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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 128

Chapter 16. Facing the Goddess (1)

When I arrived at my destination and got off the carriage, the scenery of Astepor I had seen before continued.

Maybe it’s because the feeling is different from when I visited this place with a somewhat light heart.

Even though nothing else would have changed in the meantime, the two headed towards the entrance of the village feeling a strange sense of difference.

“You are a believer in Bayern.”

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Just like last time, a couple of men and women were waiting on both sides of the entrance, but the woman remembered Emilia’s face and sent her a warm greeting.

“Yes, you do remember.”

“Because I am always present at this time of day. Even so, I’m proud of my memory because it’s pretty good.”

When asked what business she was on today, Emilia announced that she had come to visit Goddess Hypresia once more.

Without a doubt, the two believers took out the tabernacle and carefully placed it on the person in charge.

“Goddess Hypresia bless you.”

“Goddess bless you.”

Perhaps because he had done it once, Ludwig was able to follow Emilia as soon as he finished the ceremony and entered the room.

The road to the temple felt like walking on thin ice.

Maybe the way to take the end of all the stories can’t be nervous.


“Are you nervous? Ludwig.”

Realizing that her lover’s shoulder was stiffer than usual, Emilia carefully reached out and grabbed his left hand.

Surprised by the sudden warmth, Ludwig trembled lightly and turned his head to see Emilia smiling naturally.

However, at the trembling transmitted through his thin fingertips, Ludwig followed suit and smiled mischievously.

“Emilia’s hands are shaking.”

“Huh, it’s hard even if you try to pretend otherwise.”

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Didn’t your mother-in-law say that too?”

“It was. Even the worst-case scenario won’t change anything.”

In other words, this was a gamble that could at least break even.

A gamble that would make other gamblers drool.

As soon as he was convinced that this warmth would never disappear, the trembling felt on the other side of Emilia’s hand faded.

In response, Ludwig tapped the back of her hand with his little finger and held out his left cheek as if to look at it.

Emilia’s face, which had been staring blankly for a moment, immediately turned red and exploded with a pop.

this man is real There aren’t many passers-by around Amman, but to ask for something like this on a main street like this.

“Are there people around?”

“I’m so nervous I can’t help it. I think you’ll feel better if you get some strength from Emilia.”

“Oh yeah… Because I was too sly.”

He was once a man whose face would turn red just by holding his hand, but he had changed like this before he knew it.

But I didn’t hate it. The fact that he was being asked for this seemed to convey his heart even more clearly.

After quickly examining the surroundings, Emilia lifted her tiptoe and lightly kissed his cheek.

side. A deep smile formed on his lips along with a cute voice, and Emilia followed suit and smiled helplessly.

If this just eased his tension, I’d do it a hundred more times, but it seems like it’s already loosened up.

That would be the case, because Ludwig’s hand, which was holding her hand, had even more strength.

It probably means that you’ve made up your mind.

“I can’t get used to it even for the second time here.”

“I think it is strange to adapt. Yes, the air is so foreign.”

The road leading into the temple is surrounded by a small fence.

A fence that was shorter than the height of most women and seemed meaningless.

However, whenever I passed by there, it seemed that something like bleak air permeated my whole body.

Ludwig somehow guessed that this fence might be some kind of border separating the area where people and gods live.

Otherwise, how can we explain this bizarre phenomenon?

As I passed the nominal guards and went inside, the sense of alienation I felt on my skin increased.

The air is really bleak to be called the temple of the Goddess of Peace.

It was not strange that Ludwig’s expression naturally frowned.

“Why don’t Ludwig go in after receiving the holy water this time?”

“If you don’t know, let’s do it. But if you only use that holy water, is there any problem in listening to the oracle?”

“As far as I know, it is, but I wonder if that will be accepted when Goddess Hypresia appears in person by borrowing my body.”

Well, that’s not wrong.

In the first place, even Stefan said that he had never seen or heard of a goddess appearing in person.

It was even said that it was a story that would appear in a legend or a book.

At the point of experiencing it in the body, what use is this formal consciousness?

It’s just an act you do with the thought that you don’t know.

So Ludwig followed Emilia, wet the tabernacle with holy water, put it back on his head, and headed in front of the statue of the goddess.

“Is the goddess watching this scene too?”

“From what I’ve heard before, it seems like you’re watching everything.”

“… That, that means something like Ludwig’s mating… … ?”

Big hum.

Ludwig tried to avoid his gaze and placed the offering on the altar.

At that time, there was no circumstance, and besides, I couldn’t even ask such a story in front of the goddess, so I don’t know… … .

‘I know, I know.’

Why would God be so interested in human sexuality anyway?

Even if you have seen it, just think you would have seen it and let it go.

“But would the tribute be okay with that? I didn’t have enough money a while ago, so I replaced it with dried meat, but… … .”

“It will be fine.”

Rather, Ludwig tried to spit out the sound of masking because he liked it, but swallowed his back words and took about three steps back.

How long has it been?

The light from the lamps decorating the surrounding walls flashed for an instant, and the strange air I felt a moment ago began to further increase the sense of alienation.

‘Is it here?’

It’s the same sensation I felt that day.

Ludwig was able to intuitively realize that the goddess Hypresia had appeared here.

Soon after, the air spat out a low cry, saying “Gooooo”, and the sound gradually died away and the lights of the lamps returned to their original state one by one.

It was at that moment that Emilia’s body, which was on her back, turned toward Ludwig.

“That’s right, these guys don’t even know shame.”

A voice that does not come from your ears, but sounds like you are talking directly through your head.

This must have been a similar phenomenon to when Hypresia spoke to her the other day.

“Is the road to the temple too far? I couldn’t stand it for a moment and what they were doing on the roadside.”

Emilia put her hand on her head with a frown on her face and shook her head. No, Goddess Hypresia.

It seems that he had closely observed the love affair between the two on the way to the temple a little while ago.

When the bewildered Ludwig unnaturally averted his gaze, Hypresia let out a short sigh and flicked her finger as if telling her to come here.

“why? Did you think you would be punished?”

“I thought a little.”

“Ugh, they’re like stupid people…” It’s not my job to have you copulate outside, but at least I meant to refrain from being in front of the believers.”

Only then did Ludwig, who was able to understand the reason for her anger, bowed his head in an apology.

“Heh, but it looks like you brought the offering with good thought, so I’ll pass it on once.”

“Thank you.”

“Stop the bad examples. I know very well that you are different from the descendants of Bayemurn.”

Since he was the one who brought him to this world, it must mean that he was aware of the fact that he did not have the same respect for himself as the people in this world.

However, since he couldn’t do it at all, Ludwig reached an agreement by softening his tone somewhat.

Hypresia munched on the seasoned meat without giving her a glance, as if telling her to do it on her own.

“Okay, what do you want to ask?”

“…don’t you already know?”

If she knew what kind of affection the two had shared outside, she would be able to know what kind of troubles they shared and what they talked about.

Even so, it made me even think that asking about it was a bit of a bad prank from Ludwig’s point of view.

Perhaps reading his eyes, Hyprecia swallowed the mumbled meat and snorted.

“Everyone knows. But even if I can look into your head, it means nothing to what you say out of your mouth.”

Ludwig somehow sounded as if he was asking if her words were ready to approach the truth.


After a brief pause, Ludwig raised his head and met her eyes.

Then he clenched his fists and nodded his head as calmly and confidently as possible.

Yes, everything is ready.

As you say.


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