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The Empress’s Gigolo – Chapter 910: The Fierce Foreign Races Bahasa Indonesia

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After investigating the situation in the distance with the telescope, many of the experts immediately saw the importance of the device in their hands.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was indeed a treasure.

The front and tail ends were made of polished crystals, and there were no impurities when they looked through it.

The more important thing was its function; it could zoom in and out on distant objects by dozens of times.

Originally, they could only see things that were a few kilometers away. With this thing, they could see dozens of times that distance.

Even the details of an object several kilometers away could be seen clearly with this telescope, and the front lens could be rotated to adjust the distance.

This was the function of this treasure.

On the island, the experts saw a series of buildings along the lake that looked very different from human houses. They looked like simple and disorderly shacks that were randomly set up. Some of the creatures with snake tails were active on the island, and there were mostly females with very few males.

“They are indeed the humanoid creatures that Zhao Prince Consort had mentioned. They are called the Serpent race, right? Currently, I have seen 191 of these creatures with human bodies and snake tails. From the living conditions, they are still relatively primitive. However, there’s a statue in the middle of the island, which should be the idol of the deity that they worship.” Ma Hongyu looked through the telescope and passed it to the next person.

“According to the number of shacks, there should be about 300 people from the foreign races on the island. They feed on fish and birds, and the weakest of them is an Earth Wheel expert! They also seem to have exits into the water from inside the buildings,” Xu Gongsou said solemnly.

If their weakest member was an Earth Wheel expert, what would their strongest be? An ordinary aboriginal was only at the Man Wheel level. These foreign races were much stronger than the aboriginals.

Besides, there were exits underwater, which meant that it would be very difficult to annihilate all of them and stop them from escaping.

The only reassuring thing was that this foreign race was few in number.

However, this was just one location.

There was no telling how many more of these foreign races there were beyond these mountains. They were the biggest enemies of the human race.

“That statue isn’t their deity. It should be a hero or a king. In order to strengthen the image of a deity, a deity usually has a few different parts that create a sense of the unknown, which is beneficial for increasing the reverence of the believers. This is especially true for relatively primitive foreign races.” Lin Dong paid more attention to the statue at the center of the island and made his own analysis.

“Personal habits. Please excuse me!” He smiled at everyone after putting down the telescope.

Working together and loving one another, Righteous Sect could only become the number one cult in Great Xia because of the efforts and professional knowledge of each generation’s leaders.

The crowd winced. They knew that Lin Dong was the leader of Righteous Sect without needing him to emphasize it.

“I’m curious… How do these creatures reproduce?” Gao Yi asked after watching them for some time.

Everyone immediately turned to look at him. Nobody expected the thick-browed and big-eyed Gao Yi to actually be someone like this!

“I’m just curious. If we know how they reproduce, it’s easier to understand their fertility.” He was slightly embarrassed and found an impeccable excuse for himself after seeing the expressions of the others.

“Their tails can be opened and closed, from which the genitals can be extended,” the aboriginal expert explained.

This time, everyone looked at him with weird expressions. Gao Yi simply mentioned it casually. Did this aboriginal actually study it?

The aboriginal kept calm and explained, “Their mating process is very interesting. You can see it at night. They will be mating by the lake.”

Everyone stared at him for a long time and thought to themselves, These barbarians have no righteousness and no shame… In their eyes, what is considered taboo in Great Xia is just as normal as the stars.

In the eyes of the people of Great Xia, this kind of thing could only be understood and couldn’t be conveyed in words. Even if the social customs in Great Xia were thousands of times better than in Dayao, the scholars would still casually talk about romantic affairs.

In the opinion of these experts, the only normal person that Dayao could communicate with was Ren Baqian.

However, if they knew that he was preparing to print a large number of erotic pictures and books to improve the reproductive rate of the aboriginals, this opinion would probably change.

From the mountain, everyone studied the island for a long time and verified what Ren Baqian said.

The only thing left to do was to defeat these foreign races and interrogate them for information.

Afterward, everyone returned to where the aboriginals were and decided when and how to proceed with the attack.

There were more than 500 aboriginals here, of whom 12 were Cardinal Heaven experts, which wasn’t a weak military force.

In addition, there were also 500 Kismet Heaven experts.

Coupled with those weird looking mounts, the military strength of these people could be increased by 30 percent, which was just enough to deal with the commoners of the foreign races.

What the people were worried about were the stronger experts!

The island wasn’t too big. It was about ten kilometers long and only about four kilometers wide. There was a row of shacks located on the edge of the lakeshore facing the south. At the center of the island, there was a statue that was dozens of meters tall. Under it was its base and a flight of stairs. There were many fish placed in front of it as tribute.

Every day at sunset, the people of the Serpent race would offer food as tribute in front of the statue and pray for blessings before feasting on their catch of the day. They didn’t have to worry about a food shortage because of the huge lake and the abundance of fauna.

After enjoying the food, the civilians would meet at the edge of the lake.

They didn’t know that they had been watched or that the telescopes had been extremely useful for this task.

The following night, dozens of people with astonishing auras descended from the sky. Several of them landed directly at the statue in the center of the island.

“These people are friends from which race?” A woman’s voice was heard from a shack on the edge of the island, and dozens of Spirit Wheel level members of the Serpent race immediately went toward them.

However, when they realized that there were people heading toward the statue, the Serpent race people immediately became furious.

“What are you doing?”

Boom! The statue was hit by several people and suddenly covered with cracks.

“Protect the statue of the king!” Many members of the Serpent race rushed out of the shacks and dashed to the center of the island.

Lin Dong looked at the cracked statue and muttered, “Just right!”

This was his suggestion. Usually, such totem-like statues were extremely important to the locals. If the enemies approached and realized that it was destroyed, they would go into a frenzy and begin to run away after finding that they were no match for them.

As such, he wanted the statue to be damaged and not destroyed, letting the Serpent race come forth to protect it. This was the only way that they could eliminate all of the Serpent race.

At the same time, many of the aboriginals who were on standby around the lake threw large pieces of wood into the water and used them as stepping stones.

At this moment, an extremely astonishing aura rose from the edge of the lake.

“Human race, you are really the root of trouble!”

“Sure enough, it’s as Zhao Prince Consort said!”

Roar angrily, a six-armed figure struck one of the human experts by the side of the lake with enormous force!

Both parties clashed and immediately separated. Gao Yi flew back in horror as the spear in his hand flew away. He only had a long rod left, and his hand was bleeding profusely.

“How dare you monsters!” A huge palm that was several meters in size slammed down from the sky. The sun, moon, and stars on his palm flickered with white light, and they shot out before the palm landed. This was a very powerful move from Xu Gongsou. When used against other experts, the sun, moon, and stars could make his enemies distracted and leave them with no time to worry about the palm above their heads.

However, the six-armed figure slashed toward the sky with four blades, causing the sun, moon, and stars to vanish. A hole was also cut through the palm.

“Come, fire and spears!” As Ma Hongyu brandished a pole in the air, numerous flaming spears shot toward the back of this expert of the Serpent race.


Sharp stone pillars protruded from the ground, limiting the enemy’s range of motion.

“Be careful, this person is strong!” Xu Gongsou only had time to shout out this sentence.

All of the flames, spears, and stone pillars were wiped out!

“We have met with an obstacle! This foreign race is so powerful!” Gluttonous Duke gritted his teeth, unfastened a pocket at his waist, and threw a pork knuckle toward the enemy. It enlarged in the air, smashing toward them with a huge impact while accompanied by the aroma of roasted meat.

With such momentum, it could even smash through a building and make a hole in it.

After that, gourmet dishes like eight treasure rice, roasted chicken, cow leg, and grilled fish were thrown over, covering the sky with weapons, raining congee, or turning into huge objects…

Everything was a deadly weapon, and they gave off alluring aromas that made people feel hungry.

It was no wonder that there were rumors in society that anyone who crossed paths with Gluttonous Duke would definitely complain!


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