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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 101

Chapter 12. Changing story (3)

After finishing his conversation with Stefan, Ludwig went straight to Emilia.

There was no particular reason to do so. To put it bluntly, I just wanted to see it.

Since they are lovers, they will be able to face each other for such personal reasons.

“Ludwig, what are you doing here… … ?”

Fortunately, thanks to the maid’s promise that she would be at the gymnasium, it was easy to find her in this vast mansion.

As soon as she saw him, Emilia could not hide her surprised expression and blinked her eyes.

Ludwig’s lips burst into laughter.

Unlike usual, she wore a uniform that fit her body, and her hair was tied up in a long ponytail.

In addition, the beads of sweat on her forehead or the nape of her neck made it possible to guess what she was doing just a moment ago.

It was a bewitching sight that could stimulate his intoxication as a man, but Ludwig felt rather respectful.

He is always very diligent even though his travels may not have gone away.

“I heard that Emilia is here.”

“Oh, did you have any business? I’m sorry for making you go so far.”

“It is far. It’s a perfect street for a walk.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Ludwig held out the canteen he had brought.

The moment I heard the news that she was at the gymnasium, I brought it just in case, but it seems that it came at just the right timing.

“thanks. I will drink well.”

Ludwig answered with a silent nod and sat down in an appropriately empty seat.

Normally, Emilia would have taken the seat next to him right away, but today, she avoids her gaze and only touches the rim of the canteen.

“Sit down, Emilia.”

Ludwig, who could guess the reason for her shyness, tapped the seat next to him with his hand.

Then Emilia, who had been touching her reddened cheeks several times with her hands, took her seat rather calmly only belatedly.

However, the distance is quite far away.

It’s kind of like a last stand.

He appreciated the thoughtfulness of caring for himself, but this was not the distance Ludwig was looking for.

Continuing the tug-of-war as it is, he thought that there would be no harvest, so he decided to actively step forward.

“Is it because of sweat?”

“… … !”

As soon as she pointed out exactly what she cared about, her slender body exploded into the air in an instant.

Then, her ears turned red, and her pupils shook violently.

His expression seemed as if he had been warned of murder.

On the other hand, even in the midst of embarrassment, nodding her head and answering was also a part that showed her personality well.

“How many days have you two trained together, and now you can’t care about that?”

“Well, things are different from then. Right now, I’m the only one sweating… … .”

In short, it seems that he doesn’t like the smell of sweat unilaterally.

Certainly, that also made sense, so Ludwig’s head nodded.

Of course, I had no intention of going overboard.

“Anyway, I feel very sorry for the treatment of my lover who deliberately brought water.”

When I deliberately poked at her conscience and blatantly provoked her, the reaction came very quickly.

Emilia, who had been spouting steam like an angry Tanya in her place, stamped her feet and strode towards Ludwig.

“Ah, okay… ! Instead, why not complain later?”

“of course.”

If I say even two words with one mouth, I wonder if I will later become a victim of the wooden sword that is scattered over there.

If that happened, it would be a little disgraceful, but it would be best to summon Mrs. Yulia.

“I’m a little happy though.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is very rare for Ludwig to find me first. Even more so after becoming lovers.”

did you?

At the unexpected words, Ludwig rummaged through his past memories, but nothing really worth mentioning came to mind.

If there were times when the two of them would meet, they would make an appointment in advance, or she would come first. If neither of these apply, it was truly a coincidence.

Had he neglected her so much?

He was quite shocked, and he worried that Emilia might have been holding back the past in her heart.

Maybe the words I brought out a while ago were meaningful sentences with such a meaning.

“Oh, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Do not worry. Ludwig.”

Noticing the sudden heavy air, Emilia hurriedly waved her hands, and Ludwig’s eyes calmed down a bit.

“Of course, I also hated Ludwig at first. Sometimes I hoped that he would come to me before I left.”

Since we became lovers, maybe it was a natural expectation.

If I thought I shouldn’t expect it even though I was looking forward to it because I wasn’t a lover before, now I thought it was okay to wish for such things.

But he was still there.

He remained as a man who would pat him on the back only after watching him from the side for about a step and then hugging him.

He didn’t come to me first from the other side, but when I suddenly went to his place because I wanted to see him, he greeted me with the perfect smile.

As time passed and I watched him carefully, I was able to suddenly gain such a realization.

This man is just always the same.

That he would stand there as he promised himself that day.

“But looking back, I liked Ludwig like that. Sometimes, I think I fell in love with a man who was waiting right there to the point where it was a bit frustrating.”

Ludwig felt embarrassed for no reason at her honest and straightforward confession.

Scratching his cheek and avoiding his gaze, he timidly retorted with an uncharacteristically grumpy childlike tone.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think I can develop a personality like that of a pine tree.”

“It’s fine even if it’s not a pine tree. What I liked was Ludwig, not trees, right?”

“It’s a pun that’s not like Emilia.”

Anyway, it’s really strange.

The fact that she gladly accepted it even though it was not done with such a noble mindset.

Even though I wanted to see her, I often waited alone in the garden, just in case I wasn’t ready.

At that time, I used to think that my personality was just timid, but I thought that depending on the person who accepts it, it could be like this.

It’s more of a dream interpretation than a dream, but maybe this is also a kind of bean pod.

“Cuckoo, it feels good though. Does Ludwig feel like this when I visit?”

“Umm, if it wasn’t for Emilia, I probably would have danced on the spot.”

“That, is that enough? I’m not confident in dancing… … .”

However, I didn’t mean to show the joy of the moment through dancing. She is a sincere girl in a very strange place.

“Anyway, that’s what I said… I think it would be okay for Ludwig to visit me like this from time to time.”

“Yes. From now on, I will go to say hello three times a day.”

“I’m kidding… … !?”

Emilia looked at him with a shocked look.

Of course, I want to see it, but it seems like a chimney, so every morning feels like a war.

Even though she doesn’t usually dress up well, when she has an appointment with Ludwig, she wears light makeup so as not to be seen as much as possible.

On the one hand, he was happy that he could see him three times a day, but it seemed that his body would not be left behind.

“It’s half a joke, so don’t be too surprised.”

“Are you saying the other half is serious?”

“There’s nothing I can’t do if you want. Since I lack the ability, shouldn’t I try to capture Emilia?”

Did this man really intend to come to his room three times a day?

Even in the middle of this, Emilia felt a deep sense of self-doubt when she found herself seriously thinking about whether or not to accept the offer.

As they were exchanging nonchalant jokes, the sight of the setting sun clearly came into view through the open door.

Thinking that tomorrow would leave the Baiemurn family again, Emilia threw out a word in a soft tone, as if chanting.

“The day after tomorrow, we’ll start.”

“Iknow, right. Would it be okay if Emilia didn’t stay at her parents’ house a little longer? I have plenty of time in my schedule.”

He only sent a letter to the Wistenbach family saying that he would arrive within this week, but did not write down a specific visit schedule.

It meant that it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if Emilia wanted to stay with the Bayern family for another day or two.

However, she smiled lightly at Ludwig’s consideration and shook her head.

“That way, you and Ludwig will have less time to travel alone.”

I thought she would come up with a pretty cool answer like she can’t act childish, but what is this?

Ludwig was at a loss for words at the answer that was so full of self-interest.

“Sir Stefan or Lady Julia will be sad if they hear it.”

“My father might not. I think my mother would rather sympathize with me.”


Come to think of it, a lot of Emilia’s personality was inherited from Yulia.

Among them, the most representative was that he was very single-minded in love.

As she said, if this fact reached Yulia’s ears, wouldn’t she lightly laugh it off, saying that it was the right choice?

“That makes sense. I thought I got to know Lady Yulia quite well, but I guess I can’t match Emilia.”

“Huh, I’ve been seeing my mother for years. Of course, I know that Ludwig became quite close with his mother, but he still can’t compare to me.”

“I will do my best.”

The two of them jokingly exchanged words and got up from their seats without anyone saying anything first.

I had to go back to the mansion and get ready so I wouldn’t be late for dinner.

As they left the gymnasium, the ripe sunset dyed their faces red.

Ludwig quietly reached out and grabbed the hand of the lover standing next to him, and Emilia responded by putting strength into her hand.

Glancing at the profile, Ludwig swallowed the words he couldn’t utter today.

Because I was still not enough to ask for a little more help.

The most important thing right now would be to keep an eye on her and always watch over her.

Even if it seems like a trivial task, the only person who can do it is now himself.


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