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The Sub-Heroine’s Butler Is a Vicious Bastard chapter 93

93. event (3)

Arlott sitting on his lap and the strange atmosphere around him.

Sight, hearing, smell, and touch all entangled himself and paralyzed reason.

Before I could think further, Arlott’s approach was enough to break me.

“Schmitz… ”

“miss… ”

I stared blankly at Arlott’s approaching face,

It seemed as if the string of reason that had been holding onto it was about to break.

Her gray hair wrapped around her skin.

Bright crimson eyes locked in shame.

Eventually, the moment her lips were about to overlap mine—

Why hey hey hey-!


“This… siren?”

I was able to regain my sanity thanks to the siren that roared fiercely from the dormitory ceiling.

I carefully picked Arlott up and sat him down on the bed, then quietly looked out the window.

The academy’s siren doesn’t go off unless it’s a ‘first-class danger situation’ where a real threat is detected.

“Shu, Schmitz… Didn’t they catch you here?”

“It’s not like that, lady… ”

“oh my god… uh, what should I do? If Schmitz gets suspended or disciplined because of me… !”

Arlott looked confused, as though he was still in a state of panic.

It would have been the first time a siren had sounded like this, so I understood, but…

Considering the siren’s activation conditions, the urgent priority was to regain reason.

That’s why I placed both hands on her shoulders, though a little disrespectful.


“Schmitz… ?”

“Sirens only sound in real situations. A situation where there is a real threat to the entire academy. We have to evacuate according to the manual, so you should hurry up and get dressed.”

“Yes… okay.”

Maybe like this… It was not possible to evacuate while wearing provocative costumes.

I handed her the appropriate clothes and tried to leave the room.

It would be difficult for me to change clothes.

“I will take a moment to review the situation.”

“yes? Hey, I’m going alone… ?”

“I will avoid dangerous situations. So don’t worry.”

“still… ”

Up until now, I had always kept my words plausible and never took risks.

That’s why Arlott must be worried that I might be in danger.

… But I had no choice but to go.

All in all, I was very dissatisfied that things had happened in this situation, but

There is no one but me who knows the reality of the situation, so what can I do?

I barely endured the urge to be a man, and closed the door to my room.

‘If it was that event I knew, wouldn’t the dormitory be dangerous?’

It was me who suddenly remembered it.

I’m sorry Arlot, but I’ll have to take action to prevent him from leaving the room.

I raised the temperature of my hand by floating the engraving, and melted the metal doorknob in a mess.

After completing a series of procedures, I immediately jumped through the window.

There were several places I guessed, so I had to find them.

Because I wanted to prevent human casualties.

[…and I have to pay the price for interrupting the original woman’s enjoyment.]

For some reason, I had the illusion that Miho, whose voice was full of anger, was talking to himself like that.

* * *


While I was quickly browsing the places where the demonization was likely to have occurred,

Fortunately, I was able to find the demonized student at the second location.

In the evening, it was an empty lot behind a lecture building with few people.

“Aww… Aagh!”

A student struggling as if in pain came into his eyes.

The person involved in the demonization was a female student who was quiet and expressionless even in the intermediate class.

… However, due to the influence of demonization, parts of the body no longer looked like humans.


The body of the screaming female student is engulfed in dizzying effects.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a demon foot painting, but I feel like there’s something different about it.

‘The black lightning containing demonic energy turns people into demons.’

This is the setup I know of.

However, the scenery in front of my eyes is similar to when a bug occurs in a game.

She is wrapped around her body with noise that seems to break the graphics.

However, it should be easy to deal with since it has not yet completely turned into a demon.

The moment he was about to unleash a large-scale attack, starting with the imprint of the flame-

Two human figures were seen near a female student who was being transformed into a demon.

‘… Hanna?’

It was not clearly visible due to the noise, but the characteristic blue bob was clearly visible.

I jumped in, capturing the sparks that had just started.

It was because the demon, who was staggering, tried to reach out to Hannah.


“Kreurreuk?! Aagh!”

Throw a dagger from your bosom to check the movement of the demons,

While struggling in pain, he took Hannah and another person in his arms and left the place.

“Shu, Mr. Schmitz?”

“How did you do this… ”

“that… ”

I listened to Hannah’s story behind the demons who ran rampant as if the dagger was hurting.

While taking a walk in the evening, I met a female student who was becoming a demon.

Her explanation was that the maid she was with as an escort was hit by a blow.

“Do you know where it was attacked?”

“Ah, I was hit right in the stomach… ”

“Excuse me.”

A woman in a maid’s uniform collapsed unconscious.

I immediately lifted the woman’s top and exposed her bare skin.

Before Hannah could say anything, I immediately pulled out my energy.


“What is this… ! uh?”

“The demon’s attack will become a big problem if not purified immediately.”

A wound with purple blood vessels protruding like varicose veins.

It was the aftermath of ‘magic’, one of the characteristics of demons and monsters.

In the attack of the monster, the wound did not get worse, but the attack of the demon had strong demonic energy and had to be treated immediately.

Otherwise, he could have actually lost his life or lost his body parts due to being encroached on by demonic energy.

“Once the first aid treatment is over, we should put it in a safe place and deal with the demons.”

“Uh, uh… Yeah.”

I had to move quickly when I was still unconscious.

I immediately hid the fallen maid behind bushes and trees to escape the aftermath of the battle.

After returning, the princess’ eyes had calmed down a bit.

Her blue pupils were pointed straight at me.

“…You’re calm, even in this situation.”

Her words were stingy, but she didn’t show off.

‘Because I’m the possessor, I knew this would happen, and I knew how to deal with it.’ I can’t answer that.

I quietly drew out my dagger and prepared myself for battle.

“As an academy student… As a butler of the Eral family, this is a basic requirement.”

“It can’t be-”

“coming. Stop it!”

A demon that spews black lightning at random and rushes at it.

The lucky dice rolled in my head fortunately brought up the number ‘4’,

Thinking that I wouldn’t be roasted by lightning at this rate, I immediately jumped to the front.

“Do something reckless… ”

“Put up a shield, please!”


Leaving behind her astonishment, he immediately swung his dagger and cleared the demon’s attack.

The female student who became the base of the demon tribe was a martial arts type, so her movements were unusual.

‘… Muturani, you and I don’t have a good relationship.’

While I opened my eyes for a moment, the fists of the demons rushed in, aiming precisely at the abdomen.

‘this… !’

I managed to evade it, but I was embarrassed and my posture was disturbed,

The ensuing follow-up could not be avoided.

The demon’s fist quickly reached my face and…

With a cheerful noise, his fists were blocked in the air.

“Kreuk… !?”

Without missing a moment’s gap, he cut down the demons and came back again.

The demon only looked at his own fist, perhaps distracted by the clogging of his fist.

An intangible protective shield with a soft blue light… Because it was Hannah’s unique magic.

“You make mistakes, too, Mr. Schmitz. You can see any gaps.”

“Thank you, Princess.”

“…I didn’t say this to hear such a thank you!”

I stood next to Hannah and looked at her.

A faint blue magic circle floated in his hand, and it swayed so much that he could feel the flow of mana.

‘I can easily break it this way.’

If I had been alone, I would have struggled against the Mutu-type Asmodian student.

If you are with the princess who was popular as a tier 1 buffer and support-

He’ll be a pretty easy opponent.

I immediately woke up the imprint of the flame and wrapped my body in fire.

“Covering please. Increase your attack!”

“That’s why, keep giving orders-!”

The attack magic received from the princess made her whole body glow blue once.

I immediately rushed to the demons again.

The demon saw the dagger in my hand and took a defensive action rather than evasion.

“You should have avoided it, not stopped it.”


I faked the dagger in my hand and straightened my fist.

At the same time, the flame that enveloped the whole body was absorbed into the body-

Shortly thereafter, bright flames soared from the back of the academy’s remote building.


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