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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 103

Chapter 12. Changing story (5)

In one of the large rooms of the Wistenbach family’s mansion, something like a pure white string was flying here and there out of nowhere.

“miss! The lady said that you should stay at the mansion for the time being… … !”

A woman in a maid’s uniform, who had brought the owner warm water to drink, raised her voice at the string in surprise.

Surprisingly, what disturbed the room was not a ball of thread, but a woman’s hair.

It was just that it was so thin and white that it was difficult to discern.

“I’m sorry, Medel. But it’s frustrating to be stuck at home.”

“Ugh, I can’t live up to my name because of you. So where are you going?”

“Everywhere I go. It won’t take long.”

Adriene, the eldest daughter of the Wistenbach family, was quite a careless woman, contrary to what was known to the outside world.

Basically, she likes to wander around and has the same personality as a headstrong heroine.

Thanks to that, Medel, the maid in charge, was always dying.

“Then at least I will accompany you… … .”

“You know that. I like to go alone.”

“Even if the lady said that, if something happened later, I wouldn’t be familiar with seeing the head of the household.”

Of course, in Alteon, famous for its good security, not many people would pose a threat to her safety in broad daylight, but in a good or bad way, Adrine was quite a well-known figure to people.

On the contrary, there might be a bastard who wants to harm her because she knows her identity.

Mentioning that point, Medel tried to persuade Adrine, but this damn owner just let it go and listened very lightly, perhaps even blocking his ears.

“Right now, a guest from the Ipretz family might visit, but if the lady isn’t there at that time, will there be an unholy order from the lady?

“… … .”

In the end, Medel mentioned the mistress of the Wistenbach family as a last resort.

And it must have been an effective hit, and for an instant, Adriene’s footsteps stood tall and stopped.

It was because, unlike her biological father, who had a mild personality, her mother, Gladia, did not easily tolerate her mistakes.

“Now, are you going back? miss.”

Thinking she’d been successful, Medel smiled like a winner and gestured as if to lead her into her room.

“… swimming.”

But that’s for a while.

A sinister smile formed on Adrine’s lips, and she slowly turned her head to face Medel.

What. this anxiety.

Medell stared at her, shuddering slightly at something cold brushing her back.

That bastard girl always smiled like that before she had an accident.

It was not a time to be relieved.

“Medel, how long until dinner?”

“There is still quite a bit left. how about that… … .”

Medel’s voice stopped just like Adrine’s leg.

Why is my ominous premonition never wrong?

At the lady-in-waiting who was looking at her with a puzzled expression, Adrine smiled like a villain in a novel.

As a result, Medel’s complexion became pale.

From a distance, it seemed like watching a well-organized comedy, but in reality, it’s a flaw that it’s not.

Is this why it is said that the lives of others are a comedy when viewed from a distance, and a tragedy when viewed from a close up?

“If my mother is looking for me before dinner, help her somehow. I’ll be back before then.”

“What are you going to do when the Ipretz family comes to you!?”

That was the reason why Gladia had ordered Adrine not to leave the mansion in the first place.

Are you going to ignore it and go outside? I was just wondering what the solution was.

“no. my senses are talking I bet you won’t come today.”

“… … .”

Maybe he’s hiding a cool plan he couldn’t even imagine.

Returning to Medel, who had been expecting the words to follow, with even a little bit of that expectation, was a devastating reality.

She barely resisted the urge to hit that head as hard as she could with the kettle in her hand, and finally opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

“What would you do if he came today?”

“then… … .”

Adriene looks out the window with sad eyes and smiles as if she is detached.

Only then did Medel realize.

The fact that this damn owner really has no countermeasures.

And that if this didn’t work out properly, he might have to become an arrow shield.

“Then I will go. Please take good care of me, Medel.”

“Ah, lady!”

Adriene leaves the room leisurely after stroking the family’s black-and-white picture in a frame on the table.

Medel belatedly called for her, but she showed no signs of returning.

After sighing deeply and placing the kettle on the table, Medel picked up the clothes scattered around the room one by one.

At first glance, Adrine’s hair wasn’t properly tidy, so it bothered me for some reason.

If I had known it would be like this, I would have tied my hair and sent it.

“phew. But now is better than before.”

Medel, who was muttering to herself while reminiscing about the past, stared at the picture drawn in the frame.

A friendly scene depicting a couple and their childhood siblings.

However, since I knew that it was a scene that I couldn’t see anymore, bitterness came over me.

I thought that it had been quite some time since Adrines hair had changed to the current hair instead of the shiny black hair.

It would be nice if her ladylike side increased a bit, but on the other hand, it’s okay to be outgoing, so let’s continue with the bright side we have now.

As a seed, that was all I wanted.

* * * * * * *

Alteon is located very close to the central area, including the royal palace.

Because of this, someone might draw the impression of a big city that grew up in fertile sunny land.

Although it’s not wrong, it wasn’t such a sunny place before.

In the past, due to the influence of the nobles who fought for power in the central region, there was no day without blood and wind, and the surrounding area was covered with mountains, making it an unsuitable place for trade.

What changed this was Alteon Wistenbach, the first head of the Wistenbach family, who requested this place as a manor at the time and raised and nurtured it himself.

Through active reforms such as pioneering trade areas and reducing the blood loss of the saints, this place was changed to the current glorious Alteon.

Thanks to that, the name of this place was not originally Alteon, but to honor his achievements, the name of the first family was changed.

“Incredible. I think I can see why the Wistenbach family’s prestige is so great.”

Hearing about the history accumulated in Alteon from Emilia, Ludwig blankly stared at the statue of Alteon Wistenbach erected in the plaza.

The two arrived in Alteon as of yesterday.

Originally, I was going to stop by Wistenbach Street right away, but I wanted to look around this place a little longer.

As a result, he decided to settle down in an appropriate place and explore Alteon today.

This was the first place the footsteps arrived.

‘It’s a different feeling. Even in the original work, the history of Alteon was not told.’

The history of the Wistenbach family, including Alteon, is a subject that rarely appears in the original work.

This is despite the family belonging to Christian, the male protagonist in the story.

Perhaps it is a historical fact that can be easily known in this world, but for some reason Ludwig felt sentimental as if he had discovered an unknown story.

Did the original author conceive of such a detailed back story?

I have no way of knowing about it now, though.

“My father often said that. If there is a family that can rival the prestige of the House of Bayemurn, it might be the House of Wistenbach. In particular, he said that the achievements of the first head of the family were published in history books and were widely publicized.”

The influence of the Wistenbach family is so high that it is famous even among the central aristocrats who are said to have farts.

It was to the point of jokingly saying that it would be the Duke of Volper, not the Wistenbach family, who would benefit from this marriage.

“Did Emilia say that she had met the current head of the Wistenbach family?”

“Yes, but only once. I remember him as being a very gentle person.”


Even in the original work, Christian’s father, Fendrick, was the owner of a gentle personality who only got angry once.

When that fact seemed to remain the same even here, Ludwig smiled knowingly.

‘Since this is also a fate, should I leave a flower?’

Right below the statue, flowers left behind by travelers and residents of the place were stacked neatly.

He didn’t even make a place to put flowers, but this would mean that there are many people who admire his achievements.

Ludwig cautiously took Emilia’s hand and headed for a nearby flower shop.

An elderly couple was outside basking in the sun and looking after the store affectionately.

“Excuse me. Could I possibly buy some flowers?”

I was sprinkled with sesame salt, sorry, but Ludwig dared to speak.

The old woman, apparently unaware of the approaching person, jumped up in surprise.

When asked where to use it, Ludwig replied that he would put it under the statue of Alteon, and the old man who was still sitting outside smiled heartily.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen a young nobleman buy flowers for a wreath.”

“Is it that rare?”

“It is. How many young people remember Lord Alteon’s achievements?”

He smiled, saying it was natural since it happened before he was even born, but there was a hint of bitterness in his smile.

It is the fate of the passage of time that even the heroes of our era will fade their light one day.

However, it was true that it could not be liked by those who remember it.

“Seeing that you say it’s been a while, it seems that there are people looking for it occasionally.”

“There are more. Lady Adriene also visits from time to time.”

“The Princess of Wistenbach?”

Hearing the name of the person he would meet tomorrow made Ludwig’s eyes wide open.

In contrast, Nogu smiled benignly, saying that there was nothing to be surprised about, and nodded lightly.

“If you’re lucky, we might meet.”

“hahahaha, if that happens, it must be a really amazing coincidence, right?”

Ludwig burst into laughter as Emilia, who had been quietly listening to the story, murmured.

It would be surprising if such a thing happened, but wouldn’t it be difficult even if it was a coincidence?

While we were talking, an old woman came with a neatly tied bunch of flowers.

Ludwig tried to pay the price, but he shook his head and offered flowers.

“Even so, this old man was about to come with flowers, but he forgot about it because he was old and his memory was dim. Please tell Lord Alteon instead. That’s it.”

“Ah, if that’s the case… Thank you.”

Ludwig, bowing his head and expressing his gratitude, left the flower shop with Emilia.

The statue of Alteon, which could be seen from afar, felt particularly gigantic this time.

It wouldn’t be a crowd.

He is a person whom people who have never seen his face show so much respect for.

After realizing that, it seemed that the steps in front of the statue were gaining strength for no reason.

“Put it up here, Ludwig.”

“That would be good.”

Following Emilia’s recommendation, Ludwig carefully shook the bell standing next to the statue.

Daeaeng. Daeaeng.

It was hard to believe that it was coming from a small bell.

It must have been polite to ring the bell twice and pray for silence.

Following the set rite, the two people closed their eyes and bowed their heads to express their silent thoughts, and then raised their heads.

On the other hand, there was a woman watching from a distance.

After the two of them had finished their silent meditation, she cautiously approached and placed a flower in front of the statue just like they did earlier.

Then, after a while, as she squatted up, Emilia met her eyes with surprise on her face.

“These are rare people. On behalf of the family, thank you.”

And the other person started talking without giving her time to calm down.


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