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The Villain Wants to Live Quietly chapter 10

Chapter 2. Coming of Age Ceremony (1)

Three days later, my parents returned to their home after leaving the palace for a while.

I went straight to the annex under the guidance of my exclusive lady-in-waiting, Paula.

When the two of you went on a journey somewhere, you always spent time alone in the annex.

You can still accept it as meaning that Geumseul is good.

“Paula, is everything with your father?”

“Yes. From what I heard from my sister, it seems that the journey went well.”

Nilia, her father’s exclusive maid of honor, was Paula’s older sister, so they often talked to each other.

Even after returning from this journey, we must have talked about many things. Anyway, they are really good sisters.

“Nilia must have had a hard time too. The journey to the palace must not have been easy.”

“Whoops, it’s not like the head of the household and the hostess.”

but. It is said that there is also a residence of the Ipretz family there, but not as much as the main house.

Besides, my mother used to have trouble falling asleep when she left home, so she must have had a lot of trouble.

My father said that he had gone due to a call from the royal family, so he must have suffered a lot just like that.

I feel a little sorry for myself, who was confined to the house.

The road to the annex was quite long.

Even if the Ipretz family is not a great aristocrat comparable to the duchy, it is because the size of the building including the main building is considerable due to the achievements and long history accumulated.

Unusually for the Ipretz family, frames with portraits of past heads of families are displayed in the annex.

It is said that my grandfather, that is to say, the previous head of the household, Klaus Eifretz, did this… I honestly don’t know why.

From what I heard at first glance, it was said that it was not an example of a living person to hang a deceased person in the main building where the living person walks before the previous family head… … .

‘Isn’t the annex the same?’

I had such doubts, but I decided not to delve into them any further, as I thought that the previous head of household had his own intentions.

I went over the portraits of my ancestors on display, and headed to the separate room where the two of them were sitting.

“Bocchan, the clothes… … .”


“Excuse me.”

Perhaps it was because she was in a bit of a hurry, her hair and clothes looked a little crooked.

Since the height difference between me and me was quite large, Paula lifted her tiptoe and tidied up her clothes.

When I came to this world, I was not familiar with the concept of accompanying a maid, so I often got her into trouble, but Paula was still fulfilling her duties as a maid by my side.

“Thank you as always, Paula.”

“You’re welcome. I am just glad to be of your help.”

If Nilia, her older sister, was a woman with a slightly relaxed side, Paula was the maid herself, as straight as a ruler.

Even my father thought that Paula would be more suitable for me who was not good at it, so he entrusted me with the job… I can only stick out my tongue at that foresight.

She went to the door first, knocked, and announced my arrival. Then, a voice presumed to be that of his father came out from inside, and permission was granted.

– Kik.

“Welcome. It was okay to stay in the main building.”

This middle-aged man, seated on a red wine-colored leather sofa, talking about something he doesn’t even want to say is Karl Ipretz.

The second father I met in this world, and the owner of the Aifretz family.

Anyway, if you didn’t come to the annex, what would you say later? It’s absolutely not possible.

“Your father is here, but his face is too thick to be in the bedroom.”

“You are not wrong.”

My father raised one corner of his mouth and smiled happily.

And beside him, my mother, Diana Aifretz, patted the sofa as if to come to her side.

Do you still see me as a child? I am grateful, but I also had a difficult mind.

After urging Paula to break up with Nilia, she went straight to the sofa and sat across from her mother.

Then, her mother cried, asking why she didn’t sit next to her.

Mother, I’m not a mama boy… … .

“I heard the story. I heard that the eldest daughter of the Bayemurn family visited?”


“It’s a big deal. According to what I’ve heard, she’s a young lady with a rather heavy hip.”

That was exactly what I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t bear to say it and nodded my head without answering.

My mother had always been obsessed with choosing my fiancée, so she clapped her hands and smiled brightly as if this was good news.

“Aren’t you interested in me by any chance?”

“I don’t think that is likely, but… … .”

“Oh my, how is our son? His looks are outstanding, his personality is calm… … .”

Concerned that someone might not be able to afford it, my mother began to list my strengths to the point that my face grew hot as I listened.

Even among them, most of them were deaf and only heard stories for the first time.

I didn’t expect to hear that I was good at understanding women’s hearts.

“Didn’t you say anything else?”

“I left a message that I wanted to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony in three weeks. I just want to congratulate you… … .”

“Then you must have a heart. Rude, listen carefully. Girls of that age do not want to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony of a man who has no heart.”

“Yes… … .”

My mother preaches the word earnestly, even calling me by nicknames that I wouldn’t have known in front of others.

It’s honestly not wrong. Because I, as a man, have the same side.

Do not invest in people of the opposite sex who are not interested. It was a man’s or a woman’s job.

However, the problem was that the character Emilia had a fixed half to dismiss it as just that.

I couldn’t tell the two of them, it was a fact that only I had to keep silent about, but there was no doubt that it was an unchanging truth.

“Is it because you don’t like it?”

“Could that be? Rather, it is just too much.”

According to the terms and conditions, she already had no rivals in her age group, and after receiving the title of Sword Saint at the age of twenty-one, she continued to grow uprightly.

Are you lacking in looks? A sound that is not worth half a penny.

In the work, there was also a son from an aristocratic family who composed and recited a poem of praise for her, who came to be called Bingcheonhwa.

Whether it was the fame she would have or her charm as a woman, there was no doubt that she was too much for me.

My father kept the word “excessive” in his mouth and chewed it over while nodding his head.

As if trying to understand the meaning of those words.

“It’s too much… It may not be wrong. Even though they are from the same county, there is a difference in their reputation, and I heard that the child also boasts a considerable prestige recently.”

“you’re right.”

Although the Bayern family is the same county, it is a great nobility that cannot be found in precedent.

Like a Margrave, he performed outstanding feats in border areas that were in contact with other countries, and did not inherit military authority and autonomy.

However, the former heads of the Bayemurn family were usually warriors who left behind grandeur and achievements on the battlefield.

In addition, the history of swearing allegiance to the royal family is long, and the size of the territory governed by it is enormous, so it stands in a position that can not be overlooked unless it is a duke who has been supported by the royal family.

Even though he was not crowned as a duke, there were those who said that his prestige could be passed on to the duke’s family.

Although the Ipretz family belonged to the same county family, if it was only a local power in the southern region, the Bayemurn family was a family that could wield authority even in the central power led by the royal family.

In other words, Emilia is like a flower on a cliff in this era where birth and family were more important than anything else.

“But keep in mind. It may be your freedom to push that child away, but if the reason is simply being weighed down by family and prestige, you will have something to regret later.”

“… … .”

I don’t know if those words were advice from my father’s experience, but there was something that stuck deep in my heart.

After all, is it different from the ancestors who live ahead of their lives? Although that time is not very long, it will at least be at the level of understanding the mind of a foolish child.

“Are you sure my father is in favor with me?”

“If you ask me if that is favor as a member of the opposite sex, I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in person.”

After taking a sip of the black tea provided on the table and getting lucky, the father continued to speak.

“But that’s not what’s important. It seems to me that you are blatantly trying to distance yourself from that child.”

an accurate comment. Actually, I wanted to reduce unnecessary contact with Emilia.

Three weeks later, if she was looking for a coming-of-age ceremony, he tried to refuse the swordsmanship training for some reason.

Is she the character that will take my life? I didn’t even think about that point. I was just insecure about myself.

How will the development of the future change if I accept her outstretched hand? What are the variables there? Maybe she would face a terrible tragedy because her meeting with the main character was delayed.

For me, who was only thinking about how to make it go awry, rather than thinking about completely changing fate, this instance was a fatal encounter.

“Think about it. Even a father can’t fathom the worries you have, but I don’t think my son is hurting his head with useless thoughts.”

“Yes, Father.”

Since then, my mother has been asking me about Emilia, so I have been trying to answer them one by one.

How do you look, what is your personality, how do you talk, etc… I tried to tell you as much as possible within the facts that I know.

In the end, I couldn’t pick out anything bad about Emilia. If my mother still wanted to find a fault, she asked me what was wrong.

I gave an absurd answer, saying that the lack of flaws was a weakness, but I had to listen to my mother’s complaint that it was clear that the bean pods were tightly covered.

It was unfair, but I didn’t think of trying to resolve the injustice. It was clear to me that something had been written terribly wrong.


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