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The Return of the Crazy Demon – Chapter 186: It Was All Dark. Bahasa Indonesia

We were drinking.

Sword Demon stopped after drinking five cups and Master Yukhap drank seven cups and got drunk.

A situation where Master Yukhap laid down at the edge of the bed and went to sleep, and Sword Demon retired early saying the alcohol was too much.

People who drink and share things.

Didn’t happen.

Instead, me and Pervert Demon have an intense showdown to see who can drink the most alcohol.

I keep my mouth shut because I have nothing to say to him other than curse words. Since silence filled Sword Demon’s place, only the snoring of Yukhap could be heard.

Soon there was no more alcohol to drink, and Pervert Demon climbed up the wall and stared at the darkening surroundings like a guard.

“What are you doing?”

Pervert Demon responds in a quiet voice.

“He usually doesn’t drink till five cups, but I think he drank a little too much today.”

Since his master was drunk, it meant he was standing guard.

“Didn’t he drink that much last time too?”

“At the time, he was just sipping.”

“Is senior’s alcohol tolerance that weak?”

Pervert Demon stares at me.

“He has to get better at drinking alcohol too. I’m curious if either one of us will consume this and become intoxicated, although those who don’t drink tend to always react that way.”

“Isn’t it possible to drive out the drunkenness with internal qi? Even Yukgap fell asleep.”

Pervert Demon replies,

“If it is a drink with guests, there is no need to use internal qi.”

Somehow after emptying alcohol bottles this guy and I were the ones speaking without curses. He stares back at the darkness and asks me,

“I heard you met with the leader of Blood Night Palace, what was it like?”

“Ah, we did meet.”

“Did you go dumb just by looking at them? Rumors said so.”

“As if. It was impressive.”

“According to master, it is said that most people of the Cult cannot even make eye contact with them. They said it wasn’t for manners but because they felt like it was more comfortable to speak to them when not making eye contact.”

“You had to know it.”


“Because I don’t know a thing about what you are talking about.”

To which he says,

“Why do you not know? They are the ones who think to beat everyone and be the best in the world.”

“I am not speaking of ideals. Even in everyday situations and conversations, speaking and being able to understand what is happening with everyone will be tough. And that is more terrifying.”

Pervert Demon adds,

“If I think about it, it is right. It is as if I was born because of the Demonic Cult.”

“Is that so?”

“That is how it is. If the Demonic Cult hadn’t destroyed the Jade Flower Palace then the people of the Palace wouldn’t have scattered. If that didn’t happen, there would be no reason for me to be born. In the first place, it was a force created by the Lord of the palace to care for women who were left alone. I was born because the Demonic Cult destroyed such a place. Well, I have no complaints about being born into a good family, but out of blue my mother spoke about me having an older brother and that I should go. I understand that. but this whole thing isn’t what I chose.”


Pervert Demon turns his head and looks at me, but in the moonlight, which isn’t bright, I can’t see his face.

“It just means that all of this happened because Cult Leader was strong. Why did the life of someone else start out like that? The more I tried to figure it out, the more I came to the conclusion that there was no reason to do that. They say Jade Flower Palace was destroyed because they were going independent from the Demonic Cult.”

Speaking that, he turns to the darkness with a stern tone.

“What are you all doing? Crawl out now.”

I jump up and stand where Pervert Demon is, looking outside. I try to think about why people would come attack us right now. However, I can’t think of a reason they would come, especially if they are warriors.

I begin to wonder if the black darkness is shining, and then three or four people walk out. All covered from head to toe so that I couldn’t tell where they were from.

And I hear a man’s voice.

“Is senior Sword Demon inside?”

Pervert Demon answers,

“I asked where you were from.”

The voice takes a step towards us and looks at the two of us.

“Tell them that great young lord has arrived.”

Before Pervert Demon can speak, Sword Demon speaks from inside.

“Come in.”

In the dark, his subordinates say to a man,

“Come in.”

A young man appears with a calm expression and walks into Sword Demon’s place without a word while his subordinates remain outside. I sit down with my back against a wall with Pervert Demon and look at the young man.

He referred to himself as the great young lord, so he should be the third son of the Demonic Cult. I look around Sword Demon’s residence with my hands behind my back and I also look at Master Yukhap who has gotten up.

Many have said that a single glance was enough to see the resemblance between him and the Cult Leader. Since the Cult Leader is quite odd looking, I couldn’t help but recognize him at first glance.

Sword Demon, dressed in comfortable clothes, appears from inside and speaks.

“Come in.”

The great young lord nods and asks,

“Elder, how are you?”

Sword Demon looks at him.

“You aren’t here to die, what are you here for?”

“Elder, elder Illusion Ghost Emperor has passed away.”


“Well, since he stepped back, no one would seek revenge for him, so I came directly. According to the reports, Low-Down Sect Leader killed him. When I asked people, they said he was someone who had a close alliance with you.”

“He is a friend.”

The third young lord nods.

“A close friend, so I cannot just come into the residence of elder and grab the Sect Leader to pull him out by his hair. I came to see you in person and ask for your understanding.”

Sword Demon answers,

“Third young lord, what was the wish of the man who died?”

“To make me the sub–Cult Leader and keep the family alive.”

“Then if such a man has fallen, it is only right to realize that you are out of luck and take care of yourself. Will your father be happy with you acting like this? What is a guy like you, who is fighting for succession, doing here?”

To which the guy answers,

“Even if you don’t like it, do you not understand that grandfather has suffered for it? If you cannot understand that, then you aren’t human.”

“If you go reckless in the outside world, your father will find fault with you, and you are bound to clash with him. Can you handle all that? In the end, your brothers will end up in a more active position. If you lose yourself to one elder like him, you will be isolated in the cult so handling this as such isn’t right.”

“What would elder do in my position?”

“I am not an elder. That role should be filled by now.”

Third young lord laughs.

“It isn’t an easy position to fill. Anyone who wants to become the new elder and take the position of Left Hand must first push the sub sect leader and be recognized from both within and outside of the cult. This should be good news for senior.”

“That is good news. But, if I were you, I would use the death of a grandfather as an excuse to stay with my mother and wait for the storm to pass, but you won’t follow my words.”

To which he nods.

“You see right. Although I respect my senior as a warrior, there is no need to nod to everything you say. I heard that this is the main street for the orthodox sect and their people to gather in groups and drink alcohol…. I would have thought that a warrior as you would also smell of it. But I don’t know why you are wasting time here. Why not come back and put your head on Cult Leader’s feet?”

Sword Demon lets out a low laugh.

The words of his continue,

“Left Hand sir, you often said that the Cult Leader is quite pitiful. There are many people who will be happy to hear that you are touching a wooden sword.”

Pervert Demon who had been listening, intervenes.

“You arrogant piece of shit… what is the level for a son of a leader? Be careful of that snout.”

The third young lord looks at him.

“Ah, it is you. The vulgar bloodline of the Jade Flower Palace….”

As Pervert Demon stands up, Sword Demon says,

“We are talking here. Mong Rang.”

Pervert Demon huffs before saying,


Third young lord smiles and looks at Sword Demon.

“Senior, there aren’t many warriors in Kangho that can deal with you directly. It means that there aren’t many who want to kill you too. That will be the reason why you can rest in such a place. Don’t you know? Senior who became stronger without caring about the means and methods. No matter what time it is, even the senior will want to end things without touching Cult Leader. Give me Low-Down Sect Leader.”

Sword Demon sighs.

“Third one, you trust yourself too much. It isn’t an easy thing. I know better than anyone that all you successors have changed since your adolescence. But it was the common wish of the Cult Leader and me to die on the battlefield in a perfect state. Wouldn’t it be better to live a long life and mess around a little longer?”

“After killing the Low-Down Sect Leader, I can do just that. Well, I knew from the moment I came that senior would refuse my request. It doesn’t mean I don’t have a way.”

The third young lord looks at Sword Demon.

“Sir, it is good to see your face after a long time. I hope you spend your time in peace while drinking alcohol with the people here. You have also suffered a lot, so you can think of this as a reward of vacation given before death. I will meet you again.”

Third young lord turns and strides out. And looking at him leaving I say,

“That asshole didn’t look at me till the end. Fucking ridiculous.”

I ponder on it and look at Sword Demon.

“…But, senior, we will see you again. I need to go. You had a lot to drink, so you don’t need to come to see me out.”

Sword Demon calls me,

“Sect Leader, do not rush.”

“Isn’t this a situation where I have to rush?”

Master Yukhap, not sober yet, interjects.

“What kind of situation is this?”

Sword Demon explains the sudden appearance of the new guests.

“He didn’t come looking for me, but to provoke Low-Down Sect Leader. If he leaves like this, he will harass the Low-Down Sect and harass his people. Let Sect Leader find….”

Only then did Yukhap understand.


“The problem is that we don’t know who is with him. Do not rush.”

Same as how I understood the situation.

At first glance, it looked like the third young lord was talking to Sword Demon alone, but he specifically said ‘it isn’t like I don’t have other ways’.. His threat was clear.

Furthermore, from my point of view, Sword Demon is a man who stuck to the Cult Leader in the past, so he wouldn’t bother to go after an immature idiot. It seemed like the guy visited this place after a lot of thought.

Mulling over my thoughts, Sword Demon speaks to me.

“A straight up provocation, but it is unpleasant to see Sect Leader being dragged around like this.”

I speak back in a calm tone.

“It cannot be helped. Sometimes you need to fall for the enemy’s tricks. Yukgap, you aren’t sober so stay here.”

Sword Demon listens until the end and holds my hand.

“Sect Leader do not let your guard down. He will target you when you least expect it.”

“I know.”

“Again… he is the son of Cult Leader, and he has worth. You don’t have to kill is what I am saying. Even if you have to catch and hand him over, he will die at the hands of the successor fighters. The result will be very different from you directly killing, so understand it.”

“I will hold on.”

I nod my head. I know that I drank too much.

“Oh my, this anger…”

I didn’t have the heart to ask Yukhap to help, or Sword Demon or Pervert Demon, so I head straight for the darkness where the guy disappeared.

It is dark everywhere, so the alcohol was being pushed out. When I stand there and begin to breathe, I hear Pervert Demon.


Even though he didn’t say anything I heard an answer come.

“Go and come safe. Be safe.”

“Yes, I understand.”

As soon as my breathing calms, I drive the alcohol out with my internal qi. In this state, I have a risk of being harmed.

This time Yukhap speaks.

“Senior Sword Demon, let us meet again.”

Sword Demon speaks.

“Do not stay away and join us later when you are sober.”

After I use internal qi, I concentrate the poison of alcohol in my body to the tip of my finger. This wasn’t a perfect method, but it did relieve my drunk feeling to an extent.

While I am staring into the darkness, Pervert Demon approaches me and tries to speak but looking at him I say,

“What now you drunk shitty man.”

He frowns as he says,

“This body is of a filthy bloodline, so I do not worry much about that. A country boy who cannot even drink.”

“You should have brought more alcohol.”

I yawn and walk into the darkness with him. The road is dark because it isn’t a business area.

I couldn’t tell if we were being pursued or we were pursuing.

I didn’t know right away whether he was really going to attack the Low-Down Sect, or if he was waiting for me to come out and deal with him.

It was just dark all around.


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