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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 106

Chapter 12. Changing story (8)

Emilia did not think of separating from Ludwig after that, as if the brief separation had been a hundred years.

While patting her head leaning on his shoulder with one hand, he inadvertently threw out a word.

“Were you that lonely?”

At the question rolling in front of her, Emilia stared at him, then slightly puffed out her cheeks.

Even though it was just an insignificant question, somehow I felt like I was the only one who was desperately looking for him, so I thought it was a joke.

Hold on. Hold on.

Emilia pressed down on his forearm with minimal force, as if a cat had climbed onto her body and made a fuss.

It would not have been exhausting. If that was the case, Ludwig’s arm should have been split in half right away.

Ludwig smiled cheerfully as he accepted her behavior, whether it was revenge or aegyo.

“It’s a joke. I also felt quite lonely without Emilia. It’s a skin wavelength.”

“… … .”

At his words, Emilia silently rolled her eyes and moved her gaze somewhere.

Where are you looking? Ludwig followed her gaze and turned his head behind him, but nothing caught his eye.

Hopefully it’s not a ghost I’m not particularly a believer in spiritual beings, but it felt like a chill ran down my spine for no reason.

It was only when I waved my palms in front of her eyes a few times that the eyes returned to their original focus.

It seemed to be dazed for a while. Ludwig stopped eating at her uncharacteristic behavior and smiled.

‘Does this resemble anything?’

Stupidity is his specialty.

I wondered whether I should view this positively or negatively, thinking that it resembles even the strangest corners.

“Even Emilia doesn’t have to look like me. I don’t know if it’s the other way around.”

I wonder if there is a corner that would be good to be similar to yourself.

I thought that it would be better for both of us if we became more like her.

Of course, at these words, Emilia immediately raised her voice in a fit of rage.

“Ludwig… ! Did I tell you not to say that?”

What followed was the usual admonition.

That you should take care of yourself more, that you don’t know your own value.

Ludwig knew that she was talking to her this way because she valued him rather than being angry because she was really in a bad mood, so he smiled happily and listened to her nagging in silence.

“anyway… Ludwig, do you really know?”

“of course. I apologize, Emilia.”

“You are really… … .”

I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was being heard and spilled out of one ear.

Nevertheless, seeing him gently stroking his hair and smiling sweetly made me want to get angry.

Recalling her mother’s message, Emilia couldn’t help but laugh.

Is this why, among lovers, the one who likes more takes the loss?

When I saw myself getting loose with a single smile, I thought that I was a very easy woman.

“For some reason, it seems like Ludwig is getting better at handling me. I’m happy, but it’s also strangely hateful.”

“is that so? I don’t know.”

“Your hands are firm for someone you don’t know, right?”

A hand caressing her hair without fail even while she was ignorant.

In the end, Emilia shook her head and touched his cheek as if to declare surrender.

Even on the other side, he’s touching himself to his heart’s content, so shouldn’t it be worthwhile to do this much?

As she stared at the indigo-colored lake that seemed like it was about to be sucked in, Emilia felt sentimental.

Perhaps this is why I inadvertently brought up a story I had kept in my heart.

“Ludwig probably doesn’t know. How glad I am that I am becoming like you. How I hope you don’t resemble someone like me.”

“Are you saying you’ll pay me back? I guess I have to say something this time.”

“Pufu, no way. I just wanted to say that I am neither as wise as Ludwig knows nor as noble as he is.”

Her eyes wet with melancholy.

It was a joke mixed with tone, but judging from the shadow cast in it, it was clear that it was not at the level of laughing.

Lately, I’ve had a strange feeling of anxiety.

There were often times when she, who always looked confident and brilliant, felt like a bubble that would disappear if blown.

However, Ludwig just brushed it off, considering it his own sense of déjà vu.

Although he had no idea why he was saying this.

But it’s also the other way around.

A woman named Emilia also did not know everything about a man named Ludwig.

Even so, when he showed weakness, he always cheered me on, gave me encouragement, and always stood by his side.

If so, now is the time to become her strength.

“I don’t know why you say that… At least, Emilia, it has nothing to do with who you are or why I love you.”

“What is your ideal?”

“Yes. It would be nice if it was my own misunderstanding, but somehow it seems that Emilia has drawn her ideal self and is trying to add herself to it.”

Ludwig fell in love with her not because she was a wise woman.

He thought he had a noble impression, but it never moved Ludwig’s heart.

It was just that I fell in love with a woman named Emilia Bayemurn because I found her attractive.

Imagination is just imagination. There was never a single attempt to shape someone’s appearance by adding it to reality.

“Emilia probably doesn’t know. After becoming a lover, how much joy you showed me that was different from before.”

“I am surprised. I thought you’d get tired of it quickly because you’d fight a lot, always desperately looking for you.”

Did you think so

I always thought that her affection had intensified because she always hung on without shame, but I had never thought deeply about it.

It seemed necessary to say something a little more clearly.

“Since it happened like this, let’s talk about it right now. Listen carefully, Emilia.”

“Yes, please.”

Like a priest waiting for an oracle, Emilia waited for his words to follow with her eyes closed.

Ludwig opened his mouth while holding her tightly in his arms, wondering if this sincerity would be conveyed.

“I like Emilia who gets lonely when she is away for a while. Sometimes complaining to me when I came back, and the sincere personality of always taking care of myself in the morning. There is nothing to me that is not you.”

There is no case of having a crush on someone by counting their flaws.

Even if you are a person with hundreds of flaws, if you have a charm that attracts others’ attention, that alone can make you a fascinating existence to someone.

Because human beings are not statues cut by flaws, but like flowers cultivated by charm.

“I think there are still things I haven’t said yet. But don’t be in a hurry. And don’t put yourself in any frame. There are still many things I want to tell you, but I would like to add one last thing… … .”

It is natural for humans to not want to reveal everything about themselves to others.

You don’t have to feel guilty or feel sorry for not wanting to tell me something.

I don’t want no secrets between us right now.

We think about our worries together, share our joy together, and hope that one day we will not have to hide it from each other.

That’s all.

* * * * * * *

Ludwig carefully closed the door and left the room.

Emilia, who was soundly asleep in her room, was probably wielding a sword in her dreamland by now.

There isn’t much time left before dinner, so you’ll have to wake up sooner or later.

At the end, I was heartbroken that I had tears in my eyes, so I wanted to sleep well if possible.

However, due to her personality, if she is not invited to dinner out of consideration, she will definitely care about her later.

So the only thing I could do now was to let her get a good night’s sleep until then.

‘Anyway, it’s a pretty melancholic tune.’

As I was walking down the hallway to pass the time, the melody of a song I had never heard before lingered in my ears.

It seemed to be some kind of wind instrument, but the timbre was quite different from the wind instruments Ludwig had heard so far.

A slightly lower and calmer tone harmonizes with the melody, making the listener’s heart tingle.

Although he is not well versed in music, it was felt that the skill of a performer was considerable.

‘Is that it?’

As I followed the sound of the song from afar, it seemed to be getting closer and closer.

who is blowing?

There was a presence that quickly passed through Ludwig’s mind as he continued to speculate about the performer.


In the original work, he had a talent for handling musical instruments since he was young, and he especially enjoyed blowing a wind instrument named Bahun, which is also a traditional instrument of this country.

If this melody belonged to that Bahun, wouldn’t it be that Christian, who left the mansion for a while, has returned?

At the moment when he was looking forward to meeting him, he moved his legs busily thinking that it went well.

‘I’m most curious about his appearance and atmosphere.’

what to say

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Just as when I first saw Emilia, I felt something dazzling enough to tell at a glance that she was the heroine of the original work, maybe Christian also exudes a unique air.

Of course, when I met Emilia for the first time, it might have felt that way because I was intimidated by the fact that she was the main character in the original story.


It was funny that I was nervous at the thought of seeing a boyfriend rather than seeing a match.

So, clearing the air for no reason, he straightened his clothes and carefully knocked on the door.


A small sound that resonated quietly calmed the melody that resonated outside.

I thought I could hear something rustling, but soon after, someone’s voice came from the other side.

– Who are you?

And the owner of the voice he heard was not that of Christian, whom he had been curious about, but that of his sister Adriene.


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