest, but today, following Emilia’s earnest request, she officiated.

At first, he refused, saying that he could not play such an important role, but the two people who were to be married today pleaded that she was the only one, so he was forced to take on the role.

In fact, even now, the situation in front of many people as a representative was really awkward.

“Thank you to the guests who gathered to bless the young people of both families, and we will hold today’s ceremony from now on.”

At the same time as her words, strong but not excessive applause resonated from all directions.

Everyone is sending heartfelt congratulations to the couple that will bear fruit today.

The first start of the wedding ceremony was informed by the mothers of both families getting up from their seats.

In the case of an aristocratic family, when each family gives birth to a child, a ball of thread that mimics the child’s hair color and the first hair that grows when the child grows up are cut and stored together in a storage box.

And at the wedding ceremony, the mothers of each family bring it out, tie each other’s threads together, and burn the cut hair on the spot.

Hair means the short life that has been lived since birth, and in fact, it means the journey of two people to walk together in the future.

Therefore, burning hair symbolizes the beginning of a new life, and tying two threads together symbolizes the blessing of the future lives of two people.


Yulia and Diana, who opened the lockers in each other’s hands, slowly stepped forward and took a ball of thread and hair in their hands.

Then she went over to the candles on either side of the platform, burned her short hair, tied it together with yellow and platinum threads, and put it in another box that was on the table.

This will be taken by the two who will be married today.

It has the meaning of reconciling one’s mind after seeing if something goes wrong in the future.

After the ceremony was completed, the mothers of both families returned to their places, and Rebecca, who confirmed this, announced the next turn.

“Next, I would like to introduce one of the main characters who came to fruition today. Groom’s position.”

At the same time, each of them raised their voices, wondering about the groom’s face.

Because he, the main character of today’s wedding ceremony, couldn’t show his face properly in front of the guests, there were people who were still in a state of anxiety because they couldn’t see his face.

In addition, the place where the bride and groom came out was blocked by something like a curtain, so no one could see his face until Ludwig got through it.

Turbuck. Turbuck.

Eventually, the cloth covering him was removed, revealing the figure of Ludwig, and the guests on both sides applauded again.

“He’s tall and has a lot of personality, right? It seems that the princess of Baiemurn also found a good husband.”

“Who is it? All the bastards who only looked at the family name and talked nonsense should dig into the ground.”

“Above all, you look good. He is a rare man these days.”

Voices praising him came from everywhere, but Ludwig couldn’t afford to listen to them.

The only thing that caught his eye right away was the long stretched Virgin Road and the figure of the swordsman standing at the end.

Having reached the tip, Ludwig turned around and greeted the guests politely.

Again, the applause grew louder, followed by Rebecca’s voice.

“Next, we will invite another protagonist who is celebrating today’s celebration. Bride, entry.”

For some reason, he felt as if the applause had grown even louder than when he entered, but Ludwig struggled to laugh and just laughed it off.

Even if there are two main characters today, no matter who sees it, she will shine the brightest here today.

again. again.

The tent covering her was removed, and Emilia walked out, supported by Stefan, in the still silence where even the sound of applause had stopped.

‘It’s such a strange feeling.’

Stefan walks on the grass next door and guides his daughter without stepping on Virgin Road.

Knowing that he was going to be with a good man, even though he was welcomed, he couldn’t help but feel as a father.

Rather than feeling relieved, I felt sad and regretful.

What can I do anyway?

It’s not until you, as a father, bless this path you walk for your daughter’s greater happiness.

Knowing that when he reached the end of this road, his little daughter would finally leave his side, he slowed down his steps for no reason.

However, in the end, every road has an end.

Eventually, when I arrived in front of the man who was entrusting my daughter, he took two steps forward and greeted the two of them.

Stefan stretched out his arms and hugged him, blessing and thanking him.

“Thank you. I wish you and your daughter’s path to be filled with only happiness in the future.”

“Thank you, father-in-law.”

Stefan, who fulfilled his last mission as a father with a heartwarming heart, turned around only when he saw his daughter grabbing the groom’s outstretched hand.

Why did a part of my chest devour? However, it wasn’t sad.

Meanwhile, Ludwig, having met his bride-to-be, led her to the front of the podium.

Rebecca, who was officiating the ceremony, also took a sip of water without opening her mouth, as if she was emotionally moved by the sight of the two standing together.

Both of them knew how she felt, so they waited for Rebecca’s feelings to calm down without saying anything.

Soon after, the heavy mouth of the Sword Saint, who had returned to his usual form, opened.

“Groom and bride, please greet the person who will become your lifelong companion today.”

The two of them spread their distance for a while and greeted each other politely.

Then they came closer again, opened the written oath, and began to tell each other heartfelt stories.

“Thank you to the many guests who graced the occasion. We finally came to fruition today amidst your congratulations.”

The two people’s reading continues at the same speed and height without an inch of error.

Soon, Emilia’s mouth closed, and this time only Ludwig recited the contents of the oath one by one.

Because that was the only story he wanted to tell.

“She has always been a proud and noble woman. When I realized that she, who had first reached out to me when I was a coward, had a weak side, maybe I couldn’t escape anymore. The way you leaned on me, the way you whined. Everyone is memorable and always makes me smile.”

Emilia’s reading followed.

“He seemed a little clumsy, but I fell in love with his kindness. He was a man who showed me that there are colors in the world by giving me the name of a flower I didn’t know, rather than looking at myself first.”

Soon, the voices of the two men joined again.

“This place is also a place of memories where we first met. Today, in front of many people, we will once again recall the memories of that day and walk together forever without forgetting the excitement of the first time.”

After the reading of the pledge was over, the two bowed their heads toward the guests again and stood in front of the podium.

Rebecca, who had shed tears for a moment while listening to the story of the two, came to her senses belatedly and began to read the Marriage Declaration.

“As of this time, I solemnly declare that the two of you have become partners in the joys and sorrows of a lifetime.”

At the end of the last sentence, thunderous applause continued.

All that remains is the kiss of oath.

Ludwig turned around and met Emilia’s gaze.

The pure white moonflower on her head caught his attention for no reason.

“What should I swear on? Ludwig.”


“It’s a kiss of promise to be together for the rest of our lives. I think it would be nice if there was something that could symbolize it.”

be a symbol

Ludwig gave a small smile at her words and carefully reached out his hand toward her head.

People around them were calling for a kiss, but the two did not seem to hear it at all.

The moon flower that appeared from between his hair was placed on his hand, and eventually it reached between the two of them.

I thought that only the person who would become her companion could recite these lines, but to think that would be herself.

If that’s the case, you’ll just have to do it.

Even if he is not the main character of this world, as a man who has the most lovely woman in the world as his companion.

And through this walloohwa that will last forever, we must promise that our love will also last forever.

“then… I swear on this walluhwa.”

“I swear on Yuluhua.”

Soon, the two of them’s lips met, and in the thunderous applause that followed again, the two made a promise.

Even if the sky splits in two and God tears them apart, they will definitely not let go of this person.

There are only two things they need for the story they will write anew.

– fin –


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