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The Sword Deity in Tokyo – Chapter 322: I Will Not Allow The Existence Of Two Sword Saints In Japan Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Emotional Nature Stroke?

“The Emotional Nature Stroke is definitely based on emotion.” Hiroshi Takeda continued, “The world is finite, but emotions are infinite. People divide all emotions into seven emotions and six desires but that’s just a generalization. Human emotions are complex and changeable and it is impossible to study them thoroughly. Therefore, the seven emotions and six desires are just a superficial categorization, emotions are so much more than that. After studying emotions for more than ten years, it is almost complete, but there is one particular emotion which I can’t master. This is a defect for which I must make up for. So, I returned.”

“Is it jealousy?” The words blurted out of Sei Shigeru’s mouth. Since all those who were present were elites with high IQ, many of them responded upon hearing Sei Shigeru’s words.

What emotion could not be mastered thoroughly by such a powerful person like Sword Saint Takeda? It could only be jealousy.

For Sword Saint Takeda, who had already reached such a high state, power and wealth were easy to obtain, as well as friends. Although his family had been destroyed, he had had the chance to experience the warmth of his family when he was a child.

At the same time, he had experienced pain and hatred after his family had been destroyed. He had also experienced guilt after murdering Yagyu Yasuyo.

In addition, since Hiroshi Takeda had been a genius since he was a child, he had been the constant model that others had looked up to and envied so he had also experienced pride.

However, Hiroshi Takeda had never experienced jealousy because there was no one worthy of his jealousy, the closest that he had ever experienced was envy.

Basically, Takeda had experienced almost all the emotions there were to experience.

When he heard that a 17 or 18 year old teenager named Kimura Kazuki had reached the state of sword saint, his face had instantly twisted with surging jealousy.

He shuddered at the thought of how talented the 17 or 18 year old sword saint was. Kimura Kazuki was still young while he was already getting old. Who knew how many years were left for him to live? Even he did not know the answer.

Although Hiroshi Takeda was putting on a calm expression, many of those present could see hints of jealousy in his eyes. As if they could feel Sword Saint Takeda’s emotion, many of them were gradually filled with malice internally.

“A 17 or 18 year old sword saint? How lucky! I would like to kill him if possible!”

“Such powerful talent! Why couldn’t it be me? Why? If I could become a sword saint, all of Japan would submit to me!”

“If I can’t be a sword saint, no one else should!”

“Kill him! Kill the guy named Kimura Kazuki! Kill this old Takeda too if possible!”

Many of the faces in the hall were contorting gradually.

Jealousy was slowly emerging even in some of the most powerful individuals. Sei Shigeru frowned slightly and looked at Hiroshi Takeda.

Hiroshi Takeda only smiled when he noticed Sei Shigeru’s stare. He then put down his glass lightly. A clear clink sounded and instantly made everyone sober up.

Many of them seemed to feel something after clearing their minds. They then looked at Hiroshi Takeda in shock.

“This is the Emotional Nature Stroke. When one reaches the state of sword saint, he can influence anything,” Hiroshi Takeda said with a faint smile. “Of course, even if you are not a sword saint, you can also bring emotions into your sword style to influence your opponent.”

Hiroshi Takeda’s description of the Emotional Nature Stroke made it seem like an ordinary sword style. However, no one dared to look down upon it after personally experiencing its influence.

“I didn’t get the gist of jealousy in the past. However, after learning of Kimura Kazuki’s presence, I knew that I could gain complete control of this emotion if I were to kill him. Jealousy is one of the seven sins, and it’s also an emotion that I haven’t mastered. If I can control it, perhaps the Emotional Nature Stroke will finally be complete!”

“So, Kimura Kazuki must die.”

“Japan does not need a second sword saint. It’s enough to have me.”

There was dead silence in the hall. Hiroshi Takeda’s light smile on his face only served to accentuate his domineering and cruel side. There was no mistaking the strong jealousy hidden deep in his eyes. 

“The head of the Sugawara family, did you just say that you know Kimura Kazuki?”

Upon hearing the question from Hiroshi Takeda, the head of the Sugawara family scolded himself internally. He regretted voicing out just now and even felt somewhat wronged. Sei Shigeru had also mentioned that he knew Kimura Kazuki just now and had even called him “Kimura-kun” as if they were close acquaintances. Obviously, he knows Kimura Kazuki as well, so why is Hiroshi Takeda asking me instead of Sei Shigeru?

With that thought in his mind, the head of the Sugawara family forced a smile and said, “I do know Kimura Kazuki, but I’ve never seen him before. My son, Mizuki Sugawara, knows him. However, they don’t really have a good relationship. Kimura Kazuki brought shame to the sword saint’s name because he joined the Jade Dragon Flag Competition to bully high school students even though he reached the state of sword saint!”

The head of the Sugawara family was bleeding internally. He knew from his son that Kimura Kazuki had been teaching them to draw talismans as well as to recognize the patterns of Enchanted Talismans. In time, the Sugawara family could have probably mastered the drawing methods of Enchanted Talismans in a short time. Unfortunately, the intervention of Hiroshi Takeda made it impossible and he was not happy about it. 

He had no choice but to do this due to the situation.

Although he now knew that Kimura Kazuki was a sword saint, Hiroshi Takeda was also a sword saint! Moreover, he had been a sword saint for decades and no one knew what state he had reached. Based on how he had demonstrated the Emotional Nature Stroke, there would be a limit to the reduction in his strength even if he was getting old.

“Since the succession event is not over yet, head of the Sugawara family, can you ask your son to invite Kimura Kazuki over?” Hiroshi Takeda seemed to be able to see through what the head of the Sugawara family was thinking and his face remained unchanged. With a small smile, he raised his glass and said, “I owe the Sugawara family a debt of gratitude!”

Upon hearing that, the head of the Sugawara family held back his joy and raised his glass to Hiroshi Takeda. He said boldly, “That will definitely not be a problem.”

The others looked at the head of the Sugawara family with envy as Hiroshi Takeda did not owe people easily. They had not expected that the Sugawara family could get Hiroshi Takeda’s friendship with such a small task.

Sei Shigeru, who was sitting by the side, opened his mouth to say something but paused after thinking about the rules of the Shigeru family. At last, he only sighed gently without saying anything although his eyes showed worry.

On the contrary, the deputy leader of Deity Rising Palace had a sneer in his eyes.

Even though the power of the Lightning Attracting Talisman was yet to be tested, it was still an astonishing instrument. It was possible that Hiroshi Takeda would suffer a setback if he really wanted to kill him. However, he did not say anything and kept smiling. 

Those in the hall had different expressions on their faces.


Kimura Kazuki was on the tram at the moment. Beside him, Yagyu Kenichiro was looking nervous. On the other hand, Yagyu Shizuka was falling asleep while nodding her head from time to time.

 Kimura Kazuki’s cellphone rang within half a minute.

“What’s the matter?”

“Boss! Run! Sword Saint Takeda wants to kill you!”

Kimura Kazuki frowned slightly but after a momentary pause, he suddenly laughed. “He wants to kill me? Why?”

“He said that he wouldn’t allow the existence of two sword saints in Japan!”

“It seems like he wants to challenge me. I don’t like the idea of having two sword saints in Japan too. It’s enough for Japan to have me as a sword saint.”


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