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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 78: “I’m a Cheat.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 078: “I’m a Cheat.”

Normally speaking, when a mage wants to use a type of magic, there are two steps to go through first.

1: First properly adjust their own mental status, gather their concentration and mind, and then alter their own magical power’s form into that of the magic they want to use, and follow the relevant [Logic].

This step requires the [Meditation] skill. The higher the level, the faster, the more smoothly, and the more effective this step could be completed.

2: After following the relevant [Logic], one must use the relevant magic words through chanting to induce a second transformation using the magic power, to induce a change in [Logic], creating a supernatural phenomenon and realizing the miracle.

This step requires the [Chanting] skill. Just like with the previous skill, the higher the level, the faster, more smooth, and more effectively the step could be completed. If the skill’s level was high enough, one could even compress the contents of the chant or even bypassing the chanting requirement entirely and inducing the magic to form directly.

Before, hadn’t Vivian already mention it? Melika the mage, besides learning the [Magic – Fire] and [Magic – Ice] skills, had also leveled up the required skills for mages, [Meditation] and [Chanting].

Thus, every mage has to learn the [Meditation] and [Chanting] skills, and the higher leveled the skills, the better. Otherwise, no matter how high leveled the magic skill was, the speed of casting the spells will also end up slower than molasses, and there would even be the possibility of failure during the casting.

“Then, could the effect of that young lady’s unique skill be to replace the effects of those two skills then?”

Shien thought of Leisha’s situation.

That young lady’s magic didn’t need any chanting at all. She didn’t even need to say the name of the spell and instead, could cast with just a thought. That even included for high class space magic. She could instantly toss out any magic she has instantly like it was a superpower. It was quite a cheat existence.

The person herself claimed that was the effect from her unique skill. Thus, that unique skill very likely had the effect of allowing that young lady to skip the steps for meditation and chanting, allowing her to directly synchronize with the relevant [Logic] and induce changes through said [Logic], thus allowing the spell to form directly.

That is to say, Leisha very likely isn’t like other mages who had to learn the [Meditation] and [Chanting] skills.

“No wonder why she could use such powerful gravity magic. She seemed to be able to use all kinds of other magic too.”

If she didn’t need to raise the [Meditation] and [Chanting] skills, then she should have been able to use the skill points saved from that to learn other magic instead, right?

Add to the advantage of instant magic, there’s not way that Leisha would ignore such an advantage. She’d definitely try to learn as much magic as possible and raise her power as a mage.

It was quite obvious how much of an advantage that Leisha would thus have over other mages.

“As expected, the unique skills are what’s most important. With a miraculous effect, it could completely overcome the gap normally afforded by levels and skills.”

Although it was probably not to Shien’s own degree, Leisha definitely also had the ability to take on those of a higher level than her.

“I wonder just what level that brat is.”

As he thought that, Shien also started looking into how to get the [Meditation] and [Chanting] skills.

Through the [Basic Magic] book, the author clearly noted some hints for learning those two skills.

“If you want to learn the [Meditation] skill, you should first try to enter a state of emptiness. Clear your mind of extraneous thought, feel your own magic power and allow it to move. So long as you continuously do this, and you also have the talent for magic, then you should gain the ability to learn this skill at some point.”

‘If you want to learn the [Chanting] skill, you must continuously practice the chants for magic. Much like with [Meditation], so long as you have the talent for magic, you should be able to induce changes in your magic power via the chanting through this process. If you managed to induce changes in your magic power with that, then generally, you should be able to learn the skill.”

Along with all that, the book also explained in detail various tips on how to progress those two step. For example, how to better detect and feel magic power, how to concentrate the mind, how to enter a state of meditation, what kind of magic words are better to use for practice and more easily induce changes in magic power. There were lots of explanations for all kinds of things.

The book also stated the following.

“Based on these methods, if one have not yet reached adulthood and they haven’t learned either [Meditation] or [Chanting] within three years, then that means they lack the talent for magic. In such a case, please give up on becoming a mage while it’s still early.”

“After adulthood, if they haven’t learned either [Meditation] or [Chanting] within a year, the reasoning is the same as above.”

“The quicker one learns the [Meditation] and [Chanting] skills, the greater the talent that person has as a mage.”

“Thus, make the decision on whether or not to become a mage based on one’s own situation. One mustn’t chase after it blindly.”

Shien seriously memorized those contents and, after a brief silence, made his decision.

“Well, let’s at least give it a try.”

Be it [Meditation] or [Chanting], both require time and effort. Only through constant effort could results come, so there probably won’t be any effects in the short term.

However, Shien still wants to try it. Otherwise, it’d be way too much of a shame for him who had come to another world of sword and sorcery.


Thus, Shien who made his decision set down the book in his hands, and following the directions from the book got ready to try entering a state of meditation.

“First, calm yourself. Clear your mind of all extraneous thought. Concentrate your mind. Feel your own magic power. Allow the magic power to change…”

Shien went through the steps again in his mind, closed his eyes, and begun trying.

Shien was quite clear that this was a project that was going to take time to complete.

Thus, Shien told himself. He must have patience. Within a year, he needs to continuously keep trying. He mustn’t let the worry that he as an otherworlder might not be able to use magic affect him.

As the quote goes, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” So long as he put in the effort, then even though he wasn’t someone of this word, one he, he too could…

「Skill gained – [Meditation] – Would you like to learn?」

At that moment, that message appeared in Shien’s mind.


Shien, who had just set his determination to work hard, started twitching on his face. He opened his eyes and made a weird expression.

After a moment of silence, Shien picked up the [Basic Magi] book again.

“Constantly and repeatedly practice the chanting of the magic words…”

Shien begun his practice in accordance to a few of the listed magic chants in the book.

「Skill gained – [Chanting] – Would you like to learn?」

Soon, or rather, not even a few seconds later, a new message appeared in Shien’s mind.


Shien fell silent again.

At that moment, Shien seriously thought that the past him was an idiot.


The heck was he worried about!

“I almost forgot, I’m a cheat…”

In conclusion: Shien could learn magic.

In addition, there was probably no one in this other world that had greater talent than him as a mage.


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