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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 80: “Let’s Pretend I Didn’t See It.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 080: “Let’s Pretend I Didn’t See It.”

“This is beginner class magic, right?”

At that moment, as he looked at the utterly wrecked sandlot before him, Shien had question marks practically written all over his face.

Is that seriously beginner class magic?

To put it in a slightly bad way, it’s supposed to be the weakest and most useless kind of magic.

This is in addition to the fact that Shien had used the most basic varieties among the beginner class magics. Logically speaking, the effect and power should hardly be better than not even using them.

However, looking at the scene before him now, why was it that Shien felt like even mid class magic might only be around this level in power and effect?

“Even though I paid special attention to controlling my magic power.”

Thanks to the lesson he learned from back with the [Magic Sword], this time, Shien didn’t dare to just throw out all his magic power all together. Instead, he only utilized the bare minimum of the magic power required for activation the spell.

Logically speaking, when it was activated with only the bare minimum magic power required, there’s no way for the most basic beginner class magic to end up displaying that much power.

If Shien had already gained the magic skill in question and had raised the level of that skill, then it might have been possible.

However, Shien had only just acquired the four elemental magic skills. He didn’t even have the time to learn them all yet, so how was it that it ended up showing that much power?

“I didn’t even raise the levels of [Meditation] and [Chanting] yet.”

That is to say then, no matter how one looks at it, there’s no way that the beginner class spell that Shien just used could be as powerful as they ended up being.

Unless there was another cause that greatly increased the power of the spells.

Shien’s eyes involuntarily turned to one of his skills, [Magecraft].

This skill greatly increased Shien’s magic power and could greatly increase the power and effect of any magic that Shien uses. That’s definitely the main culprit that created this current scene.

Shien instantly backed away silently. He then picked the [Basic Magic] book that he set aside earlier and begun furiously flipping through it.

Within that book was also written the following content.

“The power and effect of magic is dependent on the level of the magic skill and the amount of magic used.”

“The efficiency and casting speed of the magic is dependent on the levels of the [Meditation] and [Chanting] skills.”

“However, besides those, there are still two last causes that could affect one’s magic.”

“1: When using certain magic potions or magic items, it could end up increasing the magic’s power, effect and efficiency. Certain rare magic potions and items could even raise the level of the relevant magic skill.”

“2: If one has a unique, special, or other skill that has an effect that could increase the effect of magic, that too could affect the power of one’s magic.”

Of those two causes, Shien could count as having both.

Take the Holy Sword for example. It could raise all of Shien’s skills by 10 levels. The effect was strong beyond belief. That perfectly fit the first point.

As for the second point, the best example for it was Leisha’s unique skill. It could allow her to completely ignore chanting and meditation, and instead just instantly release magic.

Of course, besides unique skills, there are numerous other skills that could increase the effect of magic.

Based on what was written in [Basic Magic], some high leveled mages have learned a skill named [Magical Might]. It could increase the power and effect of one’s magic. There are also skills like [Fire Magic Enhancement], [Ice Magic Enhancement], [lightning Magic Enhancement], etc. that selectively boosts the specific magic type.

Thus, when one has learned a magic enhancement skill, the power of one’s magic would increase. That was quite normal.

However, Shien ended up also seeing something that he couldn’t ignore.

“Within all the various magical enhancement skills, the most powerful and effective one is named [Magecraft]. Not only does is greatly increase the power and effect of all magic, it could also increase one’s magic power.”

“Unfortunately though, this skill could only be learned by gods and demons. It is impossible for mortals to learn. Even among the god and demons, only a few rare prodigies could learn this skill, and even they only learned it after level 80.”

“In the past, there were Heroes who have attempted to learn this skill, but they ultimately failed. It must be said that this was a regretful matter.”

As he read that bit, Shien instantly shut the [Basic Magic] book.

“Hn. Let’s pretend that I didn’t see it.”

Shien made that decision with a completely nonplussed expression.

After all, Shien doesn’t want to end up being called “not human”. The comments that would end up resulting from that would probably pile up like a mountain then.

Thus, let’s just ignore it.

After he put the [Basic Magic] book away, Shien took another look at the ruined sandlot and fell into deep thought.

Immediately after, Shien maxed out the levels of the [Magic – Fire], [Magic – Ice], [Magic – Lighting], and [Magic – Wind] skills that he had just gained. He also maxed out the levels of [Meditation] and [Chanting] too.



Shien who maxed out the skill instantly skipped the chant, held out his hand, and used the strongest magic he could.


In a corner outside of Lamdrion, an enormous explosion suddenly appeared out of nowhere in that location.

The flames expanded in a hellish inferno.

Shockwaves blasted out in force.

This time, the originally ruined sandlot was just directly blown away by that enormous explosion, leaving nothing more than a patch of scorched earth.

Given that scene, likely anyone who saw it would definitely believe that some high level demon mage released an extremely powerful high class magic there.

Yet, the one actually behind it all just held a pose with one hand holding a book and the other extended out as his face was illuminated by the flames.

“This is indeed beginner class magic.”

Shien just nodded with a completely calm expression. However, no matter how one looks at it, that just looked like he was running away from reality.

Afterwards, Shien hurriedly ran away like a criminal escaping from the scene of the crime.

However, in his mind, Shien was making some constant calculations.

“Whatever else, the only magic that I’ve learned are the most simple and basic four elemental spells. There are still a lot of magic that I haven’t learned yet.”

“Now, I’ve already raised my magic level, and I’ve even maxed out the levels of [Meditation] and [Chanting]. It’d be a waste if I didn’t learn some more magic.”

“Next time, let’s try to get Melika to teach me some mid class fire and ice magic.”

As for other magic, Shien wanted to go back to the third floor library of the adventurer’s guild to take a look.

Of course, Shien didn’t really think that he could find any particularly high leveled magic books.

It’s pretty obvious just thinking about it. There’s no way that a library open to the public would have high class magic for people to learn.

However, it was fine even if there weren’t any high class magic.

Even if it’s a beginner class magic, when it’s coming from Shien, the power should be still be more than enough, right?


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