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The Empress’s Gigolo – Chapter 911: Heavy Casualties Bahasa Indonesia

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There were rumors in society that anyone who crossed paths with Gluttonous Duke, would definitely complain. There was no telling how much food that seemingly bottomless pocket contained. He could unleash all kinds of moves when he attacked, giving off alluring aromas that could make his opponents feel hungry even when they were full.

Many experts of Great Xia dished out their moves, but the warrior of the Serpent race dodged left and right while dissipating these attacks.

Many of the aboriginal Earth Wheel experts had also crossed the lake. They smashed the shacks first and captured the young and the old who stayed behind to prevent them from escaping. Others surrounded the members of the Serpent race who were rushing toward the center of the island.

On the other hand, the top human experts engaged the Serpent race experts. Other than the strongest enemy, they managed to handle the rest.

The battle cries of both parties shook the entire ground.

At this time, Ren Baqian was facing a warm, strange, and silent situation.

The origin of this incident was from the past few times that he returned to Earth. His parents had never gotten the news that the empress was pregnant. They had never seen her since the wedding. Even though it had only been a year in Dayao, three years had already passed on Earth.

He couldn’t shirk this matter off and had no choice but to take the empress back to his hometown in Northeastern China.

She had been pregnant for almost 12 months, yet there was only a slight bulge in her belly. If she were to wear an inner garment and light muslin, one would hardly notice it.

Apart from Ren Baqian’s parents, Ren Wannian and his wife, Xu Hongxiu, were present as well. Xu Hongxiu was very beautiful, and the impression she gave off was very clean and gentle. She was also very enthusiastic to see them.

Aside from the occasional murmur, the empress rarely spoke. Her expression was also very cold. Other than when she was with Ren Baqian, she put on this expression most of the time. The impression she gave off was pretty arrogant, which was also the way she acted normally.

Such reactions made Xu Hongxiu feel a little lost.

“She’s always like this, so don’t mind her!” Ren Baqian chuckled, making her feel a little overwhelmed by the favor.

Although Ren Wannian was the owner of the most anticipated technology company on the planet today, she still knew who had the most say in his family.

Besides, Ren Baqian didn’t look like a good person. He seemed to have more power and influence than his brother. Rather than a hidden rich man, Ren Baqian looked more like an official of the nation!

“Zixiao, I see that you are always touching your belly. Could it be that you are pregnant?” Mama Ren asked eagerly with glowing eyes.

The empress thought for a while and nodded after turning to see that Ren Baqian had stepped aside to talk to Ren Wannian.

Mama Ren immediately rejoiced. She had wished for this for so long, and now, it finally came true.

This daughter-in-law of hers wasn’t like Ren Wannian’s wife, whom she could casually talk with. She somehow felt a little out of breath whenever she saw the empress.

Although Mama Ren invited her over for dinner, it took a lot of determination just to ask a few indirect questions.

“A happy occasion, really happy. How long has it been?” Mama Ren asked excitedly.

“11 months and 17 days.”

Mama Ren and Xu Hongxiu were speechless.

“11 months and 17 days?” Mama Ren repeated. Didn’t pregnancies only last for ten months at most? Could her past two pregnancies be fake?

“11 months and 17 days!” The empress was very sure.

“Have you gone to the hospital for an examination?” Mama Ren felt that the empress might be mistaken about something and asked another question.

“I understand my own body very well,” the empress replied faintly.

Mama Ren and Xu Hongxiu were speechless again.

Mama Ren then decided to ask her son about what was going on.

It was also fortunate that she made this decision. If she continued probing and found out that the thing inside the empress’s belly was a ball, she would probably suspect that either she or the empress had a mental problem.

Seeing that Ren Baqian hadn’t finished the conversation, it didn’t take long before Mama Ren couldn’t help herself.

“Are you pregnant?”

The empress glanced at her, thought about it, and replied, “Yes!”

“Has it been four months and 17 days?”

“11 months and 17 days.”

Mama Ren was speechless.

It would be better if she asked her son later.

When Ren Baqian was done talking with his brother, he came over after seeing the weird look on his mother’s face.

“What happened to your wife?”

“Huh?” He was baffled.

“Do you know that she’s pregnant?” Mama Ren asked.

Ren Baqian’s heart skipped a beat as he forced a smile and asked, “What did she say?”

“I asked if she was pregnant, and she told me that it has been 11 months and 17 days… I also repeatedly confirmed whether it was four months and 17 days instead, but she said that it was 11 months. I have never heard of such a long pregnancy before giving birth. The size of her belly doesn’t look like it either. Do you want to take her to the hospital for an examination?”

“Ma, your Northeastern accent is too strong, and she heard it as pre-pregnancy preparations. She has been preparing for 11 months and 17 days. You know that people these days prepare for pregnancy!”

“Impossible! My Mandarin is polished. People who don’t know might even think that I worked at a television station!” Mama Ren’s eyes were wide open.

“Otherwise, what else do you think it could be? She must have misheard your words.” Ren Baqian spread his arms.

Mama Ren pondered suspiciously and asked, “Pre-pregnancy preparations for 11 months and 17 days… That’s quite long. Why isn’t she pregnant yet? Should both of you go to the hospital for a checkup?”

His face turned black as his mind filled with swear words.

However, Ren Baqian still explained seriously, “We have checked and nothing is wrong. Just wait to hold your grandchild!”

“Hongxiu is already three months pregnant! You two have to hurry up! This is the only thing that your father and I are looking forward to!”

He nodded quickly.

Soon after, Ren Baqian sat beside the empress with a bitter smile.

“What’s wrong? What’s with your expression? Is it because of the ball in my stomach?” she asked faintly. He heard her without anyone else noticing.

“You know it as well, Your Majesty! Being pregnant for more than 11 months is a big problem for ordinary people. Besides, you have shown no signs of pregnancy, which is too shocking for them.”

“I don’t like to lie,” the empress replied.

“You wouldn’t be Her Majesty if you spoke like ordinary people and cared about what others think!” Ren Baqian wasn’t surprised at all.

She smiled after hearing this response.

The two days of staying at home were considered pretty harmonious. Although the empress was cold, Xu Hongxiu, their new family member, had gotten used to it. Instead, she shared about how she maintained her complexion and occasionally expressed how amazed she was that the empress could have such good skin.

A few days later, she and Ren Baqian returned to Wuji City and brought back to Dayao some of the equipment required by the research institute. They then heard about the report that detailed how Qi Ziting led many aboriginal and Great Xia experts to launch a surprise attack on the Serpent race.

One of the Great Xia experts was killed while trying to block the escape route of the enemy’s top expert. He was Priest Bai Yun, the sixteenth most powerful expert in the world. 11 of them were severely injured. Two of the aboriginal Cardinal Heaven experts were killed in battle, and the rest of them were severely injured.

The casualties were heavy.

More than 30 of the aboriginal Kismet Heaven experts were killed and almost 100 of them were injured.

All 300 of the foreign races were either killed or held captive, with none of them escaping.

During this night attack, the human race attacked the enemy’s highly regarded statue, held the opponents back, and surrounded them with many experts. In spite of this, the human casualties were still heavy.

Ma Hongyu, Xu Gongsou, Lin Dong, Fire Serpent Tao Qian, and many others were severely injured.

Most importantly, one of the enemies was an expert who surpassed the Spirit Wheel level!

If it wasn’t for Bai Yun desperately holding him back, his repeated hesitation to retreat, and multiple missed opportunities, the strongest enemy expert would probably have gotten away.

However, this was merely a village with 300 members of the foreign races.

Except for Li Fu, Li Yuanzhu, and the empress, all the other top experts suffered heavy damage in such a small village!


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