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The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus – Chapter 308 Bahasa Indonesia

The golden dragon did not hide anything and talked about the calamity that happened in the Divine State more than two hundred years ago.

At that time, the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was exhausted, and cultivators were not much weaker than before, but a genius called Nu’erha appeared amongst the foreign forces. Nu’erha’s cultivation was astonishing, and he reached the ninth stage of the Martial Supreme Stage.

However, no matter whether it was a warrior or a cultivator, none of them were able to surpass Nu’erha. Therefore, Nu’erha led the foreign forces to attack the city and injured many people from the Middle Land.

Of course, this also included cultivators and martial artists.

This group of pagans was very powerful. They were all warriors without any cultivators, but each one of them was very strong and didn’t lose out to cultivators.

After going through countless of battles, the empires in the Middle Kingdom retreated, everyone understood that if Nu’erha did not die, the imperial court would definitely be overthrown.

In the Midland, cultivators had a higher status than martial artists, and there were many martial artists that were secretly very dissatisfied with martial artists. On this occasion, some martial artists and foreign forces were even more in cahoots with each other, working together from the inside and the outside.

The imperial government of China was also being forced to retreat, with its life hanging by a thread.

In the end, the emperor summoned all the heroes of the realm to discuss their grand plans, yet Nu’erha had actually charged a thousand miles from the border into the capital and arrogantly appeared in the imperial city.

Countless experts besieged Nu’erha, but they were hesitant as Nu’erha had already plotted with some of the warriors to kill them.

The imperial city was a sea of corpses, wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves.

But in the end, Nu’erha managed to hold on and faced off against the heroes of the realm. He did not completely fall into a disadvantageous position.

At that moment, Nu’erha swore that outside the pass, there were already a million soldiers, and after half a day, they would attack and enter. At that time, the army would go south, and this Middle Earth Empire would be destroyed.

The emperor was naturally trembling with fear, but there was not a single person who was a match for Nu’erha, so he was at a loss as to what to do.

But at this time, Nu’erha made a suggestion, as long as the emperor expelled the cultivators, then his men would stop their iron hooves and head south, and this war would end.

Even though the ZhongTian Empire had lasted for several hundred years, the emperor had already lost his mind. After hearing these words, in order to protect the throne, he actually agreed right away, and secretly discussed with Nu’erha about expelling cultivators.

In the end, Nu’erha obtained a method from somewhere, and secretly used it with the Emperor, causing the sky to change color. There were many whirlpools in the sky, and all of the cultivators were sucked into the sky, with no one able to survive.

As for the other ordinary people and martial artists, they were completely unharmed. This terrifying scene lasted for three days and three nights before disappearing, and there was no cultivator left in the world.

According to Nu’erha’s introduction, these cultivators did not die, but went to some Sky’s Beyond, and from then on, they would not be able to come to this world.

The world is the world of fighters.

Nu’erha laughed loudly as he returned, but he did not keep his promise. As soon as he returned outside the pass, he led a million strong warriors to break through the barrier and head south.

All of this was part of Nu’erha’s scheme. Although he was a Martial Supreme Stage, he was still wary of all the cultivators in the world, because, only cultivators could resist him.

Without resisting anymore, with divine assistance, Nu’erha rushed to the capital like lightning. The warriors of the realm were like a little wave, completely drowned by the shocking wave.

The Emperor, disheartened and ashamed to the lives and cultivators of the world, hanged himself on the coals to thank the world. After the foreign invaders invaded China, they unrestrainedly carried out a policy of slavery, even tampered with history, and completely erased everything that had happened to the cultivators in the past.

Thus, in these few hundred years, ordinary people would never know that there was such a group of people in this Divine Great Land.

Tang Zheng’s heart surged when he heard this, the grand and magnificent history seemed to unfold slowly right in front of him, the schemes and tricks within it also made him shudder. So cultivators disappeared like this, sent to some Sky’s Beyond by a foreign clan member who used a trick.

He was not unfamiliar with this Sky’s Beyond, when he summoned it, wasn’t it from Sky’s Beyond?

demon clan was definitely not willing to do so. If they wanted to return for revenge, most cultivators would probably be unwilling to do so.

After all, to be expelled in such a manner was an enormous humiliation.

“Shameless!” Heaven Monk’s face turned red as he roared in anger.

Tang Zheng was shocked, and immediately asked: “Heaven Monk, what are you doing?”

“This Nu’erha is too shameless, he actually used such a despicable method.” The Heaven Monk said.

The golden dragon snorted disdainfully, then said: “Humans are originally very shameless.”

Tang Zheng glared at it, the golden dragon shut its mouth unwillingly, as if it was a little afraid of Tang Zheng.

“That’s not right, it’s not like there are no cultivators at the mastery stage even a thousand years ago, so why is it that Nu’erha can directly enter, and no one can stop him?” Heaven Monk raised his eyebrows and noticed the abnormality.

The golden dragon looked at him in astonishment, and said: “You actually still know about what happened a thousand years ago. Who exactly are you?”

“He was a cultivator from a thousand years ago. It’s just that it was a coincidence.” Tang Zheng explained.

The golden dragon nodded in realization: “You are really lucky to have escaped from that calamity, if not you would have also gone to the Sky’s Beyond. As for your doubts, the reason is very simple. Five hundred years ago, a huge battle broke out between the cultivation world and the demon clan, and both sides lost experts, so after two hundred years, the cultivators were still not able to recover. This gave Nu’erha an opportunity. “

“A great battle between the righteous path and the demon clan?” Heaven Monk was shocked, he mumbled: “Did this battle still start in the end?”

There was usually friction between the righteous path and the demon clan, but he never expected that there would be a huge battle in the end.

Heaven Monk clenched his teeth, feeling both remorse and regret. “If it wasn’t for that great battle, cultivators could have continued to stay in this world.”

“What’s so good about staying here?” “The spiritual energy is getting thinner and thinner, and the speed of cultivation is getting slower and slower.” The golden dragon said in disdain.

The Heaven Monk snorted and said, “What do you know? The Middle Earth is a place for cultivators. How can it be occupied by foreign races?”

“Now that the non-humankind has been chased away, isn’t it the people of the Midlands who are staying in the mountains and rivers themselves?” The golden dragon asked.

“…” Tang Zheng and Heaven Monk were both speechless. That’s right, although the other races had occupied the Middle Kingdom for more than two hundred years, they were still chased away in the end.

“Where’s that Nu’erha?”

“The life of a cultivator is limited, of course, he died, furthermore he fought with so many other cultivators, in truth he had already suffered internal injuries, but he had been holding on, that was why he thought of this trick. Otherwise, if he did not kill the cultivators, he would not be able to hold on for long, not to mention leading his troops to enter the stage and take control of the land.”

“Dead? That’s too good of him. If he didn’t die, I’ll tear him into ten thousand pieces.” Heaven Monk clenched his teeth and said bitterly.

“Since you said that cultivators have been sucked into the Sky’s Beyond, then why is there a Demonic Beasts in this world? Furthermore, didn’t you say that you weren’t sucked into the Sky’s Beyond as well?”

“Of course the Demonic Beasts was also sucked into the Sky’s Beyond, it’s just that the Demonic Beasts must have evolved due to the nourishment of the heavens and the earth. As for me, hmph, I am of the dragon race, how can other Demonic Beasts compare to me? My Dragon Clan does not live in this Midland world, how can Nu’erha’s schemes absorb the Dragon Clan into the Sky’s Beyond? Moreover, I have this [Inescapable Net] array above my head. Even if I were to be drawn away by that vortex, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. ” The golden dragon explained.

Tang Zheng was deep in thought. The Witch Clan s and Demonic Beasts s were definitely protected by the restrictions inside the Ten Thousand Huge Mountains, which was why they were able to escape this calamity.

“Kid, we must bring the cultivators back to this world.” Heaven Monk suddenly raised his head and stared at Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng’s heart jumped, didn’t this mean that the Heaven Monk’s goal was the same as the demon clan’s? demon clan also vowed to return to this world.

Tang Zheng didn’t have time to tell him about the demon clan, so she quickly told him about what happened during the military training. Heaven Monk was slightly startled, then said: “demon clan is indeed cunning, to actually have left a trump card for a long time. Then according to your meaning, a Demon God has already descended?”

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “This Demon God has been killed by me using a Heaven-shocking Bow and his soul has fled; he is definitely still in this world.”

The expression in Heaven Monk’s eyes became complicated, and he said thoughtfully: “Then I really want to see him. Since he came back from Sky’s Beyond, he must know the situation in Sky’s Beyond, and as for the cultivators that were sucked in, I also need to know clearly.”

“But his whereabouts must be very hidden. It’s hard to find him.”

“Hmph, we have to find him even if it’s hard to find him. I will find him even if we have to dig three feet into the ground.” Heaven Monk clenched his teeth and said fiercely.

The golden dragon said in surprise: “It’s only been two hundred years, the Sky’s Beyond’s cultivators are about to return. Hehe, I’m afraid that even Nu’erha did not think of this. This time, when cultivators return with hatred, it is the same as when the sky is burning with fury. Then, the people of this world will have a hard time, and it will probably become a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. Haha, humans are just stupid.

Tang Zheng felt a chill in his heart, what the golden dragon said was probably not a delusion. Back then, when cultivators were plotted against by them, they must have harbored hatred in their hearts.

This time, whether it was the righteous path or the demon clan, they would not let this matter rest.

After all, Nu’erha was a martial artist, and cultivators might not necessarily vent their anger on martial artists. Moreover, the Martial Sect was currently not sparing no effort to kill martial artists, and that was a thorn in the eyes of martial artists.

If cultivators returned, they would hunt down martial artists. But according to the current situation, the development of martial artists was not that great. How could they withstand the revenge from the cultivators? Wouldn’t the world be in chaos?

What was more important was that he had many martial artists at his side. Not only that, but these martial artists were more important to him. If that were to happen, then what would he choose and where would he go from here?


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