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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball – Chapter 885: Origins Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s useless saying that to me. Buu doesn’t listen to reason. If a more safer approach had been used at that time, Buu might have reached ‘Divine King Realm’ like Mavis by now.” Universe King seemed completely oblivious to Time King’s embarrassment and continued to mock her.

“Uh…” Time King’s beautiful face became stiff, and she slumped over the white jade table like a deflated balloon. Her golden hair hung down one side of her cheek, destroying the usual dignified and holy appearance.

Buu has a temper like a child and never listens to anyone. She was now worried about this situation.

In front of outsiders and other gods, Time King needed to maintain her dignity and always appeared cold and aloof. Only in front of Universe King, Great Heaven Official and other close companions does she reveal her carefree nature.

“By the way, Multiverse’s Android 18 Lazuli is about to reach the 3rd level of the Divine Realm. Do you have any plans for her?” Universe King looked at her and asked with a smile.

Time King replied, “Didn’t you already pass on the training essence of the Angel Realm to her? Why not just let her hold a position in the Angel Realm in the future?”

“That’s not appropriate.” Universe King shook his head. “At the beginning, Lazuli had nothing to do with you, but since she fused with another world’s Android 18 using the Supreme Kai’s earrings, she has mysteriously become very similar to you. So I think it’s more appropriate to let her enter the Time Realm.”

Others may not know about Time King’s origins, but could he not know?

Long before they arrived in this world, even before the “first era” of this world had emerged, he and Time King had traveled through the infinite super-dimensional space, and had once even entered another world, which was very similar to the current Zeno world and was named by them as the “Primordial World.”

In that earliest “Primordial World,” Time King and Universe King were reincarnated as Android 18 and Android 17 respectively. Later, in order to overcome the obstacles of being unable to cultivate, they each fused with Android 18 and Android 17 from other timelines.

So, essentially, Time King is the fusion of two Android 18’s from that world.

In the Primordial World, Time King and Universe King went through a process of gradually becoming stronger and growing, and when they finally left that world, two people followed them out: the current Great Demon God Buu and the Great Heaven Official Mavis.

Although they went through a lot afterwards, when this cosmos was born from the infinite super-dimensional space, Time King and Universe King arrived here, and the first era, represented by Time King and Universe King, was established, and in the subsequent eras, the Time Realm and Angel Realm were established.

Like all other cosmos, this cosmos has no eternal nature. It is like a stage where plays are constantly performed, experiencing the changes of time and the rotation of eras.

It wasn’t until the intervention of the Time King and Universe King that the Multiverse was born, and everything here entered a new cycle in a mysterious way.

In the Multiverse, Lazuli, in terms of state, is also the fusion of two Android 18’s. This is inconsistent with the Dragon Ball World in the memories of the Time King and Universe King, and such “change” should not have appeared in theory. However, the root of the problem lies with the Saiyan named Xiaya, who was supposed to have died during Frieza’s destruction of Planet Vegeta, but he disrupted the original “course of history”.

As a result of the disruption, Lazuli, the fusion of two Android 18’s, is very similar to the Time King.

There also seems to be some mysterious connection.

Time King’s azure blue eyes looked at the Universe King and waved her hand. “I understand, I’ll have someone arrange it in the future.”

“Okay.” Universe King nodded and then picked up the cup from the table and took a sip.

After a while, Universe King put down the cup and his mouth curved into a smile. “I have also investigated the matter of the Spirit King’s Palace for you. It is related to the third era.”

Upon hearing this, Time King did not appear surprised and instead nodded and said, “I thought so too. It was a mistake to end the Spirit King’s era prematurely, which gave an advantage to that person from the third era. Should we inform Dragon God Zalama about this? After all, they were mortal enemies back then.”

“I’ll go and tell him and maybe take a stroll around the Dragon Realm while I’m at it.” Universe King smiled.

Dragon God Zalama’s earliest known existence dates back to the third era.

At that time, Dragon God was just an ordinary dragon and could not be considered a god. However, as Zalama grew stronger and gained immense power, he gradually became a threat to the rulers of that time. As a result, he was expelled by the then-ruler of the cosmos, the Original King, and could never again enter any universe of the third era.

From then on, Zalama roamed through countless fragmented worlds and didn’t have any permanent residence. Later, he accidentally entered a small world belonging to Time Realm.

However, it was precisely because of this that allowed Zalama to not fall with the end of the third era.

The destruction of the main world represents the end of an era, and from then on, their “existence” is limited to the historical relics preserved in the Time Realm. Under the laws of the Time Realm, people and objects that have already vanished can no longer participate in the evolution of the era, but merely exist as shadows, or historical records, preserved within forgotten tombs as evidence of their previous existence.

Although trapped in the shadows of the previous era and unable to appear, Zalama, who narrowly escaped disaster, was able to witness the evolution of successive eras. As a stroke of luck, he gained the power of miracles and ascended to the “Divine King Realm.” And eventually, he shattered his own shackles and broke free from the long-lost shadows of the past era.

Thus, the subsequent Dragon God Zalama and Dragon Realm came into existence.

Now, in the whole world, there are only three beings who are known to have transcended: Time King, Universe King and the Dragon God. However, Time King and Universe King know that things are not as simple as they seem.

Time King established Time Realm with the intention of suppressing those past eras.

Outside the Time King’s palace in the Time Realm, 124 miniature spheres were floating, each representing a vast expanse of space-time. Four of these spheres represent the four Multiverses of the Zeno era, while the remaining 120 are dimmer and represent past eras that have already been destroyed.

Time King manages space-time, Universe King manages order, and Dragon God presides over miracles. Their roles have been clearly defined from the beginning.

But in recent years, during an investigation of the Spirit King’s Palace, they discovered that the third era, which was thought to have been completely destroyed long ago, still had some remnant forces that were stirring up chaos in space-time. The people secretly controlling the Spirit King’s Palace are the ones responsible for this. They secretly imprisoned Buu in the Spirit King’s Palace and are possibly planning something.

“Original King, even if he didn’t die back then, he couldn’t have remained unscathed, right?”

Time King’s icy face smirked coldly.

Although the Original King was quite powerful, he hadn’t transcended. After so many eras have passed, how much of his power could he have retained?

Universe King glanced at the Time King and filled her tea cup before speaking, “Don’t underestimate the Original King. Several of his successors encountered unexpected accidents, especially the East King and White King. They died at the peak of their power, and at the time, we didn’t realize it. But now, thinking back, it’s possible that the Original King was behind it all.”

Upon hearing this, Time King also became serious.

No one knows for sure what the current state of the Original King is. It’s possible that he might have already secretly advanced, but it’s also possible that he hasn’t. This kind of enemy lurking in the dark is the most troublesome.

Suddenly, her gem-like eyes turned and her lips curled slightly. “Then we need to speed up,” she said. “Mavis told me that the Saiyan by Lazuli’s side is about to reach the 5th level of the Divine Realm. When the time is right, I’ll give him an opportunity to advance.”

“Don’t interfere too much. Let him grow up normally.”

“I know!” Time King squinted her eyes and chuckled.

Xiaya did not know that his origins had been known by the Time King and the Universe King from the very beginning.

Because during the initial evolution of the world, there was no trace of Xiaya in the earliest time imprint or rather, there was no imprint representing the “current Xiaya”. He seemed to have appeared out of nowhere fifty-six years ago, and at a point in time that coincided with the crucial time period when Bardock traveled back in time and Planet Vegeta was destroyed. Like an external invasion, his appearance made the already hazy future even more uncertain.

In order to eliminate the severe disturbances in the timeline, Time King had to personally take action and create a parallel universe out of thin air to suppress those disturbances.

But Xiaya’s act of saving Bardock later caused the parallel universe to split once again.


While Time King and Universe King were discussing future trends in the White Cloud Palace of the Angel Realm, Xiaya was growing rapidly in the arena inside the Spirit King’s Palace.

Time flew by, and ten years had passed inside.

During these ten years, Xiaya’s strength had grown by leaps and bounds, and he could feel the taste of progress almost every moment.

Bang! After successfully fending off four Dark Angels in a row, the vines that bound the fifth Dark Angel finally loosened. Facing five Dark Angels’ attacks, Xiaya laughed heartily and charged towards them.


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