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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 83: Go Back and Inherit the Family Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 083: Go Back and Inherit the Family

It had to be said. Shien did kind of go overboard recently.

Given how far he had gone, it would unquestionable be a lie if Vivian and the others still didn’t know about Shien’s legend.

“I never imagined that a newbie adventurer who hasn’t even passed their probationary period could end up becoming so infamous in the adventurer’s guild.”

Vivian really didn’t know if she should respect him for that or just be resigned.

“Never mind the guild. I’d hear your name occasionally even outside.”

Diere also gazed at Shien.

“I… I also heard it pretty often recently…”

Lumia also timidly contributed.

“… Or rather, for someone who managed to drag everyone at the guild as well as the knights around like that, it’d be impossible for you to not end up famous.”

Melika let out a bitter laugh at that.

The four girls gazed at Shien with strange expressions. None of them knew just how to particularly judge what had happened.

Obviously, none of the four had imagined that Shien would be able to end up causing so much commotion in just a few short days. It was quite sigh worthy.

Shien acted ashamed under everyone’s strange gazes, but in reality, he wanted to shout out loud.

No, rather, Shien actually did end up shouting.

“Who’s fault do you think this is?” Shien screamed out as if he was the one wronged, “If not for you guys, why would some bored assholes end up trying to pick a fight with me in the first place?”

Hearing that, the girls shook a moment, and their strange expressions somewhat transformed into guilt.

“Speaking of, this matter did indeed have quite a bit to do with us.”

Diere admitted to that point.


Lumia just panickedly lowered her head towards Shien and apologized.


Melika also showed a guilty expression. It’s not like she wasn’t self-aware.

As for Vivian, she was even more direct.

“As for that matter, I do need to apologize to you.” Vivian wiped the annoyed expression on her face and lowered her eyes, “It’s because I didn’t fully think the matter through and acted imprudently that such matters ended up troubling you. Sorry.”

It looks like Vivian knew quite clearly just why people tried to pick fights with Shien.

“Mah, it’s not like this is something that you need to apologize for.”

This time, it was Shien who was embarrassed.

After all, Shien did have to admit that, in the beginning, he indeed felt that those cliches were troublesome. However, later on, he himself did actually end up getting too into it, which was why it ended up with him being considered a devil.

Maybe it was because he had just seen far too much plots like this in his previous life, but Shien really ended up disgusted with it. Thus, when something similar happened in reality, he had an urge to personally completely mess up the usual plot…

Given all that , Shien purposefully coughed and spoke up to Vivian.

“Well, this matter is all in the past now anyways, so let’s not bring it up anymore.”

Shien didn’t mince words and just directly made that suggestion.

However, the one to reply wasn’t Vivian, but a familiar person who just came into the room.

“It was actually quite interesting. It’s pretty rare to see those rude bunch get beaten like that and turn this obedient. From a personal perspective, it’s quite interesting. From the viewpoint of the guild, we can use this matter as a lesson to make them a bit less troublesome in the future. Therefore, be it from a public or private perspective, this matter was a complete gain.”

The person who said that as she came into the room was the guildmaster of the Lamdrion adventurer’s guild – Leili.


Diere, Lumia, and Melika all stood up right away.

“You came by quite quickly?”

Vivian also stood up as well, but she wasn’t surprised at Leili’s presence. It was like she knew long in advance that the guildmaster would be coming.


As for Shien, when he saw Leili show up, he ended up unconsciously ducking his head.

No matter what, Shien did end up doing as he liked at the guild in various meanings. Thus, he did end up feeling a bit guilty in front of the guildmaster Leili.

Leili saw Shien’s reaction and found it quite funny.

“Now you’re guilty finally?” Leili half laughed, “Although, there’s no need to be that ashamed. Although you did end up blowing things up somewhat, you’re not the one in the wrong here. The ones who started things were those bored assholes you mentioned earlier, right?”

Hearing that, Shien thought it over and discovered that it was indeed so.

It’s not like he’s the one in the wrong, so why so guilty?

Was it wrong for him to have gotten into it too much?

Of course not!

As he though that, Shien suddenly felt that he was in the right. He also became confident and completely relaxed, and showed a very sunny smile.

Seeing that, Leili instead counter in annoyance.

“Even though you’re not the one in the wrong, you did still go a bit overboard. If you ended up chasing all the adventurers in the guild off, then I’d also have no choice but to quit my position as guildmaster and instead go back and inherit the family instead.”

That statement nearly made Shien roll his eyes right then and there.

Oy, were those words even human?

Leili just ignored Shien’s silently objecting expression and instead turned around to Vivian.

“Well? Did you finish preparing?”

Leili just asked that.

“Not yet. I was about to explain to everyone.”

Vivian shook her head and so replied.

“Then allow me to explain then.” Leili spoke, “The matter this time is rather important, so it’s better if I explained anyways.”

“That’s fine.” Vivian nodded and spoke, “Everyone in the party is already here after all, so let’s head over to your place.”

“No, there’s no need to go to such troubles.” Leili also shook her head and spoke, “Let’s just explain here.”

Vivian hesitated for a moment, but she didn’t object either, and nodded her head again.

Everyone was a bit confused at Vivian and Leili talking mysteriously in a conversation that only they seemed to understand.

“Um, does the guildmaster have some important matter to tell us about?”

Melika was the first to lose out to her curiosity. She raised her hand and asked somewhat nervously.

Diere and Lumia also looked toward Leili. One with a questioning gaze, the other was nervous just like Melika.

Rather, it was Shien who wasn’t all that surprised.

Back before they even assembled, Shien had already guessed somewhat. Since they were gathering again, then there must be something that they were going to do.

As expected…

“Actually, I’m here to give out a new quest for you all.”

Leili just directly stated her intentions.

“New quest?”

Everyone became alert at that and concentrated their gaze s onto Leili.

Shien included.

However, the next moment, the following words came from Leili’s mouth.

“I’ve already discussed the matter of Jillian with Sir Balon. We’ve decided. Two days from now, the guild and the knights will be jointly moving Jillian to the capital.”

Leili spoke such astonishing words.

“This matter is extremely important. Not only will the knight brigade be sending out a number of people, our guild will also need to send enough adventurers to help carry out this quest. Your party is of course our first choice.”

That was the matter that Leili was here to explain.


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