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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 13

Chapter 2. Coming of Age Ceremony (4)

As soon as we exchanged greetings for a while, I laughed involuntarily as I saw him swept away by the crowd.

Even though today’s coming-of-age ceremony would be his first entrance into the world of society, he didn’t say hello in particular.

Rather, it was to the extent that other family heads around them tried to ask for greetings or to take a picture of their eyes.

It seems that the prestige of the Ipretz family is also considerable. Having never cared about the reputation of other families, it was a fact that I realized all of a sudden.

“It’s a curious look.”

“Yes, Father.”

“It’s nothing particularly great. He may be a bit lacking compared to our family, but he is also a son of a venerable family.”

My father explained that the Ipretz family had a great influence on politics and culture in general.

The reason why their reputation began to rise was that the previous kings of the Tang Dynasty were deeply interested in overall culture, such as painting and theater, so they were used early, and from that point on, they gradually built up honor and wealth.

Hearing that, I could see why his conversation with me felt intelligent, even if he didn’t show off his knowledge.

It’s like some kind of bloodline.

After taking a sip of wine, my father patted me on the shoulder. As if wishing for a fight.

My mother, who was standing next to me, was also watching me with a soft smile.

Then, he moved his steps somewhere, saying that he would come after talking with other family heads for a while, so that he could relax a little more with him.

‘Huh… … .’

I’m sure the two of you don’t have the same eyes as me. Why do you see through it so well?

My face became hot again when I thought it meant that my emotions were well expressed on my face. But I couldn’t deny it. The reason I came here was to meet him.

Soon after, those who surrounded him disappeared one by one.

Ludwig met my eyes with a troubled smile. The hand that gently waved at me looked quite thin and thin for a man.

It’s different from my hand, which hardened while training my swordsmanship. Suddenly, I felt ashamed to show him my hand, so I tried to shake it but hid it in a hurry.

“I’m sorry, Emilia. Did you wait too long?”

“No. I’m worried that you couldn’t say goodbye because you cared about me.”

“It was nothing. Rather, it is fortunate that I was able to escape thanks to Emilia.”

What he says is truly amazing. I guess you could say that it has a strange rhyme, unlike the words spoken by others.

There is no special word used. It has a unique form like Sijo and does not reveal a sense of rhythm.

Why? When I asked myself why, I couldn’t come up with a plausible answer. I just thought it would be good with it.

“It is too noisy to have a conversation. Only then… … .”

It is said that the people around them are members of aristocratic families, so they do not shout loudly, but when a considerable number of people gathered in the hall and talked, it was quite noisy, if not loud.

It was very strange that his voice was clear even in the midst of this commotion.

I wonder what kind of expression he would make if he told Ludwig about this.

“Then shall we go out for a while?”

“Yes? Going out, where… … ?”

Even if it was a coming-of-age ceremony, in fact, it was a place to celebrate entering the social world and at the same time, it was only a place to take a proper eye stamp, so it was correct to say that his role was virtually over.

If so, shall I borrow it for a while? Of course, I’d have to ask for permission from Sir Carol before that.

“To the garden. It’s been a long time, so I want to see those flowers again.”

“…Yes. I see.”

Originally, it would be right for me to escort him out.

But I can’t help it. He’s not even a flower at all, he’s a man like the moon. You can increase your chances only if you intercept it when others can’t see it.

* * * * * * *

Unlike the day I met Ludwig, the moon that rose today was not so dazzling.

However, it was good nonetheless. On the contrary, it made me happy to be able to walk in the garden with him less in the public eye.

“There are quite a few people in the garden, too.”

It wasn’t as many people as inside the mansion, but there were quite a few people standing in the garden than originally thought.

A small smile leaked out from his face as if he had made a mistake.

Anyway, I’m weak at hiding my feelings. It’s an advantage to me, but I just don’t want others to look down on me because of it.

“Maybe they came to appreciate the garden that Ludwig had decorated? It is more beautiful than any garden I have ever seen.”

“Even though it’s not the garden I planted by myself… I’m glad you think so.”

Ludwig smiled shyly, scratching one cheek with his index finger. For some reason, he was very shy about receiving compliments.

Really like a child at times like this. But if you tell him, you might feel bad, so let’s just think about it in our heads.

“Cook cook… … .”

“I guess something fun happened.”

“yes. don’t have It’s a long-awaited reunion with friends, so there’s no way it wouldn’t be fun, right?”

He looked at me with round eyes, as if he hadn’t expected my words, then cleared his throat and moved his gaze.

Because you are a troubled man I made this just for you. What am I going to do if the person who should be looking at me doesn’t see me?

I didn’t want to act coquettish to get his attention.

I could do it if I wanted to, but I had a history of committing impulsively before, so I couldn’t let him think of me as a light woman anymore.

“I don’t know how I was doing for three weeks. Emilia.”

How are you? Are you calling that a question now?

Of course, as I answered before, it was alright. Swordsmanship training was the same as usual, and it was a day that seemed to have moved the original daily life without any major changes.

Well, if you ask me if I enjoyed it. On the contrary, it felt unsightly when I found myself counting the days that passed until I met him again.

How can you call me a question like that? I had a heartache for no reason, so I replied in a sullen tone.

“If you were curious, you could send me at least one letter.”

“Ah, that… sorry. I was a little distracted with the preparations for the coming-of-age ceremony… … .”

Ludwig flinched backwards with a clear look of bewilderment. I knew it wasn’t a lie, but I felt a bit sad nonetheless.

No, Emilia. If you are impatient with each of these things, you may miss him. Now is the time to wrap him up as if he were a woman with a wide capacity for tolerance.

“just joke.”


“I know you’ve been busy. I just wanted to tease you for a while, so don’t worry about it.”

“Ah, I see. But I’m sincerely sorry… … .”

I guess so. It was a fact that you could notice even if you didn’t look at the mass that floated above you.

Umm, even if you say you’re sorry, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t accept an apology. Of course, I don’t intend to criticize him more, but wouldn’t it be okay to receive an apology as compensation?

“If you’re really sorry, can you show me sincerity? Ludwig.”

“If you say sincerity… … ?”

He didn’t want something extravagant like the monthly luhwa he had given as a token of parting.

I just tried a little trick to tease him a little, and to have one more thing with his heart.

Unsure of what to give him, he laughed as he rolled his eyes in all directions.

Shall I help you a little here?

“Could you call me Emily?”

“As for Emily… Is that a nickname?”

“Yeah. It’s the name my mother used to call me when I was little. That was over ten years ago.”

It’s a little cute nickname that doesn’t suit me. I knew that too, so I hadn’t told anyone about this name before. I never thought about wanting to be called by anyone anymore.

But what if he calls? If only I could hear the name locked in my memories in your voice.

I had no doubt that it would be a very valuable experience.

He seemed to be thinking for a while, avoiding his gaze and mumbling.

Soon, the moment those lips were separated, I had to be captured by a sensation I had never experienced before.

“That… Emily?”

“… … .”

It’s strange too. The epileptic nickname that your mother used to call you makes another rhyme when you say it.

The feeling that rises in your chest as his voice spreads through your body. It was something hotter and a little more intense than when my mother called.

I can’t. While I was teaching him swordsmanship, I didn’t have the confidence to keep my sanity after being called by this name all the time while staying here.

For the time being, let’s keep it as a memory of one night only. Obviously, it will be good for both of them.

“Mi, I’m sorry. Ludwig. I guess that name is… … .”

“Oh, no. I’m just… … .”

Trouble. he always bothers me Even when we first met, today. Until this moment.

When I listen to the stories you share and see your every single action, new colors are added to the daily life I’ve been through so far and it is covered with unknown scents.

The fact that I don’t hate you for making me so troubled is the most difficult. Oh, how many times do I repeat the word trouble? My head is dizzy.

As I struggled to cool off the heat that filled my heart and head, a heavy male voice called my name.


“ah… Buzz?”

There, my father, standing with his back to the moon, was watching our tryst with a solemn expression.

Ah, my whole body is getting cold. As if the heat from before had been a lie.

In the meantime, Ludwig’s wild eyes were glanced at from the side. There was a presence within him that was greater than any confusion he had discovered since meeting him.


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