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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady – Chapter 277: Qianyu’s Visit Bahasa Indonesia

Murong Xue instantly pulled a long face. She glowered at him and said, “Ouyang Shaochen, it’s my room. Go back to yours if you want to sleep.”

“This room is well-lit and surrounded by flowers outside, so it has fresh air and is perfect for me. My room is not only in a remote area but also exposed to the sun all day long. The dryness and heat in the room is not conducive to recuperating,” Ouyang Shaochen said blandly while walking forward non-stop.

“Then you sleep here, and I’ll go to your room to rest,” Murong Xue replied, struggling to free herself from Ouyang Shaochen’s arms. However, Ouyang Shaochen was so powerful that she couldn’t pull away from him.

“My room is cramped and stuffy. Even I can’t sleep there, not to mention you. Let’s sleep in your room!” Ouyang Shaochen said blandly while carefully putting Murong Xue onto the bed. And then he also laid down.

Seeing that, Murong Xue sat up and glared at him angrily. “There are other rooms in this house. I will find one to take a break in.”

When she and Ouyang Shaochen were in the Prefect Mansion, the residence of Duan Wuluo, they shared a room for safety. But this house belonged to Ouyang Shaochen and it was heavily guarded. There was no need for them to share a room at all.

“The other rooms have not been cleaned, so we can’t stay there for the time being!” Ouyang Shaochen said as he held Murong Xue’s waist and pressed her onto the bed. “It’s late at night so let’s rest first,” he continued.

Feeling his hot breath, Murong Xue was seized with outrage and waved her arms to beat Ouyang Shaochen. “I don’t want to share a room or bed with you,” said she.

“Why not?” Ouyang Shaochen asked, puzzled.

“Men and women are supposed avoid body contact,” Murong Xue said word by word. Even in the modern world, sharing a room or bed was not allowed between a small boy and a small girl, let alone in this ancient and conservative era.

Upon hearing that, Ouyang Shaochen said with an imperceptible smile, “That’s not the case between us.”

“Why not?” Murong Xue asked. They were just among ordinary men and women.

“Because we will be together forever,” Ouyang Shaochen said lowly, his dark eyes as deep as an abyss. He then slowly bent his face down, his thin lips printing on Murong Xue’s rosy lips.

Feeling the moisture, Murong Xue widened her eyes suddenly. Seeing that Ouyang Shaochen‘s face close to her, she was shocked that she seemed to like the feeling of being kissed instead of hating it.

Her mind became blank, her breathing fast. She subconsciously extended her arms to push Ouyang Shaochen away.

Ouyang Shaochen reluctantly stopped kissing her. Looking at her watery eyes and small face that blushed as red as a rose, he kissed her red lips again. “It’s really late at night,” he said with a smile. “Let’s rest first!”

Ouyang Shaochen extended his long arms to hold her. With his chin on her hair and his eyes closed, he sniffed the faint but unique fragrance in her body.

Feeling the pain from her lips, Murong Xue came to her senses and caressed her red lips. She looked up at Ouyang Shaochen, only to see his eyes closed. He was so noble and charming that she couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Had he already fallen asleep? She still had many questions unsolved. Why did he fall asleep so soon?

Murong Xue frowned. Ouyang Shaochen hadn’t taken a good rest for a long time in their long journey. Now that he finally fell asleep, it was unrighteous of her to wake him up. Besides, those were not urgent questions, so she had better ask him after he woke up.

As Murong Xue thought that and closed her eyes, Ouyang Shaochen’s powerful heartbeat made its way to her ears. It was like a lullaby, making her fall asleep in a moment.

With Ouyang Shaochen’s eyelashes trembling, he slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the sleeping beauty in his arms, with admiration in his obsidian-like eyes.

Since she cared about him, she didn’t disturb him when he closed his eyes. Instead, she laid in his arms and fell asleep. It seemed that she was not particularly repulsive of his closeness now. Everything he had done for her finally paid off.

After a while, he snapped his fingers and directed his internal strength at the pearl. He fell asleep in a pleasant mood, with Murong Xue asleep in his arms.

The dim, yellow light of the moon forced its way through the shutters into the room onto the bed, creating a lustful and cozy atmosphere.

Suddenly, in a daze, Murong Xue heard someone calling her.

It was hard for her to identify who it was from that on-and-off sound. She frowned, being disturbed in the early morning.

“Get more sleep and I’ll drive him away!” Ouyang Shao’s soft voice rang in her ears.

“Um!” Murongxue nodded subconsciously and grabbed the thin quilt nearby to cover her ears. However, she suddenly realized that the voice seemed to belong to Gong Qianyu. In a moment, she opened her eyes.

“Murong Xue.” The charming male voice was getting closer, as if he had already been outside the house. It was really Gong Qianyu! Why did he come to their room so early?

Upon seeing Ouyang Shaochen sitting up and planning to get out of bed, she hurriedly stretched out her hand to stop him. “It is Gong Qianyu. Let me talk to him.”

Ouyang Shaochen gave her a weird look. “Aren’t you sleepy?” he asked. He knew that Murong Xue rarely woke up so early.

“I am not sleepy anymore.” Murong Xue shook her head. The moment she opened her eyes, the sleepiness was gone.

Murong Xue got out of bed and quickly put on clean clothes. As Ouyang Shaochen also changed clothes, she said hurriedly, “I will greet Gong Qianyu. Before he leaves, don’t go out.”

“Why?” Ouyang Shaochen frowned in puzzlement.


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