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The Misfit of Demon King Academy (WN) – Chapter 165.2 Bahasa Indonesia

However, his blade passed through the wooden sword as if it were water.

The Wooden Sword of Blessing had turned into light. And this wooden sword of light landed on Shin.

Then, the light sparkled and coiled around his body, as if to bless him.

“…Just now, was that… the secret of the Wooden Sword of Blessing…?” (Shin)

“It’s a spirit sword with little magic power to begin with, after all. So I managed to work with it.” (Lay)

Lay drew a magic circle and took out the demon sword Siegsesta.

Then he knelt down and held it out to Shin with both of his hands.

“Though I’m a traveling entertainer, I’m more of a bodyguard. Sorry I can’t congratulate you in a flashy way like the others.” (Lay)

As he reclaimed the unique sword, Shin smiled.

“I could not ask for a better celebratory blow, Lay.” (Shin)

Shin stored Siegsesta away in a magic circle, and turned back. He held out his hand, Reno happily took it, and they resumed their walk to the altar.

“Sorry I’m making you go along with all this. I guess that from a demon’s point of view, this is a strange marriage ceremony.” (Reno)

“Not at all.” Shin said while looking straight ahead.

“It is thanks to you that I, who possessed nothing but the heart of a sword, have been blessed like so. I apologize for being unable to return your love, but I am not the least bit dissatisfied with this marriage ceremony.” (Shin)

Reno happily showed a wide smile.

“I know the demons were unable to attend, but it would’ve been nice if the Demon King Anos could’ve come, too…” (Reno)

“…I agree. But—-” (Shin)

Shin stopped. Because I was standing in front of the altar.

“My name is Anosh Porticollo. And I am the Demon King of Tyranny in his juvenile form.” (Anos)

Upon hearing my voice, the spirits started kicking a fuss.

“Shin.” (Anos)

I looked straight at my subordinate.

“Even without any love, you made this choice. This wedding is, without a doubt, what you wanted and chose. Believe in yourself. Know that nothing is out of your reach so long as you reach out to it. For you are the Demon King’s right-hand man.” (Anos)

Shin calmly nodded.

“It is as if My Lord is actually speaking to me.” (Shin)

“I’m sure this is what the Demon King would say. After all, I’m the number one traveling entertainer in Dilhade, Anosh Porticollo. Did you think just because I’m an imitator, I can’t be the real Demon King?” (Anos)

The Titi were flying around, holding their stomachs and laughing out loud.

I turned on my heel, and went back to the attendees.

After seeing me off, Reno spoke up.

“But…” (Reno)

With a faint smile, Shin glanced at my back.

“No, he may actually be watching us from two thousand years in the future. After all, My Lord is the Demon King of Tyranny.” (Shin)

Reno giggled.

“I guess so. Knowing him, he would do just that.” (Reno)

The two arrived in front of the altar, stood side by side, and straightened their posture.

A solemn voice echoed.

It belonged to Enyunien.

“Let us rejoice in this memorable moment when we witness the union between two races, a spirit and a demon.” (Enyunien)

The spirits, who had been in an uproar until now, suddenly fell silent.

They were watching over the ceremony, even though they were itching to speak up.

“And now, the marriage vows.” (Enyunien)

In the middle of this silence, only the voice of the Great Tree of Enyunien could be heard.

“Reno, Great Mother of All Spirits. Dost thou take Shin Reglia to be thy husband, and swear on thy name as a spirit and on thy heart, to love him eternally, in times of joy and in times of sorrow, until thy legend is destroyed?” (Enyunien)

Reno replied.

With a sincere tone and eyes filled with determination.

“I do.” (Reno)

“Shin Reglia, right-hand man of the Demon King. Dost thou take the Great Spirit Reno to be thy wife, and swear on thy pride and will as a demon to dedicate thy unwavering strength to protecting her and her offspring, in times of joy and in times of sorrow?” (Enyunien)

Shin replied.

Strongly and sharply, as if to show his pride.

“Even if destruction were to do us part.” (Shin)

“Good. Very well. I hereby announce the coming of the Spirit King Shin Reglia, husband of the Great Mother of All Spirits. As long as you keep your vow, Aharthern will be with you. We spirits shall be your strength.” (Enyunien)

The spirits all nodded in agreement as they gazed at Shin and Reno.

“Now, you may seal your vows with a kiss.” (Enyunien)

Shin and Reno faced each other.

They slowly closed the distance between each other.

At close range, Reno whispered softly.

“C-Could we just fake it?” (Reno)

“Would you be content with a fake kiss?” (Shin)

Reno fell silent for a moment, then answered with her face down.

“…I’d rather we don’t fake it…” (Reno)

“Then so be it.” (Shin)

Shin gently put his arms around Reno’s back.

“I love you.” (Reno)

“I…” (Shin)

As if to deny what he was going to say, Reno smiled pleasantly.

“It’s okay. I have enough love for both of us.” (Reno)

Shin’s gaze softened, and his expression relaxed gently.

“I may not understand what love is yet, but I choose you, Reno.” (Shin)

Slowly but surely, the distance between them decreased.

This was like a wish come true. As if someone was praying for their burgeoning love to sprout from its seed.

And praying real hard for the flower to bloom without withering.

And so, like a dream that fades away in the blink of an eye, the two exchanged a clumsy, childish kiss.


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