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The Empress’s Gigolo – Chapter 912: Development Bahasa Indonesia

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This was the human race’s second confrontation with the foreign races.

During the first encounter, Ren Baqian and the empress directly launched a nuclear bomb in the Sixty Thousand Mountains, wiping out a few herdsmen.

Although the human practitioners seemed to have suffered fewer casualties compared to the foreign races during this confrontation, it was a complete failure that slapped all the participants in the face.

The foreign races were very strong!

This was the case even when the humans had the absolute advantage of attacking unprepared enemies. If the two parties were to face each other directly, the casualties would be even greater.

With a gloomy face, the empress ordered, “Everyone retreat.”

Ren Baqian’s eyes flickered, but he stayed silent.

Although this road had to be paved, it wasn’t time yet.

Another option was to send Li Fu to pin down the enemy’s experts, but there were other uses for him at the moment.

After all, Ren Baqian was still waiting to use Li Fu to save himself if Xu Wuming suddenly showed up. Xu Wuming was a super expert from hundreds of years ago and the empress was pregnant, so the risk was too great.

Regardless of whether it was the empress or the ball in her belly, he wouldn’t be able to accept it if something happened to either one of them.

Even if it really was a ball, it was one that the two of them made!

Casting the matter of the ball aside, once everyone had recuperated, Ren Baqian had to prepare some things to pave the way.

The nuclear bomb was set aside first. The effects of nuclear radiation hadn’t been revealed yet, and the situation in the Sixty Thousand Mountains was complicated. This region was prone to situations that many people couldn’t imagine and required some observation.

Ren Baqian was very interested in sonic and meteorological weapons.

The use of meteorological attacks from thousands of miles away would be achieving the phenomenal magic that deities used in novels, but with technology.

Even though the aboriginal Kismet Heaven experts fought the foreign races bravely, the number of casualties they suffered was still quite heartbreaking.

Originally, Ren Baqian wasn’t planning to develop gunpowder weapons. After all, with such weapons, the role that personal ability played would be greatly reduced. It would still be fine within a decade or two, but after several decades, gunpowder weapons would spread to other nations sooner or later. By then, the aboriginals would be at a disadvantage.

However, the situation had now changed. The casualties suffered by the aboriginal Kismet Heaven experts made him feel a little distressed. More than 30 were killed and 100 were seriously injured in a foreign race village of just 300 people.

The aboriginals needed to be enhanced with more advanced weapons.

In Ren Baqian’s mind, he was thinking of weapons like the Gatling gun, which could flood the enemies with a rain of bullets. As long as there were enough bullets, it would serve as a threat even to Cardinal Heaven experts.

The weight of these machine guns and their ammunition boxes wasn’t even a point of consideration for the aboriginals.

Soon after the empress gave the order, Li Yuanzhu met with the returning crowd.

In fact, she had already heard about the heavy casualties before she arrived.

In her heart, she was also stunned by the combat power of the foreign races. During this meeting, she saw a few captives that had been brought back, which included a Spirit Wheel and a few Earth Wheel level experts from the Serpent race.

The outcome of this battle and the sight of these captives had convinced the experts from Great Xia. They had been seriously considering the recruitment model that Ren Baqian had suggested.

Based on the current situation, humans wouldn’t necessarily stand a chance even if they combined forces and fought the foreign races. It would be self-destruction if their forces were to remain divided!

Of course, there was also the option to abandon the barrier of passing through the Sixty Thousand Mountains, but this wasn’t part of their consideration at all.

Ren Baqian’s nuclear bomb had indeed given them great confidence and faith. With the possession of such a weapon of mass destruction, the human race might be able to win the battle!

Otherwise, it would be difficult for the experts to make their choice. It would be the same as the scenario between Li Fu and Xu Wuming back then!

However, at this time, Ren Baqian had turned his attention to other weapons.

Five months later, the empress was 16 and a half months pregnant and had yet to give birth. Her belly had gotten slightly bigger.

Even when concealed with clothing, the bump could be seen.

Apart from rejoicing, Ren Baqian had also become increasingly worried about what exactly the ball inside her belly was.

In any case, it wouldn’t be Pikachu!

In the meantime, he went back to the Messier 87 department to learn about meteorological weapons. After asking some questions, the situation was revealed to him.

The nation’s meteorological weapon was still under development. Although there were some results, it was still quite far away from being used in actual combat.

The main research focuses currently included sound waves, typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes, hail, and extreme cold.

In fact, these were also the main research focuses of various other countries.

If this research continued smoothly, it would take another five to ten years for Ren Baqian to see results.

This would be just a little over three years in Dayao.

However, all of the current results were produced by large-scale equipment, and he wouldn’t be able to bring these things back to Dayao even if he had more than 1,000 kilograms of strength. He could only wait until the equipment was miniaturized, which would take much longer.

In any case, Ren Baqian had finally addressed his concern.

In addition, diesel engines had also been developed with the researchers from Earth playing an important role.

At present, there were 23 scientists, including several physicists, chemists, mathematicians, medical experts, and materials science experts as well as two botanists and two zoologists.

Recently, they were looking for Ren Baqian to obtain permission for some aboriginals to participate in scientific experiments.

In other words, participate by being a research subject.

With the diesel engine research complete, Ren Baqian was currently allowing many aboriginal craftsmen to construct the first tractor by hand. With the participation of many of the scientists, he was working to develop a production line that could achieve mass production after the tractor was successfully constructed.

In addition, many other changes had taken place.

The first road from Lan City had been completely finished. It used to take 20 days for goods to arrive, but now it only took around ten days.

Most of the original captives were now invested in the construction of the road from Lan City to the Protectorate of the Southeast while a small portion of them were sent to work on various infrastructure in the new city. This included sewers, drainage channels, electrical lines, and water pipes.

On top of that, there were dozens of villages in the Sixty Thousand Mountains that nearly 30,000 aboriginals had moved out of. They trudged all the way to the edges of the new city and settled down there. The Ministry of Revenue supported them by isolating the strange fish that lived in the water and the parasites on the bodies of the fish.

The materials in Lan City were becoming more and more abundant. The entire city was several times more lively than it had been before the war. The number of aboriginals and people of the Jing Tribe had grown several times higher than before.

As the price of ironware dropped to one-tenth of its original cost, more and more of the indigenous aboriginals carried sabers on the streets. This caused public security to deteriorate for a period of time. Fortunately, the eight arenas inside and outside of the city managed to reverse the situation.

Currently, Ren Baqian was sitting in one of the city’s largest arenas. On the lower stage, there stood a young girl who wore a tube top and a skirt made of animal hide.

“Ten match winning streak, ten match winning streak. This is Zhu Hua’s tenth consecutive win this week. Is there anyone who wants to challenge her? Are there any experts up for it? The current prize money is 300 taels of silver!”

He looked down at Zhu Hua and frowned as he listened to the words that were being shouted repeatedly.

She wasn’t smart, and according to her past results, the highest she scored was only nine points. However, her results had gotten worse lately… They dropped from nine points to three. She couldn’t even be found at the steam engine improvement laboratory. Instead, she placed all of her focus on the arena!

From the current situation, with her strength, she was considered pretty good among the aboriginal Kismet Heaven experts. She was able to win some silver in a short period of time, but she couldn’t continue this way…

However, the academy might not be suitable for Zhu Hua either. She was also aware of this and had recently put her focus elsewhere.

She should probably be recommended to the Ministry of War.

After pondering for some time, Ren Baqian watched another one of her fights. Then, his knitted eyebrows gradually relaxed.

He was holding a book at the moment, and it attracted a few sneaky glances from the people in the surroundings.

This was mainly because the cover of the book was composed of various high-resolution photos of lolitas, big breasts, and young women…

Indeed, it was an adult magazine from Japan. Ren Baqian was thinking about putting this magazine on the market. On one hand, it would increase the fertility rate, but on the other, he wondered if it would cause a negative impact to public order!


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