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The Possessor Has No Desire To Be a Protagonist chapter 221

215. The end of truth (2)

* * *

Ethan has been strange lately.

If you ask me when did it start getting weird, I couldn’t answer easily. Still, I could tell that the attitude towards myself had changed.

He acted as usual, but sometimes Edan was lost in thought for a long time. It’s like you’re having troubles that you can’t talk about.

‘Did you hate me?’

Naturally, such a question followed. However, Sepia shook her head. Because there seemed to be no reason to suddenly hate yourself.

I’ve even asked other wives.

Don’t you think Ethan has changed lately?

But everyone just shook their heads. Sepia wondered if she had become strange.

‘No, can’t everyone see that Ethan has been weird lately?’

‘Why is that? sepia. Ethan hasn’t changed.’

‘Right. Sister, Ethan is always like a green pine tree.’

‘Well, maybe it’s because sepia is the day, so I’m sensitive?’

Among the answers, the most unpleasant was, of course, Tia’s reaction at the end. I wondered if that was the case, so I asked Tesha, but the answer was the same.

‘Lately, things have changed.’

‘Is not it? Ethan has changed, right?’

‘Yes, it has changed. At first I was reluctant, but now I enjoy it. .’

‘… … ‘

It was a story about the night.

Anyway, the main reaction was that Edan was the same. But Sepia’s sensitive touch insisted that Ethan had definitely changed.

After a long time, Sepia brought out the Remegeton.

Dipped in ink on the tip of a pen, he opened the page titled Remegeton’s Paragraph of Truth and said hello.

-It’s Lemegeton. sepia.

-It’s been a while. my master

Remegeton welcomed Sepia as always. Sepia soon conveyed the matter.

-I have a question… .

―I’m sorry, my lord, but I’ve told you everything you want.

It is a rule to tell three truths, but Remegeton gave a total of four truths.

The first was Sepia’s provocation, which informed Edan’s state of mind, the second, Edan’s lost memory, and the third and fourth, he gave answers to Edan, who had been given the right to ask questions.

Thanks to that, Edan acquired an artifact to fight against Helya.

So far, Sephia has never regretted passing the questioning right to Edan. However, it was regrettable that there was no right to ask questions at this moment.

―Is it really not possible?

―I’m sorry, but I can’t.

Sepia tried all kinds of methods, including threats, requests, and pleas, but all in vain.

No matter how many times I asked, the same answer came back.

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Just in case, I thought about handing over the ownership of Remegeton to Vivian. It was called a trick.

―If I gave up ownership of you and handed it over to Vivian, wouldn’t the truth be unknown?

―My ownership already belongs to you, Sepia. Even if the world perishes. My ownership belongs only to you.

After all, it meant that the truth could not be known through Remegeton.

―Why don’t you learn one more line of magic instead? my master Let’s see what magic I recommend to you… .

Remegeton is a sorcery book.

And it was Sepia who learned a lot of magic through Remegeton. Accelerate magic, dispel magic, reflect magic, etc… .

However, among magic, there was no such thing as magic that penetrated people’s minds.

A few days passed like that.

Outwardly, Ethan did not change much.

And on the day of Sylvia’s birth, Sepia left the corridor with Edan and walked around the palace for the first time in a long time.

Even then, Ethan was as worried as before. Sepia glanced at Ethan.

‘Hey, Sepia… .’

‘Oh, yes! what’s the matter?’

As always, Sepia asked in a bright voice.

‘Do you remember the promise we made earlier?’

‘promise… ?’

What promise are you talking about? In the meantime, I had made many promises to Ethan. There were also promises exchanged like jokes.

For example, let’s go on a picnic this weekend just the two of us.

However, judging from the look on his face, it was highly likely that he was serious. Of course, Tesha called the two at that time, and the conversation that day ended in a blur.

Curiosity only grew.

‘What the hell did Ethan want to say… .’

Sepia thought hard about the past.

The story of when Edan first came to Logness Class, the time he bullied Ethan, and the story of Edan who went to the past.

There were so many memories we had together.

I wanted to wait until Ethan spoke first. But I thought I had waited long enough.

And Ethan was silent for a long time.

Eventually, in the middle of the night, Sepia found Ethan.

* * *

“Edaan… . It’s me, can I talk to you for a second?”

Sepia tends to show emotions through facial expressions. Like Sylvia or Vivian, she couldn’t keep her poker face well.

Even the slightest joy made him smile brightly like a child, and even the slightest sadness showed signs of it.

That was also the cute side of sepia. Judging by the look on his face, it was highly likely that he was talking about something serious. I pretended not to know.

“yes? Why? Is today your day off?”

Day off.

So, literally, it meant a day of rejuvenation. In any country, there are times when you need to eat well and rest well.

“… Silly. It’s not like that.”

“It’s a joke. Joke.”

Sepia sneaked up to me. and hugged

“Eight! Love love bang bang!”

I was blown away by the surprise.

Burying my head in the soft embrace, I only blinked my eyes. As expected, Love Love Pang Pang is always new and thrilling.

Sepia held me in her arms like a child. I rubbed my cheek into his arms to the fullest.

“Three, sepia… .”

I was bathed in ecstasy with a melting voice. Soon, Sepia grabbed my cheek and made eye contact.

“Hee hee, Ethan, how are you? Are you feeling a little tired?”

“yes. After all, sepia is the best.”

“Ethan seems depressed these days.”


I cheekily scratched my cheek.

I coughed lightly and turned my head.

“What were you doing?”

“Oh, I was just reading a book.”

I pointed my eyes at the autobiography. I picked up my autobiography in sepia and read a few lines aloud. It’s like acting with a different voice.

“Then I screamed. ‘Death Knight! Even if you are resurrected from the dead, you cannot avoid my sword!’ There was no fear. But at that moment, I decided to think only of protecting my colleagues.”

It was strange to hear someone read my autobiography out loud. Soon, Sepia laughed.

The dark knight here meant Rien during the Death Knight era. So, the part that Sepia read was the part of the school trip to Arbia.

“blood… . Edandu Oh, did you pass this?”

“Oh, just what. I followed it because all my autobiographies were written that way. It’s the national rule.”

“National rule? what is that?”

After I said it, I felt sorry.

“Well, it’s one of the buzzwords. Anyway, what’s going on?”

widely! Sepia covered the bookshelves so that the sound could be heard. The smile had disappeared from Sepia’s lips before she knew it. Sepia asked in a cautious voice.

“Ethan, you know… , What were you trying to say before?”

“… … ”

“That promise, you mean to tell me ‘the reason why Ethan closed his heart’?”

Even if she managed to do it, Sepia remembered the promise back then. I was silent for a moment, then nodded.

“That’s right.”

“Can you tell me? if not… .”

It was a question of whether you are still closing the door of your heart. It wasn’t. Am I just getting a bigger misunderstanding?

I sighed and spoke slowly. It was a story I wanted to tell Sepia someday.

“sepia… . Please listen carefully to what I have to say from now on.”

“yes! Okay.”

“Everything I tell you is true.”

Even so, I hesitated for a long time. Blue eyes with firm determination were looking at me.

“I… . Actually, I am not from this world.”

The story that started like that went on for a long time.

In fact, that I came from another world, that I was brought into this world as I am, and that this world is the world in the novel written by Ahyeon.

And even the fact that the original Edan was terminally ill.

When two souls are possessed, the two souls of one body coexist. However, there was no Ethan’s soul, only my soul.

Yuffie said that her original soul was terminally ill, and that her soul was one because I was possessed by the remaining body.

Until the whole story was over, Sepia listened to my story without asking a single question. He didn’t stop talking or be puzzled.

“Sorry. So… . In the end, I will no longer be the Ethan you knew, Sepia.”

Sepia bowed her head. The long hair fell with the force of gravity.

“Sorry. really… . I had no intention of cheating.”

“… Was it just that?”


I mumbled so quietly that I couldn’t hear it properly. Soon after, Sepia raised her head and hugged me tightly.

I only blinked my eyes again as I was held in Sepia’s arms. Sepia immediately grabbed my cheek and stared at me with a tired gaze.

“sepia… ?”

“Idiot. I actually knew.”

“… … ?”

Question marks floated around in my head. Sepia smiled.

“I knew everything. Do you think I didn’t know that? Is that why you’ve been depressed lately? Ethan is so cute.”

“I knew everything… ?”

“Uh! I knew at least that Ethan came from another world.”

I still didn’t understand.

Sepia knew I was from another world?

“Actually, I guessed. And I was even sure! To the extent that Ethan is a possessor. I didn’t know that this world was the world in the novel Edan was reading.”

I was hesitant about what to say to that sudden confession.

“Ethan, Edan is Ethan. So don’t think it’s weird. Don’t feel sorry for me.”

Sepia said in a firm tone.

“I love Ethan now. The Edan I liked is also the current Edan… .”

“… sepia.”

I felt like I was being understood, and I felt like crying. I was really sorry. It’s because I’ve been hiding it until now in case it hurts Sepia.

“Ethan, if you have any concerns, you should have just told me. How long have you been suffering all alone? What else am I saying?”

Sepia gave me a finger. His slender fingers trembled pitifully.

“Promise me now. If you have any concerns in the future, you will tell me everything.”

“… uh, uh uh.”

“I’m Ethan’s wife no matter what anyone says!”

Crudely, I put my finger on it and made a promise.

“Pi, what else am I saying? I thought Ethan hated me. If you said you wanted a divorce, I thought about whether I should hang on to you… .”

“no way. Why would I hate sepia?”

“I don’t know if you don’t tell me. I was just worried about myself.”

By the way, Sepia knew I was the possessor?

“Hey, how did you know Sepia?”

“At some point, Ethan acted as if he had lost his memory. And Ethan just used words we didn’t know. Words like national rules. Besides, I know how to cook seaweed soup or chicken that are not in this world. That’s enough to know.”

Tesha thought that she had successfully lived in the academy while hiding her status as the princess.

However, as a result, many people knew that Tesha was the princess. Not only Tiana Silvia, but other professors knew that Tesha was the princess.

Perhaps, like Tesha, I believed that I had thoroughly concealed my identity.

“Hey, did anyone other than Sepia know about it?”

“Ah, it can’t be. Because I knew it. You know I’m smart He is a magic genius.”

It was. She had been called a gifted child since she was young, and Sepia’s magical talent was so far included in the genius axis.

“Well, let’s keep it a secret from others. I’m glad that there’s one more secret that only Ethan and I know about.”

Sepia tousled my hair like a child.

“Ethan, are you tired?”

“ah… . Yes.”

It was past midnight, and I was about to close my eyes. Sepia smiled brightly and lay down next to me first.

“You know… , Is it okay if I sleep next to you today? For some reason, I want to sleep next to you today… .”

“ah… , yes! However much.”

“Wow, I’m so glad.”

I lay down next to Sepia and covered myself with the blanket. Sepia, wearing pajamas, took out a teddy bear from the subspace.

Edward is a teddy bear wearing a bowler hat and mustache.

It was a gift I gave to Sepia at the North Barn auction house.

“Today, I’m going to sleep hugging Edward and Ethan!”

I turned off the light and went back to bed.

“Edaan, good night!”

“Yes, sepia too.”

Before long, the sound of Sepia’s even breathing came from the dimly lit room.

But I couldn’t fall asleep easily until late at night. Sepia knew I was the possessor?

When that question came to mind, I smiled. I didn’t know because I wasn’t in a hurry, but I realized it when I reviewed the words exchanged today.

‘That promise means you’re going to tell me ‘the reason Ethan closed his heart’?’

‘Well, let’s keep it a secret from others. I’m glad that there’s one more secret that only Ethan and I know about.”

I am glad that one more secret that only we know has increased.

If Sepia had known all the facts beforehand, she wouldn’t have said that. In the first place, the word national rule was also used for the first time today.

In the end, Sepia acted as if she knew everything a long time ago, even though she heard the truth for the first time today.

To alleviate my guilt for being sorry.

It is said that he concealed his embarrassment and put on a full-fledged performance. Because I can’t even act.

“Thank you, Sepia… . Thank you for understanding.”

I stroked Sepia’s hair and whispered. Sepia’s shoulders trembled once.

“Hehe… , got caught As expected, Ethan can’t be fooled.”

Sepia replied in a thin voice. A chuckle broke out again.

I hugged Sepia, who buried her head in my arms, for a long time.

“Hey, Edan, what was the name of the original world? And what kind of world was it exactly?”

I hinted at my name. Sepia muttered my name softly, as if the name was strange.

And I talked for a long time about the world I originally lived in.


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