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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady – Chapter 278: I’ll Show Him the Door if You Don’t Bahasa Indonesia

“Well, you know, men and women should avoid body contact. If people know that we share the same room and bed, it’ll ruin our reputation,” Murong Xue stressed each syllable slowly as she shifted her glare from him unnaturally.

If her friend caught a man when he walked out of her room in the early morning, it would embarrass her enough even if her friend didn’t make any comment.

The sullen look on her small face made Ouyang Shaochen smile. He slowly buttoned up and walked outwards. “Gong Qianyu is too arrogant to talk to people. Even if he knows this, he won’t tell others!” Ouyang Shaochen said disapprovingly.

A gleam flashed across Murong Xue’s eyes. She reached out to grab him and said hurriedly, “Even so, we’d better keep it from him. You just take a seat here and don’t go out until he leaves.”

“I have something else to do. I can’t stay here for too long,” Ouyang Shaochen interrupted her casually as he strode ahead.

Murong Xue pulled him back by the arm. She glowered at him and said, “Just a little while.”

“My time is precious. A little while is too much already,” Ouyang Shaochen took a glance at her and was ready to leave.

Murong Xue turned furious and pulled him back with teeth and nail. “You must sit here before Gong Qianyu leaves. Otherwise, I will, well…”

“Go on.” With his eyebrows raised, Ouyang Shaochen looked at her in an imperceptibly tricky way.

“I’ll tie you to the bed with the curtain,” Murong Xue threatened him angrily.

“Tie me with the light curtain. You think that’s gonna work?” Ouyang Shaochen said as he took a glance at the light gauze with mockery.

“I don’t care,” Murong Xue snapped when she walked towards the curtain, dragging Ouyang Shaochen.

The minute she reached out for the curtain, a resigned look flashed in Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes. He said lowly, “You have 30 minutes. If you fail to drive him away in 30 minutes, I’ll do that for you.”

Murong Xue blinked and nodded heavily. “It’s a deal!”

“Murong Xue…” The charming voice was getting closer. It turned out that Gong Qianyu had already walked into the yard towards her room.

Startled by his entrance, Murong Xue got her hand off Ouyang Shaochen. As she strode outwards, she warned, “Don’t you go out in the following 30 minutes.”

“Got it,” Ouyang Shaochen responded casually. Standing by the bed, he looked at Murong Xue blandly when she slammed the door.

Afterwards, Murong Xue turned round swiftly, only to see Gong Qianyu’s flawless face. It was so close that she could see herself clearly in his dark eyes. Gong Qianyu greeted with a faint smile, “Murong Xue!”

Feeling the warmth on her forehead from his breath, Murong Xue shifted her glare unnaturally. She sneaked sideward and cast a bland gaze at him. “What brings you here?”

“I’d like to see how your stay in this room is,” Gong Qianyu said softly.

Murong Xue responded with a light smile, “Not bad.”

“It’s hot and dry here in summer, so it might be hard for you to fall asleep. We’ve raised many beautiful lotuses here and they can help to reduce the heat. If you keep some in the room, you can fall asleep more easily. Would you like the guards to bring some for you?” Gong Qianyu said lowly as he looked at Murong Xue with excitement.

“No, thanks. My room is airy,” Murong Xue said with a smile. “There are many plants around the room. It is not stuffy at all.”

“That’s true.” Gong Qianyu looked at the plants in the garden and nodded.

Murong Xue felt guilty in a moment. It was kind of Gong Qianyu to consider for her but she bluntly refused him. It could have made him a little sad. Murong Xue intended to say a few words to comfort him. All of a sudden, she heard a man’s voice from the room.

Her face sank instantly. She just talked with Gong Qianyu for a moment, but Ouyang Shaochen already urged her. She would keep her words to persuade Gong Qianyu to leave within the given time.

Looking up at Gong Qianyu, she said with a smile, “Your Majesty, you just returned to your mansion and there must be a lot of things for you to deal with here.”

Gong Qianyu said, “I am the master in the Crown Prince’s Mansion. Manservants and maids are doing their parts and I don’t need to deal with those trivial things.”

“I don’t mean trivial things. Do you know how many people around you have been bought over by Gong Qianze?” Murong Xue said heavily.

Gong Qianyu whispered, “I have ordered guards to investigate this matter.”

“What if your guards have also been bought over and give you false results?” Murong Xue raised her eyebrows and looked at him, obviously disagreeing with his move.

Gong Qianyu frowned, “Then what do you think should be done?”

“You should investigate it by yourself. Only in this way can you find the truth,” Murong Xue said with a smile and glanced at the shadow of the tree to tell the time. It had been over 15 minutes already.

Gong Qianyu wore a frown, “I can’t investigate all my servants and guards by myself. There are too many of them. I’m gonna take this measure to clear all betrayers…”

Suddenly, the slam of the door interrupted Gong Qianyu.

Gong Qianyu raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is there anyone in your room?”

“No, it’s just a naughty pet I raise,” Murong Xue smiled unnaturally. Looking at the shadow of the tree projected on the ground, she was shocked. “Gosh! Time is running out,” she thought.

With the slam, the sound of footsteps also travelled to her ears.

Murong Xue caressed her forehead resignedly. Time was up and Ouyang Shaochen was about to come out.

In the meanwhile, Gong Qianyu looked at the door of the room and frowned, “Your pet is really naughty and many things in the room must have been damaged. Wait a minute, let me teach it a lesson for you.”

Seeing that Gong Qianyu was about to push the door, Murong Xue hurriedly stopped him. “Don’t worry. It will stop when it gets tired.”

“I just arrived in this capital city yesterday and couldn’t wait to go out and enjoy the spectacular view. If you have time today, please be my guide,” Murong Xue said with a smile, while grabbing Gong Qianyu by the sleeve and pulling him out.


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