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Chapter 081: emmmmmmm……

During the following time period, Shien had basically spent nearly all of it in the guild library, accumulating all sorts of knowledge on this world.

Shien paid special attention to knowledge related to magic.

In order to take advantage of boosts afforded him by his cheat and skills, Shien hoped to learn as much magic as possible. As for whether or not they’d actually be useful, Shien decided to worry about that after he had learned it.

After all, magic is just that flexible. No matter how niche it was, there’s always the chance that it would come in use at some point. Plus, he had the ability to learn every magic skill in basically an instant, so there’s no need to worry about failing. Thus, Shien would naturally want to learn as much magic as he could.

With that, Shien quickly succeeded in finding the beginner class magic books for fire, ice, lightning, etc. elements. From them, he learned various beginner class spells, so he was no longer limited to just the four simplest and most basic spells.

However, even though Shien went through the entirety of the library’s catalog, he sill couldn’t find any books on magic beyond elemental magic. Nor could he find any books with magic beyond beginner level.

“As expected, there’s no way that high class magic would just appear for anyone to unconditionally learn.”

Shien wasn’t surprised at all.

After all, magic really is just far too flexible and special.

Magic was originally power originating from the gods and demons. Now, it had expanded into various types and areas, and every single race is continuously further developing it for the sake of increasing the total power of their race. Thus, there’s no way that they’d let their hard earned research be publicized so easily.

What if another race ended up using it to raise their own power and then used it against them?

What would they do if demons managed to steal the research and knowledge and then abused the research that they worked so hard on for evil, turning it into a force of harm.

All those various kinds of worries made it so that there was no way that any race would publicize their truly powerful magic.

Besides, magic isn’t like other combat skills. If it was used for criminal means, the damages caused will be much greater.

Putting aside everything else, just taking a mage who knows mid classed fire magic. If they just randomly fired a mid class fire spell out, they could easily burn away a building or two.

The power and effect of the damages magic could do isn’t like other combat methods. Even a low leveled mage could cause a great deal of damage. Given that point, there’s no way that high classed magic can be easily given out for anyone to learn, right?

Thus, no matter which country it was, the ways for people to learn magic then to all be tightly controlled.

That was especially true for the more special and flexible magic types. It’s not easy to learn them.

For example, Shien had learned from the library books that holy, recovery, and support type magic could only be learned from the churches in various towns. Only those who have been recognized by the church could learn those types of magic.

Also, take space, gravity, and other rare and special magic types. Those were also strictly controlled by the country. Without recommendations from the nobility or even the royalty, no mage could possibly find a publicly available avenue to learn those kinds of magic.

As for mid and high class magic, if one wants to learn them, they would have to at the very least receive a recommendation from the adventurer’s guild before they could order those magic books.

Thus, Shien could only learn beginner class magic from the library. He was also limited to just elemental magic. As for all the other kinds of magic, all he got was some basic understanding and knowledge of them that had no use whatsoever in actually teaching them.

“It looks like I really will need to find an opportunity to get Melika to teach me.”

Shien thus sighed.

Elves were a race of natural born mages. They were life forms born directly from nature. They could basically learn various types of magic from any other race without any real problems. They had far less limits than humans did.

It was also because elves were basically all naturally kind, and they wouldn’t cause any harm to the world, that they had such special treatments.

Supposedly, elves were also beloved by the gods too. Thus, they also manged to inherit some rare magic from the gods too. It was obvious just how special that race was.

Given that, Shien though that he should find an opportunity to get closer to Melika and properly have a chat with her. (Grin)

However, just because that’s all he managed to get on magic, didn’t mean that Shien didn’t get anything when it comes to other areas.

At the very least, Shien managed to fill up a lot of holes in his knowledge.

The current Shien is no longer so lacking in understanding when it comes to this world. Although there probably were a lot of secrets that he couldn’t have learned from books, at the very least, common knowledge was no longer one of his weaknesses.

Shien even found the heroic epics on the Heroes throughout history, and from them, he learned a lot of things.

Especially when it comes to the one known as the strongest Hero in history, the Hero who defeated the Demon King a thousand years ago, Mitra.

Shien read a lot regarding that Hero’s legend.

“Supposedly, that Hero had an unparalleled unique skill. It allowed him to create multiple duplicates of himself with the exact same powers as him. With it, he could hold off a demonic army on his own.”

“Supposedly, that Hero’s Holy Sword was sharp enough to cleave through a dragon’s scales and cut apart heavy shields. It could even weaken all enemy attacks by half and raise the level of every skill by five. It even increased his own levels, allowing the Hero to act as if he was 50 levels higher than he is.”

“Beyond that, that Hero’s Holy Sword also had many other uses. It could cut apart all evil, and it can weaken all curses to the point where they could no longer harm the Hero.”

“Of all the Heroes throughout history, that Hero’s unique skill and Holy Sword’s power stands above all others. Even the three great goddesses would look at it in awe.”

Shien had read that particular record.

Then, Shien took a look at his own Holy Sword’s effects.

Level +100.

All skills level +10.

All damage resist 99%.

All negative status immunity.

Sharpness level maxed.

Durability level maxed.

Extreme damage bonus VS. Evil.

Purifying and exorcism effect VS. Evil element.


At the time, Shien just silently put that book back and once again pretended that he saw nothing before turning around and leaving.

That was what Shien managed to gain during that time.

Vivian and group had also been very busy during this time, so the party only very rarely gathered.

Thus, during this time period, Shien basically always came to the guild by himself.

However, every time Shien came, he would always bring with him a rather strange atmosphere.

That was because the people at the guild had changed the way they looked at him.


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