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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 84: F*cking Unbelievable Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 084: F*cking Unbelievable

“Move Jillian to the capital?”

Leili’s words made everyone in Vivian’s party react with surprise.

This was especially true for Shien, whose eyes bulged out as if someone had struck him somewhere unseen.

Leili grinned at everyone’s reactions.

“I know that you guys are all waiting for the people sent from the capital to come take custody of Jillian and move him back to the capital. Rather, it’d be better to say that most people are waiting for that.” Leili swept her eyes across everyone, “Only, we still don’t know just when the people from the capital are going to arrive. Plus, whether or not the currently battle power within Lamdrion is capable of continuously keeping a demon of Jillian’s level in check is also very much an unknown.”

“In addition, in my opinion, there’s no way that the Old Demon Faction will just watch as an inner member of Jillian’s level is taken to the capital to be judged. Thus, they’re very likely to act against Lamdrion to try to rescue Jillian.” Leili turned serious, “If that actually did happen, the Lamdrion may very well come under a great threat.”

It’s not Leili’s way to know about a looming threat without dealing with it.

Thus, the guildmaster who liked to be proactive, who smothers dangers in the crib, made a certain suggestion to the governor of Lamdrion, Balon Murrow.

That suggestion was, rather than waiting for the people from the capital to arrive, instead, secretly take Jillian to the capital.

“After the Old Demon Faction learns of Jillian’s situation, they would definitely try to rescue Jillian before the people from the capital arrives.” Leili pushed on, “In that case, there’s no reason that we have to sit and wait for the Old Demon Faction to come attack us. Thus, we must take Jillian to the capital as soon as possible.”

That way, even if the Old Demon Faction were to act against Lamdrion, they’d just end up discovering that they’ve completely missed their target, thus taking a major defeat.

Of course, within Leili’s plans, there’s no way that she would allow the Old Demon Faction to attack Lamdrion. Thus, she had already made the preparations. While Jillian is being moved to the capital and before the Old Demon Faction attacks Lamdrion, she’ll make sure to spread the news that Jillian had already been taken to the capital. That way, all the Old Demon Faction gathering at Lamdrion will end up completely missing.

At that time, even if Jillian hadn’t reached the capital by then, the gathered Old Demon Faction will definitely try to chase after Jillian to rescue him before he could arrive at the capital.

Then, without Jillian in Lamdrion itself, the Old Demon Faction will also definitely not want to try risking attacking a town and instead retreat.

“Therefore, us of the guild and the knights will all be contributing people to form the escort that will be moving Jillian to the capital.” Leili gave everyone a smile and spoke, “On the knights’ side, Sir Balon even prepared to personally join in. In that case, the guild will also need to send our highest leveled adventuring parties to join in this task.”

Thus, Vivian’s party was naturally chosen.

Leili’s own appearance here was also to explain this matter.

However, the members of the party just looked at each other with unsure expressions.

“Moving a major criminal of the Old Demon Faction?’

Lumia felt rather afraid.

“We’ve never done a quest like that before, right?”

Melika aslo acted rather nervous.

“Or rather, should I be saying as expected of guildmaster Leili?”

Diere muttered quietly as if sighing over Leili’s way of doing things.

Only Vivian added some more words.

“There’s another reason for doing it this way.” Vivian spoke quietly, “Don’t forget, besides Jillian, Lamdrion has another target of the Old Demon Faction. Plus, compared to Jillian, this target is even more likely to make the Old Demon Faction act.”

Everyone guessed who Vivian had meant as soon as she mentioned it.

This was especially true for Shien, and the corner of his mouth started twitching.

Leili, for some reason, shifted her gaze to Shien.

“In the past, that one had never stayed in a single town for so long. To avoid being captured by the Old Demon Faction, she had been constantly running throughout the past 10 years, constantly moving across the entire continent.” Leili spoke meaningfully, “This time though, that one had stayed within Lamdrion without leaving. Even if you say that she didn’t particularly want to do anything to Lamdrion, she definitely had some reason for doing this. Don’t you think so too? Shien?”

Shien didn’t dare to speak for the moment.

Looking at Shien’s behavior, Leili also turned teasing.

“Although I don’t know what that one is planning on doing, right now, she’s still unquestionably a hot potato for Lamdrion. We can’t move her, nor can we allow her to stay else the Old Demon Faction might act against Lamdrion. In that case, we’ll just have to use a more polite way of asking her to leave.” Leili shrugged, “She’s also staying because Jillian was subjugated here. If I’ve not guessed wrong, she may very well want to take some kind of action against the Old Demon Faction. Therefore, if we were to move Jillian away, she’d probably also leave along with. That’s also a good thing for Lamdrion.”

Just as she said, Leili did all that to resolve the dangers to Lamdrion. For one, it’ll move an important criminal away as soon as possible, and for two, it can shift the gaze of the Old Demon Faction and destroy their rescue plans. A third point was that it could let them toss a certain hot potato away. It’s practically three birds with one stone.

Shien just thought that it was f*cking unbelievable.

That guildmaster is kind of amazing there.

Not only did she consider all the various factors, she also saw through a great deal of the involved individuals actions and even deduced some of the major motivations involved. Even Leisha’s own goals were somewhat seen through. From there, she seized the initiative and without anyone really realizing it, drew out all the danger factors away from Lamdrion, thus greatly guaranteeing the town’s safety. That seriously impressed Shien.

However, with that, Shien and Leisha’s plan was also going to be a bit more difficult.

Once Jillian was taken away and the Old Demon Faction shifted targets or even possibly miss their target entirely, they’d also go go ground in response. If that happened, then Shien and Leisha’s plan of annihilating a group of villains will also end up untenable.

Thus, Shien tentatively spoke up.

“Is that really fine? Even though that woman is also a wanted criminal. Is it really okay to let her run away?” Shien spoke without much confidence, “Also, if the Old Demon Faction missed their target and discovered that they’ve been tricked, what if they ended up enraged from it and tries to take it out on Lamdrion?”

Shien’s logic wasn’t really all that far fetched.

However, Leili instead started laughing, and her gaze on Shien turned more teasing.

That made Shien a bit guilty again.

It can’t be that this guildmaster had already guessed his and Leisha’s plan, right?

F*ck, that’s kind of terrifying.


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