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The Innkeeper – Chapter 237: Consultant Bahasa Indonesia

What Vernan did not know was that for each of the situations, there was another explanation. Lex survived the Immortal level Kraven’s coercion because of Regal Embrace. He was not intimidated by the massive, mountain sized Kalter Flug because Lex had seen stronger beings at his Inn, and also because the giant snowflake had not restricted Lex by using its coercion. When Lex encountered the student fighting the Red-eared whatever the hell that was, Lex’s instincts directly told him that Lex would die if he interfered.

Likewise, for each point of interest, his evaluation was incorrect because no one would be able to understand Lex’s reasoning for his actions. After all, only body cultivators had honed instincts, and that too at a higher level. But Lex did not display any of the key indicators of a body cultivator, whereas his spirit cultivation was prominent.

This was yet again another subtle self defense mechanism employed by Regal Embrace, where he had all the perks of body cultivators, spirit cultivators and soul cultivators, but all the prominent indicators of these perks would be hidden until Lex displayed them.

Unfortunately, Lex did not know how to display them because he had not even realized they existed. For example, something like instinct was often described as a gut feeling. Lex had been listening to his ‘gut feeling’ subconsciously, but on a conscious level, he never analyzed his actions to realize what had prompted them. Heck, he hadn’t even noticed that it was much easier for him to enter the state of ‘flow’ and just took it for granted. Maybe over time, he would slowly realize what instincts were, and notice the increased frequency of him entering that special flow state, but for now, his focus was on his dorm room.

It was tiny as hell. There was a single bed, a small study desk, a bathroom, and that was it. It must be mentioned that all of this could easily fit into Lex’s bathroom back at the Inn, that’s how cramped his dorm was. Considering how big the academy was, and how much space they left to open fields, his room should have been at least bigger than a prison cell, right?

Unfortunately, there was no one to complain to. Vernan had left after dropping Lex off and giving him the details of what he would be doing.

The academy did not have a semester or class system, because students would come and go all year around. Some would have to leave at random times and come back months or even years later to continue to study.

Instead, the classes split into smaller, more specialized ranks that would be repealed continuously throughout the year, so anyone could join at any time. For example, if Lex ended up taking array classes, he would start at the lowest rank and division, which would be Iron grade level 1. Classes for this would happen every month, and would be 1 month long. If, during that time, Lex learned enough to go to a higher class, he would be promoted to level 2 and so forth.

He would have to wait till tomorrow to find out what his profession designation would be, and that would determine his classes. Lex took a shower and threw himself into his bed, ready to get some sleep.

It made sense that he was dead tired, during the relentless onslaught of assessments, he hadn’t slept in well over 40 hours. At some point, while he was asleep, his designation was published. According to his psych and skill evaluation, he was not fit for any military roles due to the high chance of noncooperation.

But the way the designation worked was that it would list the best fit as the highest recommendation, and a series of alternative options down below, with these options usually being hidden unless some kind of extraneous circumstances prevented the student from following the primary selection.

So, while orthodox military roles had been disqualified for Lex, somewhere down on the list, Lex had been recommended for a group called Red Hands. While Red Hands were not the elite of the elite, they consisted of highly specialized trained operatives that operated independently in highly volatile and extremely dangerous situations.

It was the kind of team that would be sent behind enemy lines to do recon before a high value target assassination. The kind of team sent into Kraven infested lands to sabotage supply lines, and then escape on their own. The kind of team one sent into situations too dangerous for any sane man to walk into – exactly what was expected from a man who looked death in the eyes and then shot at it.

It was the kind of team Vernan loved. He chuckled as he manually altered the order of Lex’s designations. His Red Hands designation ended up being second to top, and thus conveniently hidden from view. His primary designation was changed to Combat zone strategic consultant.

This kind of job required Lex to be highly trained and experienced in various combat situations, as well as to have a detailed understanding of the military capability and operations of all 7 nations of the Crystal realm. This was because he would be a consultant for businesses that operated in active and potential war zones.

It would provide him with the perfect foundation for if he wanted to enter any combat unit himself in the future, due to unforeseen and completely coincidental reasons that in no way had anything to do with Vernan.

After making sure everything was in order, and going over the predicted path for Lex during his stay at the academy, Vernan closed Lex’s personal file and had it sealed under his authority. Then he turned his attention to the next student that had caught his eye. After all, Lex was just one of many that joined the academy everyday. Vernan would not limit himself by focusing on only him, no. The world was his oyster, and he was determined to fill it with highly trained murderers.


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