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Chapter 336 The Demonized Tianpi

“Qiyue is not willing to consummate our relationship, nor am I willing to hurt her. Even though I’ve demonized… I still retain a shred of sanity. Yun Shimo, don’t you have a whiff of Qi from the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead? Force that Qi out for me now!”

Tianpi cruelly curled up the corners of his lips. He was laughing smugly, his bloodshot eyes glittering with chill. “Otherwise, I will do something you won’t want to see…”

After he said this, he kissed Hua Qiyue’s raven hair. Yun Shimo suddenly and tightly clenched his fists.

Hua Qiyue was gasping slightly. She had never expected Tianpi to act this way.

If Yun Shimo refused, would he kill her?

“Didn’t you say you are unwilling to hurt her? So release her now! You want the Qi from the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead? I’ll let you have it!” Yun Shimo did not hesitate at all. Although he hated Tianpi for acting so wickedly, he was even more afraid that Hua Qiyue would get hurt.

The Sun Moon Deity also arrived after overhearing the clamor. The moment he saw this, he became furious. “Tianpi, are your brains stewed? Do you know what you’re doing? A moment of carelessness and the girl will be hurt… And you dare to claim shamelessly that you are unwilling to harm her?”

Tianpi’s laughter sounded most natural. “No, Qiyue’s already a Qi Artist at the first level of Great Deity. So my dagger can’t hurt her. As long as Yun Shimo do my bidding, I will definitely not harm Qiyue. But if he won’t, then I will become even more terrible a devil. I will not only kill her, but Tianci and the rest too.”

Hua Qiyue could feel the coldness on her neck. She gave a bitter smile. “Master, don’t act this way. I know you’re only pretending…”

“Pretending? Girl, in order to stay alive and be with you, I can only force this Yun Shimo to die.”

Tianpi began to laugh haughtily. His diabolically handsome face had recovered its former glow.

Hua Qiyue watched Yun Shimo in the near distance, her heart thumping erratically.

“Yun Shimo, turn that Qi into energy and release it to me. Otherwise, I will kill her!” The cold smile on Tianpi’s face disappeared, to be replaced by a stern, cold grimness.

Yun Shimo silently glanced at Hua Qiyue, the woman he most loved. Two and a half years ago, they could have been happily married. But circumstances took an unexpected turn. Now, he was being forced to the precipice of death.

In order for Hua Qiyue to survive, he must do Tianpi’s bidding.

“Tianpi, you really are crazy! The man that girl loved most is Yun Shimo. You shouldn’t force her like that!”

The Sun Moon Deity was so livid that his face assumed a green cast. His veins were bulging. He was so furious that he wanted to step forward and shred Tianpi into a thousand pieces.

Tianpi’s eyes had become much more tender. “Ha ha, do it while I can still control this demonic energy. Even if you people join forces and come after me, you will not be my match. Since I was unable to be with Tao Xian’er, I will be with Qiyue in this life!”

Yun Shimo glanced meaningfully at Hua Qiyue. There was profound affection in his eyes. Then he sat down silently in a cross-legged position, expelling that Qi from the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead out of his body.

“Yun Shimo! You’re crazy. You will die if you do that! I don’t need you to do this. Just let him kill me!” Hua Qiyue could clearly sense Tianpi’s cruel gaze on herself. She immediately felt a deep contrition.

If she knew that things would end up like this, she would have forced Yun Shimo away long ago!

“Oh, lass, are you feeling the heartache? Haha, you must know that after expelling the Qi of the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead from his body, Yun Shimo would wither and die. Yes, like a freshly bloomed flower slowly wilting…”

Tianpi smiled with bloodlust. Then he lightly kissed Hua Qiyue’s black hair. “Lass, we will be married in the future. Yun Shimo will be dead. You won’t need to agonize over him anymore. Isn’t this the outcome you would like?”

Hua Qiyue was suffocating. From that sharp blade came Tianpi’s powerful force. Puff! It slit her neck imperceptibly.

Even without using the sword, Tianpi could kill her!

His malice was real. It was neither pretense nor an experiment!

Hua Qiyue could sense his murderous malice so tangibly. She could feel warm blood trickling slowly down her neck.

Yun Shimo’s heart was burning with anxiety. Although his eyes were shut, he could sense the atmosphere to have changed. He had no chance to go near Tianpi and drip his blood onto the Extermination Bead.

In this confrontation, either Yun Shimo or Hua Qiyue would die. Given the choice, Yun Shimo would prefer himself to bear all the pain.

A visible whiff of purplish Qi was coursing around Yun Shimo’s meridians. Slowly, the purplish Qi became brighter and brighter.

The Sun Moon Deity kept shaking his head, furiously pointing at the complacent Tianpi. He cursed, “You bastard… bastard… you have not only killed Xian’er, now you are harming Qiyue. You jerk!”

Tianpi allowed him to curse. A smug yet cruel smile appeared on his diabolically handsome face.

He stretched out his hand and lightly touched the blood oozing out from Hua Qiyue’s neck. He brought the blood to his lips and licked it loudly. “Tut, tut, this blood tastes so sweet… Lass, I will love and protect you in the future. I won’t be so harsh on you as before. As long as you forget Yun Shimo. I will be your true love. In the future, we shall remain in this Ice Palace and beget children, living the rest of our days peacefully.”

Hua Qiyue’s breaths were becoming short and frantic. She bit her lips tightly. As she watched that purplish fume slowly expelled out of Yun Shimo’s body, she was shocked and terrified. The suppressed emotions inside her erupted like a raging sea breaking down a dam.

“Yun Shimo… leave at once. Leave now… With your abilities, Tianpi can’t catch you…”

Hua Qiyue finally cried out aloud. The rims of her eyes were slightly red and her cherry lips were quivering violently.

The sword blade had nearly edged into her flesh. The pain was excruciating. Her whole body trembled, but Tianpi pressed against her neck even more forcefully and mercilessly. Soon, her snowy-white beast cloak had turned into a fierily crimson robe drenched in blood!

Yun Shimo seemed not to have heard Hua Qiyue’s cry. He was quietly expelling that whiff of purplish energy from his body!

The wind came and snow drifted down, turning Yun Shimo’s inky hair white. Soon, he was like a motionless snowman. That whiff of shiny purple energy was finally expelled from his body. It lingered about in the breeze.

Tianpi gave a bizarre laugh. With Hua Qiyue as his hostage, he joyously hurled himself forward. He managed to grasp that purple energy in his hand!

Hua Qiyue’s tears slowly started to flow. Yun Shimo reopened his eyes, gazing at Hua Qiyue silently. He gave an extremely gentle smile. “Qiyue, you must live on well… Please take good care of… Tianci.”

The moment the purple energy was released from his body, Yun Shimo became like a flower which had lost its moisture. His face turned sallow and was wilting.

Tianpi’s words just now was true. He was really like a wilting flower, soon to be dead.

Hua Qiyue stared at him in a daze. Without saying anything, her tears started to flow. The Sun Moon Deity hurriedly placed Yun Shimo supine on the snowy ground and strike out a palm on his chest. It was injecting pure white anima energy into his body!

“Hahaha, you stinking bird, you think that tiny bit of anima energy from your immortal self can keep him alive? Without the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead, everyone will wilt and die! It’s only a matter of time. Looks like Yun Shimo will wilt and perish in three days!”

Tianpi laughed smugly. He grasped the Qi from the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead tightly in his fist, trapping it with his powerful crimson demonic energy.

Hua Qiyue could sense that short sword on her neck to have shifted.

Yet she was still controlled by some force and could not move. Facing the aggressive Tianpi, Hua Qiyue was totally unable to resist.

“Lass, wait for me. Once I swallow this whiff of purple energy, I will be immortal and forever young. We shall be together forever.” Tianpi began to laugh wickedly, staring at the tears coursing out of Hua Qiyue’s eyes.

Hua Qiyue hopelessly and hatefully stared at Tianpi, disappointment overwhelming her eyes. “No… Master, you couldn’t have changed! You couldn’t have!”

“Hahaha, that’s how I am like. How nice it will be when Yun Shimo dies. I will have no more rival and I will win your hand. Xian’er, have you forgotten all our happy days together? If it weren’t for those men, we would never have separated. And I wouldn’t have turned into a devil too. After I locate Hua Zun and slay him, I will come back. Then we will live happily ever after!”

Tianpi gave a cold sneer. The murderous malice from his body intensified. He released Hua Qiyue and instantly soared away from her.

Hua Qiyue’s heart chilled. She remembered that Hua Zun was with Tianci and gave a shocked scream. “Master, please don’t kill Tianci. Tianci… is innocent. Innocent!”

Tianpi hovering in mid-air started to curl up the corners of his cold lips. He said cruelly, “Innocent? Wasn’t he a bastard born of Rong Qiyue after Yun Shimo raped her? Rong Qiyue was your former self. So how can you say that the boy is innocent? Qiyue… without Yun Shimo and Tianci, we will be the perfect couple, right?”

Hua Qiyue vigorously shook her head. “No… no! Although I won’t forgive Yun Shimo, he is still the man I love. Not you, not you! In my heart, Tianci is very important too! I beg of you…”

She feebly slumped down onto her knees in the snow. Crystalline tears fell. They had frozen even before they reached the ground.

Cruel splashes of blood had also coagulated on her robe and her neck.

Tianpi hovering in mid-air started to guffaw manically. Insanity was in his eyes. “Lass, you… must be responsible for your own words. I will go and kill them this very instant. And I will come back… haha… and slay this damn bird and eradicate everyone else. We shall live our happiest days after that!”

With these words, Tianpi’s figure flashed and he disappeared from the air.


Hua Qiyue gave a terrified shriek. A mad force made her stand up suddenly. With all her strength, she executed Mourning Steps and within a few seconds, reached the spot Tianci was at before.

But Tianci and Hua Zun were no longer there. Hua Qiyue began to shout in a terrified voice. “Tianci… Hua Zun? Tianci!”

One must know that Tianpi’s Qi Art had already exceeded the great completeness of Great Deity. He was dozens of times more powerful than Hua Qiyue. For Tianpi to kill Tianci, it would be as easy as overturning a palm!

“Tianci!” Hua Qiyue gave another terrified shriek. She began to storm hysterically around the forest.


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