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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 114

Chapter 13. Discomfort (5)

Ludwig first took Emilia in his arms and sat him on the bed.

I don’t know what the situation is, but I think you can listen to the story only when you stop crying and calm down.

I thought it would be better to serve hot tea.

“Emilia, wait a moment. Drinking hot tea and calming down… … .”

Something blocked him as he tried to move with the intention of returning quickly.

When he turned his head, he saw his grasped wrist, and when he raised his gaze a little higher, he saw Emilia with reddened eyes.

“Please don’t leave me alone… Ludwig.”

“… … .”

Ludwig sat down on one knee without answering.

Without even asking why he was crying, he raised his eyes to eye level and wiped away the tears with a handkerchief, and the crying gradually subsided.

hig. hig. Emilia, who had been repeating the sound like a cuckoo, belatedly apologized.

“I’m sorry, Ludwig. Because I’m not good enough… … .”

“no. Could you tell me what happened rather than that?”

The condition seemed too serious to be just a nightmare.

Looking closely, her clothes were soaked in sweat, and her skin was showing through.

As Ludwig calmed her down in the most cautious tone possible, her mouth opened after hesitating for a moment.

“I thought Ludwig was gone. I wondered if you might have left me… … .”

“It can’t be, can it? Where am I going to leave Emilia?”

Ludwig shook his head resolutely and dismissed her words.

Meanwhile, something passed through my mind.

Come to think of it, I remember that something similar happened a while ago.

‘It was when I was staying with the Baiemurn family.’

I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was.

Before leaving for Alteon, it must have been when he was about to leave the room after spending the night with Emilia.

At first, I thought it was just an affair between lovers.

A similar thing happened on a later visit to the Wistenbach family.

After she had been separated from him for a period of time, she would cling to him or crave affectionate words.

He rubbed his face against his shoulder and sometimes buried his nose in the nape of his neck.

Looking back now, it felt like it was not an act of courtship, but an act to remember the existence of Ludwig Eifretz for a longer time.

‘I wouldn’t have done this before. why?’

At least in his opinion, for a girl named Emilia, the word dependence was very different.

A woman who was always upright, confident, dignified and kind. Because that was Emilia Bayemurn.

‘There’s something.’

For her, it cannot be explained simply by the fact that she is a precious lover.

However, given her condition, it seemed that it would not be easy to hear the detailed reason.

I guess so. If it was a matter that could be revealed so easily, she would have asked for counseling or whatever.

“Emilia, can we have a meal for now?”

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

If it didn’t work out, I had to bring food here and feed it, but I had to fill my stomach anyway.

I must have lost a lot of energy because I was crying profusely a little while ago.

But since I couldn’t leave the room without her, it seemed difficult for the time being.

As Ludwig patted her on the back and guarded her side, a woman appeared through the open door of the room.

Apparently, the door wasn’t closed, so I came in to check.

“young master? Whatever happens to you… … .”

“Oh, Gritta. It just went well.”


He was a nice person to hear.

Ludwig did not explain the circumstances in detail, but as Emilia seemed to be exhausted, he asked to bring something to eat.

Fortunately, Grita agreed without question and immediately left the room.

“Let’s start with a meal, Emilia. It won’t be too late if we talk about it later.”

“Yes, sorry. Ludwig.”

She lowered her head and repeated the words she was sorry.

I knew what it meant without even asking.

sorry for the inconvenience caused.

sorry for not being able to tell you anything.

The two must be confused in her mind.

‘Is there any way?’

Ludwig suddenly remembered what Stefan had been secretly looking for him one day.

It is said that the more people who find a ray of light in a dirt pit, the more they hang themselves on that light.

Until Grita returned, those words filled my head and seldom left.

* * * * * * *

Today, the night sky looked toxic black.

It had been his longstanding tenet that the night sky was blue, but it seemed difficult to assert that claim today.

‘What the hell was that?’

Ludwig was lost in thought as he drank even the alcohol he did not enjoy.

As the red wine tilted in the glass, Ha Hyeon-moon, which was placed at the end of the line of sight, tilted along with it.

quick. quick.

A small sound came from behind him as he sat on the balcony and got some fresh air.

It was the sound of Emilia’s breathing as she fell asleep with her eyes swollen from exhaustion.

Ludwig put down his glass and stood up cautiously.

After killing as much as possible, he entered the room and settled down on the bed. He reached out and straightened Emilia’s hair.

What were you worried about?

I couldn’t wake her from sleep, so I asked her inwardly, but it was just an echo that didn’t come back.

Ludwig got up in case he didn’t want to wake her who was enjoying a peaceful time.

At that moment, a low voice pierced his ears and grabbed his ankle.

“Rood, behe… … .”

“… … .”

That was all.

No one asked me not to go, no one asked where I was.

She puts a small smile on her lips even as she calls his name anxiously.

I wonder if he was held in his arms in his dream. How could he make such a happy face just by saying his name?


I clenched my fists and got out of bed, feeling that my emotions would rise.

I thought about going back to the balcony and sitting down, but it was hard to do.

Watching the garden at night and the dark night sky spread out over the balcony somehow made a part of my heart feel bitter.

It’s not that the alcohol is strong, but the drunkenness is starting to rise.

Shall we lie down next to Emilia and ask for sleep?

If I close my eyes and count 30,000 sheep, I wonder if I can somehow fall asleep.

No, at that time, the morning dawn will be first. It was a useless worry.

In the end, he had no choice but to walk around the room moderately.

Fortunately, thanks to the change of clothes into comfortable clothes, there was no sound of jewelry clashing every time I moved.

I wanted to go for a walk, but thinking about when Emilia woke up, it was hard to do.

‘I’ve never seen it this closely before.’

Emilia’s room was bleak to say that it was a woman’s room in her prime.

Perhaps that was why Ludwig had no memory of looking around the decorations or appearance of this room with interest.

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Just because it was literally everything I could see.

‘Was there anything like this?’

A picture was displayed in a frame hanging across from the bed.

It seems that it did not stand out because it was harmonized with the color of the wallpaper. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to see a picture frame this size.

I thought it was a room I had been to quite a bit, but when I looked closely, there were quite a few things I missed.

Thinking that killing time with this wouldn’t be a bad thing, Ludwig would fiddle with the picture frame and chair for no particular reason.

The feeling of touching other people’s things while the owner of the room was sleeping felt like a guest for the night… This level of self-justification was self-defense.


from the corner of the room to the opposite side.

Something was caught in his eyes as he moved his steps very slowly as if he was scanning the room.

It was none other than the drawer of the desk where Emilia often sat.

‘Come to think of it, Tanya… … .’

When I was talking to Tanya the other day, I heard that she had only been angry with Emilia once in her life.

It must have been said that he almost stole something like a diary, but was stopped by Emilia who came in on the way.

He said that it was the first time Emilia was so seriously angry that he was at a loss.

‘I’m curious.’

I wonder what kind of content is written on it.

I don’t have the hobby of peeking into other people’s diaries, but I was curious to hear that Emilia, not anyone else, was so angry.

And on the other hand, he was also curious about the back story of Emilia back in the days he didn’t know.

Ludwig quietly turned his head to check Emilia’s condition, then nodded slightly.

Fortunately, I was still sleeping soundly, breathing only. Now was the chance.

Grabbing the handle of the desk drawer and pulling it straight, a rattling sound rang out.

“… … !”

It was a moment that reminded me of when I was young when I was caught stealing late-night snacks from my parents.

Confirming that she hadn’t woken up, I opened the drawer wider again and put my hand inside.

Inside, as expected, something like thick paper was touched.

He took it out with as much breath as possible and recited it in a low voice.

“Rumen ergo.”

A small cluster of light formed from his fingertips and appeared in the air.

The light wasn’t too bright, so luckily, Emilia seemed to be able to check this unknown notebook without waking up.

‘An unfinished story.’

It’s a pretty heavy title for something written on the front of a diary.

Ludwig did not look at the first chapter, but immediately flipped through several chapters and checked the content from the back.

The date was not specifically written. It’s probably not a daily routine, but as the title suggests, it’s for writing down your story that you couldn’t tell someone.

【Today, Sogaju from the Bendit family has arrived. Behind him who praised me for being pretty… … .】

As he read each line, Ludwig’s eyes widened as he concentrated.


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