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The Possessor Has No Desire To Be a Protagonist chapter 223

Author’s review


hello! Everyone, you are the people.

<The possessed person does not dream of being the main character>, which was written with your interest and love, has now come to an end.

It was a work that started in the fall of October 18th of last year, but as I write, it has become spring in full swing. It seems that it has been running non-stop for 7 months.

Reminiscing about the past gives me a new feeling.

In the meantime, like the characters in the novel, I graduated from the academy (?), and the characters in the novel have grown both internally and externally.

I probably grew up just like them.

Ethan and Sepia, and Tia, Tesha, Sylvia, and Vivian… .

The adventure stories of Arthur, Reus, Sonny, Anya, Lien, Hesiah, Runthar, Lethea, and many others came to an end with this.

A total of 216 episodes.

If it’s long, you can say it’s long, and if it’s suitable, it’s the right amount.

This is the first time in my life that I have written such a long article.

It’s all thanks to your interest and love. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t think I would have been able to come this far.

I have a strong feeling that this novel was written by you and me together. I received a lot of help from you while writing it.

I checked the comments you left with a smile every time.

After writing, while writing, I also refreshed repeatedly. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who always supported me, to those who checked for typos, to those who questioned plausibility, and to those who gave sharp but appropriate criticism.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the Hido illustrator who worked hard every time.

Thanks to this, Sepia, Tesha, Sylvia, Vivian, and even Tia all seemed to be able to become more lively and three-dimensional characters.

Thanks to all of you, I think I received fan art from someone for the first time in my life, and also received sponsorship. Come to think of it, I haven’t received a review yet. Wouldn’t someone someday make it a commemoration of the completion? would you?

Anyway, I was able to complete this article thanks to all of you and Novepia. thank you!


Of course, when I write a novel, I tend to set a big frame and direction. However, it seems that writing is not going in the direction I thought.

It often happens that a character suddenly comes to life and leads the narrative. 🙂

By analogy, it was like Go.

Go is a game of Go in which you predict the number of moves you will make and the number of opponents and place the stone on the appropriate spot.

When you play Go, you may be confused by unexpected moves, but one point, and then another point, anyway, the player does his best to continue the next move.

As with the game of baduk, serialization was also done to find the best move one by one.

Although it is a novel, it is similar to Go in that it is difficult to undo a story that has already been played. 🙂

When I came to my senses, the main actors were doing unexpected trips (?).

Isn’t Sylvia hitting Ethan, isn’t the heroines having a cat fight out of nowhere, isn’t Ethan rolling happily?

Of course, it’s left to me tomorrow.

‘Here’s a rough synopsis, logline, and the series so far, so write it yourself! Of course, no setting conflicts, no procrastination, TS · NTR, etc., no drift!’

And fortunately, my friends who became me in the past wrote it diligently.


I’d also like to write a few lines about Ethan and Sepia’s moves in the beginning. If I had to choose two characters who were criticized the most in this novel, I think it would be Ethan and Sepia.

The main character and the heroine are pair anti?

And I think those two were the ones who were loved that much.

Ethan in the first half is, to put it mildly, a cunning figure, a character who suddenly falls into the world of the novel against the backdrop of modern times.

And Sepia was a proud and lofty young lady.

The confrontation and conflict between the two was the content of the novel.

Ethan, who quickly runs away from his servant status and doesn’t want to affect the original story, and Sepia, who doesn’t like it while watching it.

I thought it was natural for Ethan and Sepia to both act that way.

Apparently, Ethan was in a state of possession out of nowhere, and for Sepia, a servant suddenly became the possessor.

An interesting point is that before the sepia illustration came out, sepia was cursed more, but after the sepia illustration came out, Ethan was cursed more.

After all, isn’t this all because Hido Iler-nim drew sepia well?


I think I should also tell you about my next project and future direction. But unfortunately, it’s not a situation where I can give you a definite answer.

It would be great if I could earn a living by writing, and it would be great if my next work was a hit, but I will return to my unemployed status once I complete my work. exciting!

While I was writing, I was given a 6-month suspended sentence (?) for employment at home.

And thanks to that, I have been able to write without objection from my family.

After finishing the series, I feel a little stumped. 🙂

I’m a person whose hair is a garden of flowers, so I think I’ll be able to do something in the future, but it’s true that I feel a sense of crisis thanks to my friends getting married one by one and getting jobs.

Perhaps if I were still a college student, I could have taken on more challenges without worrying too much.

First of all, I am writing with the intention of completing the contest because I have challenged the Novelpia contest.

What if I drop out of the contest?

I guess I’ll have to leave it up to my future self whether to prepare for the certification exam or rummage through job sites.

Even now, I still browse job sites.

It’s gibberish because it’s small. Then, we will wrap up this article with Q&A time.

5. Q&A

Q1. How much are you planning to use?

A. Actually, I think of the episode after episode 200 as an after story. 🙂

I’m pretty neat (sorry if not..) I’m thinking about going on a trip for a while because I’ve lost a lot of stamina from serializing more than two episodes a day.

After that, it is not yet decided whether I will write an aide or continue to write the next work (slave saint) that participated in the contest.

Q2. Are there any episodes that you struggled with while writing?

A. To be honest, this is Ethan and Sepia’s past episodes (episodes 158-162). Earlier, I compared the serialization of novels to Go.

It seems to be similar to Go in that the novel becomes useless as it goes backwards.

This part was the part that should not be left out in the novel, the ‘recovering rice cake’ and the ‘secret of possession’.

For some reason, I think I had a hard time writing this part because it was loose. It felt like I was doing overdue vacation homework that I had left behind in the past.

The next most difficult part was the episode related to ‘World Tree’.

In the early days, Ethan played tricks, preparing holy water to demons, bombarding zombies with stones, setting fire to catch all the undead, riding a colossus to defeat the spirit of darkness, and freezing vampires with a barrier. I’m praying

After that, it seems that Edan, who became too strong as time went on, became loose because he repeated similar battles.

Q3. Do you also favor sepia?

A. Sepia is the best!

Super Megadere Sepia, who has big breasts and is full of aegyo, is the best!

is a joke. In fact, I didn’t want a sepia teary-eyed couple of hundred regrets like regular regrets.

I don’t know if it’s because of my characteristic of liking the first heroine.

And I seem to like characters who are criticized and loved a lot.

That’s because the character moved the hearts of the readers.

It’s true that sepia was the first illustration I drew, and as much as it’s the main heroine, I’m attached to it!

The next heroine to pick is Sylvia.

The Linchester episodes (episodes 62-71) are fun to watch even now. It’s so good when Master breaks into the hot spring and makes fun of Ethan.

Of course, I love all heroines.

Tia from Hergé Daesanghwa, acting master and cute Vivian, and Majo Princess Tesha.

The reason why there are three sepia illustrations is the first one and the one that Hido sent me as a Christmas present.

At Christmas, the only illustrations released were sepia, so Hido-sama drew them in sepia.

And lastly, since I took first place in the heroine vote, sepia was chosen as the illustration for Nopia.

If Sylvia was in first place, we planned to draw a pregnant Sylvia illustration. 🙂

Ps. Among the illustrations drawn by Hido, the one I like the most is the Vivian illustration.

Q4. Why did you declare that the main story was finished in episode 200?

A. First of all, since Edan’s adventure story is over, I personally thought it was the end of the main story.

And from the marriage and after, I thought it would be better to solve it in the form of an after story. I wondered if I could avoid the question of why there is no follow-up story. 🙂 (But it seems to have failed)

That’s why I declared the completion of the main story in episode 200, but after writing it, the ending of the later story somehow feels like a true ending.

As if it is ambiguous to return the stone that has already been put down, it seems that the main story was declared complete at the time of episode 200.

Personally, I have a small regret that I should have written all the way to graduation and finished the main story.

Q5. Are there no defenses using mana in this world? The scene where a warrior falls from a high place and dies in vain was memorable.

A. In terms of setting, magic is based on the realization of imagery. That’s why you can use magic to make things like barriers lighter.

You can’t create springs or bamboo helicopters with mana, though.

When I first set up the world view, the characters in the other world were set to be incredibly strong in attack like glass cannons, but somewhat inferior in defense.

It’s like a missile in a modern weapon, explosively powerful, but lacking the means to defend against it!

The fact that the hero fell from the tree of the world and died in vain was a kind of device to show that even a hero could die if he fell from a high place.

And just as much, we wanted to show that our opponents prepared traps well.

Ps. I’m sorry, Rank 7 Hero, Lanter… . Sorry for the crunch!

Q6. Can you tell us about warrior-related combat abilities?

A. Since it is basically a world view where magic exists, warriors also use magic.

Read at noblemtl.com

Just like Moorim’s internal energy, he stores mana in his heart at a high density and uses it. During battle, the magical energy stored in the heart is amplified through the magical circuit and expressed externally.

The basic setting is that you can strengthen your body by wrapping that magic around your body, and you can cut steel by overlaying it on your weapon.

So, basically, ‘swordsmanship skill + magic power’ determines the warrior’s ability.

Of course, if the mana circuit is dense, stronger mana can be produced in proportion to the input capacity.

Sepia’s magic circuit is on the side, and Edan’s is not.

However, Edan’s magical power capacity is far superior to others, so even though he wasted a lot of magical power, he was able to hit it with a deal.

Q7. Have all the heroine members been decided?

A. To begin with, I haven’t decided everything. When I wrote the first episode, only Sepia, Tesha, and Tia were the heroines, and Sylvia and Vivian were in the position of helpers.

Still, at a relatively early stage (around 10 to 20 episodes), Sylvia and Vivian were chosen as the heroines.

Excalibur was originally meant to be obtained by Ethan.

Ps. From the beginning, everyone was going to be loyal. 🙂

Q8. It feels like something came out in the second half and ended quickly. Is this a planned story?

A. The second half was a planned story.

The appearance of Ahyeon, the resurrection of the demon king, and even Aleest were scheduled.

The first episode Aleist appeared in was ‘Chapter 104 Discipline’.

Before that, from the very beginning, the ending story was conceived.

However, the feeling of abrupt ending in the second half is probably because I pushed the development quickly. In the episode where Ahyeon appeared, there was a comment saying ‘don’t drag on’, and now I’m going to see the finale soon, but I wondered what the procrastination was.

With that in mind, I think the development was a bit rushed.

Don’t be swayed by the comments, I guess I should have taken a little more time to write.

In fact, all the battle scenes in ‘The Possessed Prince’ usually end within 1-2 episodes, so I thought that the final battle would be 1-2 screens.

In this respect, I don’t think I’ve ever dragged a novel along.

It may feel like ‘Kalad Bolg’ and ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ appeared suddenly, but Ethan got ‘Xcalibur’ and the twin sword ‘Kalad Bolg’ was given to Arthur to deal with the demon king.

I deliberately hid the mention of the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’, but I did it because just mentioning the artifact would imply Ethan’s resurrection, so the dramatic tension would be reduced. 🙂

If it feels rushed, it’s probably because I led the development quickly.

In conclusion, it’s my lack of skills.

Q9. Please impersonate me!

A. I possessed you!

Q10. Is (Ethan’s) name on Earth a realm of imagination?

A. Yes! It is left to the realm of the imagination.

The reason Ethan’s name was not featured was not because it was difficult to come up with a name, but because of concerns that Ethan’s real name might break some readers’ immersion.

In my case, when I read a novel and come up with the name of someone I know, I get startled.

For example, when I see the name ‘Junho’, I think of someone I met in the military.

That’s why I intentionally didn’t describe Edan’s real name.

Q11. If Ethan had chosen only one person, who would it be?

A. After all, it looks like sepia! 1st place in the popularity poll, sepia is the best! In my case, I liked Tia better at first, but from the middle, I started to like Sepia more.

Q12. For a genre with catfights, the catfights didn’t seem intense, but why?

A. It was written with the Harem ending in mind. If you get hurt in the middle, it seemed that everyone would fight even after marrying Ethan in terms of probability. I didn’t want to leave an image like a concubine conspiring behind the scenes, so I adjusted it appropriately.

Ps. If you had a physical catpa, it would have been all sorted out in Sylvia Sun! 🙂

Q13. Why isn’t the sepia cone coming out?

A. I tried to make an emoticon, but gave up because it wasn’t until July… .

That is all.

As I write, it has become infinitely long.

Anyway, thank you for reading <Possessed Junkong> so far!

Raised by the people. 🙂


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