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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball – Chapter 887: Successor Bahasa Indonesia

The next day, the sunlight shone down upon the earth.

Early in the morning, Xiaya crawled out of the blanket and looked at the people lying next to him. Their white, snow-like skin was slightly red as they were curled up like a kangaroo, clinging tightly to him with their hands and feet, wrapped around his body.

Last night, after sending Kusu to wait for him on God of Destruction’s Planet, Xiaya picked up Xiling and Myers and walked into the bedroom to satisfy their intimate needs. Xiling and Myers didn’t resist at all and let Xiaya take charge. After being apart for over a decade, they indulged themselves until late into the night.

Recalling the last night, a gentle smile appeared on Xiaya’s face.

He kissed them both on the forehead and saw their pink lips move slightly, murmuring something. He smiled and covered them with the blanket, then put on his coat and left the room.

Opening the door, a gust of cold wind blew in, causing him to shiver, and his hazy eyes suddenly became clearer.

Planet Hongshan’s winter was very cold, with a biting wind and dry, icy air.

It seems that if a bucket of water was thrown out, it would freeze in mid-air.

Such a climate was no longer suitable for ordinary humans to live in, but Saiyans’ physique was not like ordinary humans and the winter of Planet Hongshan was only a little cold for them.

Of course, for Saiyans, this could also be seen as another form of training.

Outside, the roof of the villas were covered with a layer of white snow, and icicles hung low in some areas, sparkling brilliantly in the sunlight. Within the courtyard, several plum blossoms had defied the odds and blossomed with a stunning white and red hue, causing the air to be filled with a refreshing fragrance.

Xiaya stood quietly in the courtyard for a while, gazing into the distance before walking outside. He had not walked far when he came across a person carrying a bag of groceries, most likely just returning from the market.

“Uncle Xiaya, when did you come back?” The person was surprised to see Xiaya and asked.

“Just returned not long ago. And you, when were you transferred back from the Galactic Patrol organization?” Xiaya briefly answered, then asked about her recent situation.

Lissi smiled lightly and said, “Uncle Xiaya, I was just transferred back a few days ago. I will be staying on Planet Hongshan from now on, guiding the new generation of Special Battle Squadron’ reserve members.”

Hearing that, Xiaya nodded. Special Battle Squadron represented the backbone of Planet Hongshan’s fighting force, and the reserve members were also future pillars of strength. In consideration of the planet’s future development, it was customary for reserve members to receive regular training from seasoned fighters. As a Super Saiyan, Lissi was qualified to provide guidance to them.

Upon seeing Lissi’s hands filled with groceries, Xiaya asked, “Lissi, isn’t the logistics department responsible for providing meals to personnel above Elite Warrior rank? Why did you have to personally go out to buy groceries?”

On Planet Hongshan, Saiyans above the rank of Elite Warrior primarily focused on training and missions, leaving household chores and other matters to others or domestic robots. Therefore, it was not common for higher-ranking Saiyans to waste time on unnecessary tasks such as grocery shopping.

Lissi smiled and replied, “The logistics department did arrange meal services for me, but there are some dishes that I prefer to make by myself.”

Xiaya nodded, believing that girls should have at least one skill, otherwise, it wouldn’t be good to end up like Xiling and Myers.

“I didn’t expect Lissi to be quite knowledgeable about everyday life. By the way, you’re not young anymore, do you want Uncle to introduce you to someone?”

Women Super Saiyans like Lissi are a rare sight on Planet Hongshan, and there are only a few of them. Her children are bound to be exceptionally talented. As luck would have it, Lissi has reached the age for marriage, and it’s time to start thinking about this matter.

Upon hearing Xiaya’s offer to introduce someone to her, Lissi was stunned for a moment, then blushed and waved her hand apologetically.

“It’s alright, Uncle. You don’t need to go through the trouble.”

Watching Lissi hurriedly run away, Xiaya raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “It seems that little Lissi has someone she likes,” he said. However, he didn’t know who it was. He wondered if he should check it out since Lissi was his teammate Anastasia’s daughter and he, as her uncle, feels the need to look out for her.

With this thought in mind, Xiaya felt that he should visit his former teammate.

After strolling the streets for a while, he ran into many familiar faces, chatting with them for a while. Before he knew it, the sun was already above his head and his stomach was grumbling, reminding him that it was time to go back for lunch.

When he returned home, Xiling and Myers had already gotten up and washed up. After eating something hastily, Xiaya explained his plan to Xiling, stating that he intended to let Meifei inherit his God of Destruction’s position. Seeing that it was important for their husband’s training, Xiling and Myers, both the mothers, exchanged a glance and without hesitation, sold Meifei.

It couldn’t be called selling since inheriting the God of Destruction’s position was such a rare opportunity that most people couldn’t even dream of.

After receiving their approval, everything was settled. Xiaya teleported directly to Meifei’s side, ready to take her to Universe 1 so that she can inherit the position of God of Destruction.

“Dad, you want me to inherit the position of God of Destruction so soon? I don’t think I can handle such a heavy responsibility yet. I need more training,” Meifei’s eyes looked around, searching for a reason.

“Stop messing around. Your mother has already agreed. Hurry up and come with me to Universe 1. Don’t act cute or like a spoiled child. Your strength is already enough, and in terms of realm, I don’t think you’re lacking. Even if you are, it doesn’t matter. I have enough Energy of Destruction and won’t let you be inferior to other Gods of Destruction.”

Regarding Meifei’s personality, Xiaya knows it very well. No matter how much she trains, even if she trains for ten thousand years, she won’t become serious.

Moreover, Xiaya was also in a hurry to pass on the position of God of Destruction, which was why he has been looking for a successor, and after looking around, Meifei is the most suitable candidate.

Seeing that she couldn’t avoid it, Meifei pouted, “Okay, okay, I’ll go with you!”

Xiaya knocked her head and scolded jokingly, “Don’t look so unhappy, I’m doing this for your own good. I didn’t choose Xiang or Xili, only you. Look how good I’m to you. Others don’t even have the opportunity to become a God of Destruction!”


Touching the spot on her head where she was hit, Meifei realized that Xiaya was right and smiled foolishly.

Seeing that his daughter was no longer opposed, Xiaya breathed a sigh of relief.

The reason why he was in such a hurry to pass on the position of God of Destruction was to reach the fifth level of the Divine Realm as soon as possible.

If a God of Time wants to reach the fifth level of the Divine Realm, they cannot have a significant link with the laws inside the Multiverse. The position of God of Destruction was once a great help to him, but now it is also a factor that was hindering his progress.

In order to reach the fifth level of Divine Realm, the God of Time needs to first find their past, present, and future selves and merge them into one, thus breaking free from the constraints of time. Xiaya has no idea how to achieve this yet, but according to the Great Heaven Official’s warning, the position of God of Destruction must be passed down to someone else.

Xiaya has already reached the peak of the fourth level of Divine Realm, and is only one step away from the fifth level. Perhaps by relinquishing the position of God of Destruction and breaking free from the ties to the Multiverse, he can achieve enlightenment and understand something.

‘After Meifei inherits the position of God of Destruction, I should try to study ‘Extinction’. I feel that I can comprehend some of the mysteries of time from this technique.’

Thinking this in his heart, Xiaya made a rough plan for his future training.

“Extinction” is a technique that can kill enemies on the timeline. It erases them from their origin, indicating a high-level application of time manipulation. With more study and comprehension, it may help him advance to the fifth level of the Divine Realm.

Taking Meifei’s hand, Xiaya closed his eyes and activated space-time ability, teleporting with Meifei to God of Destruction’s Planet.


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