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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 115

Chapter 13. Discomfort (6)

After that night, Emilia’s condition deteriorated noticeably.

When he was gone, they showed tears and even showed symptoms of anxiety, and this also went into the ears of the Bayemurn couple.

After that, Ludwig made a schedule so that he could accompany her as much as possible, and after about three days in that state, Emilia was able to quickly return to her usual bright appearance.

However, this did not mean that it became completely normal.

It was still the same when Ludwig got out of sight.

I could just lead a normal life assuming he was around.

“I’ve been talking to my wife for a while.”

“Yes, father-in-law.”

Everyone knew that they couldn’t continue to live like this.

Meanwhile, Stefan secretly summoned Ludwig to talk.

Emilia had been sleeping a lot lately, so it wasn’t difficult if she was aiming for a nap.

“Originally, I was thinking of holding the ceremony sooner, but I guess it’s better not to.”

“May I ask why?”

I had a guess, but I wanted to hear a clear intention first.

At Ludwig’s question, the faces of the Bayern couple suddenly darkened.

As parents, I feel guilty for bringing this up, but it was also what they had to say.

“I heard that your daughter is not well. I can’t let you burden me under those circumstances.”

“… … .”

It was as expected.

Ludwig knew that the Bayern couple did not treat him friendly under the guise of a prospective son-in-law.

They would really respect a man called ‘Ludwig Ipretz’, not ‘the man who is his daughter’s lover’.

That’s why maybe he could say something like this while ignoring his daughter’s will.

‘I’m just grateful.’

But apart from that, he also had something to say.

And I had to say that even this story was not worth accepting.

I am not trying to recite a foolish theory of hope that I will overcome with the power of love.

He also has the eyes to look at reality as he has gone through many things and grown up.

“If it’s okay with you two, I’d like to set a date.”

“Yeah, I thought you would say that. I appreciate that consideration, but this is not a matter to be taken lightly.”

“This is right. If your daughter’s condition doesn’t improve even after you get married, you’re the only one suffering.”

I didn’t mean not to get married.

In any case, since the engagement was pre-arranged, it meant that we should wait and see the situation for now.

But Ludwig firmly shook his head. Even if it was like this, I had some idea of a solution.

“Even though I’m not a trustworthy guy, I didn’t speak so lightly about the future of Emilia and myself.”

“Even so, there will be no immediate solution. Even if you only hold a wedding ceremony in this state, either way will be difficult.”

That’s right. At least on the surface it is.

Presumably, the Bayemurn couple were trying to make a hole for themselves to escape.

If, by chance, Emilia’s condition does not improve, in the case of a simple engagement, even if it is broken, there will be no major damage to each other.

Of course, rumors can go around, but the weight is different from a formal marriage.

Even if Emilia’s condition were to get worse than it is now, she would break off the engagement altogether and send herself back to the Aifretz family.

And I will find a way to cure it somehow.

The Bayemurn family had such power, connections, and wealth.

‘But it’s hard with that.’

A few days ago, Ludwig came across a note containing Emilia’s inner feelings.

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Judging from the contents written there, there was a high possibility that the actions of the two would go in a not so good direction.

No, to be more assertive, it would be the worst.

But she couldn’t reveal her true feelings with her own mouth. At least that’s what he thought.

‘Because that’s the path Emilia has to take.’

In the end, nothing would work out properly unless she stood up on her own two feet.

He just pushed his back a little.

It was for that reason that we decided to hold the wedding ceremony quickly.

“Does that mean you two are okay?”

“On the contrary, it is a welcome thing for us. That much I can honestly say.”

“That’s right.”

This was the honest feeling of the two people without adding or subtracting.

He’s a man I’ve been watching It is not once or twice that I wished that I would walk my daughter’s life with her to the end.

Even though he had suffered such an unfortunate incident, it was a grateful thing to take care of his daughter, regardless of the name of the family.

Ludwig listened to the sincerity of the Bayern couple and nodded calmly.

If there were only their firm answers, we could proceed.

All he needed was the Bayern couple’s opinion about speeding up the wedding.

“For now, I understand your opinion. But I don’t know if my in-laws will allow this.”

I can clearly see my son’s hardships, but he won’t allow it easily.

Since the Ipretz couple did not appear to be power-hungry figures, they would rather wish for the happiness of their own children rather than the relationship of being the in-laws of the Bayemurn family.

So, Stefan’s concerns were justified.

However, a small smile formed on Ludwig’s lips as he listened.

As if I knew it would come out like that.

“I got permission from the two of you in advance.”

“Huh, at some point… … .”

“Emilia’s condition worsened and I sent a letter right away the next day. Rather, my parents told me to hold the ceremony as soon as possible and not wait for progress.”

“That’s right, parents and children have taken it apart. I ate one of these.”

The Bayemurn couple, no matter who said it first, leaned back on their chairs with dejected smiles.

It’s not an easy decision. In a sense, it might be more difficult for Ludwig to be a parent than Ludwig himself.

Even if there are people who have the courage to take responsibility for their own choices, how many of them can make such a firm decision when they know that their children might be wrong because of their choices.

At least, Stefan thought that he would not be able to become such a pulpit.

“Are you going to tell your daughter directly?”

“Yes, I will. I have a story to tell.”

“Whatever the reason, I’m sure you’ll be very happy. Please take good care of your lacking daughter, Ludwig.”

Yulia had tears in her eyes as if she was overcome with emotion.

I noticed right away that a disease was growing in the heart of my daughter, who had been raised for about twenty years.

However, there was no way to solve it, and I did not know the reason, so it must be because I left it irresponsible, believing that time would solve it.

Then, this man who appeared was like a savior to the couple.

It was because a man who was more important than the sword had appeared to the child who had been wielding a sword all day as if he wanted to forget everything in the world.

You’ll be fine with this guy. I thought that the disease that had sprouted in my heart would be cured soon.

‘To think that was a short thought.’

But in the end, the wound still festered and burst without healing, and I can’t believe I have to leave that heavy burden on this grateful but sorry man.

As a parent, is there any more embarrassing moment than now?

Yulia’s slender hand on her lap was clenched into a fist before she knew it.

Confirming this, Stefan stretched out his rough hand and wrapped it around hers, making eye contact with her.

I could tell what she was thinking even if she didn’t say anything. Because the decades we spent together weren’t wasted.

“honey… … .”

“Don’t say anything. I know everything.”

The tears she shed must have many meanings.

As a mother, she was unable to remove the darkness from her daughter’s heart.

I am grateful to the man who takes responsibility for his lacking daughter to the end.

The relief of not having to leave your daughter separated from the one she loves.

Tears are different from raindrops falling from the sky.

It seems to reflect the surroundings with its transparent appearance, but the reality is completely different.

There is a color called emotion in it.

We often pass by without seeing it, but the tears someone shed always have their own color.

“Emilia might wake up, so let’s get up first.”

“I see.”

Ludwig stood up, leaving behind the colored tears falling on the back of Yulia’s hand.

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Just as the person who should be by Yulia’s side was Stefan, the person who should be by Emilia’s side now was herself.

To stand by each lover’s side in their respective positions.

It was very clear what the two men had to do now.


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