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Chapter 073: The Guild Library

Afterwards, Shien told Vivian and the rest about his conversations with Leisha.

Of course, Shien only revealed part of it. Shien kept the part about him working with Leisha to destroy a major section of the Old Demon Faction to himself.

If he actually ended up revealing that, there’s no way that Vivian and the rest of them would agree to let him, right?

“No matter how it’s put, it’s still working with a wanted criminal. If that ends up getting known…”

Shien had a bad feeling just thinking about it a little.

After all, if Leisha has made her true identity known from the start, then Shien would have considered it again and again. There was no way he would have so easily agreed to the matter.

However, Shien was quite clear when it came down to Leisha’s personal motives.

“That person seemed to have run away from the Old Demon Faction for the sake of not letting that object get used irresponsibly. Therefore, she shouldn’t have any real motives for appearing in Lamdrion.”

Shien at least passed on that particular statement to Vivian and the rest.

However, if possible, Shien really did want to spit something else out.

“If you didn’t want that thing to be used irresponsibly, then why did you even steal it from the royal palace in the first place?”

Really, was she that bored or something?

Well, it was fine just thinking that. However, Shien did know full well that there was probably deeper details within. Otherwise, things wouldn’t have ended up this way.

Since Shien had more or less made contact with this matter, if he purposefully tried to get more information, he could probably end up digging some facts out.

Unfortunately though, Shien had absolutely no intention to do any of that.

“As the saying goes, the more you know, the more dangerous things are. This is a secret that would obviously haunt one’s entire life, so it’s best to just leave it to rot.”

Due to the above reasoning, Shien doesn’t want to make any contact with it at all.

At least, not right now anyways.

It must be said. Shien had only come to this world about half a month ago. Even with a cheat, it still hasn’t been completely utilized just yet. Not only was he only level 18, he could still learn a lot more powerful skills if he used his unique skill, which would greatly increase his power.

Think about it. If he didn’t have that kind of thing, then if the him that was only level 18 get caught in this matter. It was rather obvious just what kind of terrible ending he would end up meeting.

Thus, Shien though that it was best if he avoided those kind of things as much as possible while he still had the ability to grow rapidly. By the time that he really couldn’t avoid it anymore, he would already have the raw power to deal with it. That was the safe way after all.

To put it more simply, rather than overcoming harsh trials one after another, Shien would rather just sneakily get stronger first before easily bulldozing over those challenges. That was a point that was already obvious from his previous plan for defeating the Demon King.

“Well, the otherworld protagonist style of tormenting themselves to near death are definitely not for me.”

Thus, Shien didn’t worry all that much more about just what Leisha had stolen from the Royal Palace, or just what the Old Demon Faction wanted to get their hands on. So long as the former doesn’t have it easy and the latter don’t get what they wanted, then that was already enough. As for the rest, why bother worrying about it?

With the situation like that, Shien had said all that he needed to. The rest was left for Vivian and the rest to decide on their own.


“I’ll properly discuss this matter with Leili.” Vivian thought things over for some time before telling everyone, “Let’s cancel our party’s adventuring activities for the time being. We don’t know just what might happen soon, so let’s just stay on standby here in Lamdrion.”

That basically counted as a plan too.

“I have no objections.” Diere spoke evenly, “I’ll be saying in town for the time being too. It’s more convenient for meeting up and acting together.”

“I… I don’t mind either.” Lumia stated with some worry, “With the current situation, I’m worried about leaving my family in town on their own…”

“Of course I’m fine with it too.” Melika followed in a hurry, “If anything happens, make sure to tell us right away, big sis Vivian.”

“Hn. I will.” Vivian nodded with a smile and then turned to Shien. After a though, she spoke, “Unfortunately, we won’t be having any quests for the time being. That said, the examination will still be ongoing. Adventurer’s work isn’t just dependent on fighting ability. You seem to still have a lot of holes when it comes to your knowledge, so I suggest that you use this chance to do some studying.”

Shien naturally accepted that suggestion happily.

After all, Shien did lack understanding on many things in this world.

If he has a chance to fill the gaps in his knowledge and gain more understandings about this world, then Shien would naturally welcome it very much.

Putting aside everything else, if Shien at least knew that Leisha was a criminal wanted by the Kingdom from the start like everyone else did, then maybe quite a few things wouldn’t have happened.

If he had known after all, then Shien would have directly reported it to the adventurer’s guild or the knight brigade the first time they met. Let’s see if she dared to hang about all around like that then.

With such thoughts in mind, Shien also got a very useful piece of information from Vivian.

“There’s a huge library on the third floor of the guild. There are a lot of useful books stored within for adventurers to use. If you don’t have anything else to do, you can go there and take a look.

Shien’s eyes flashed at that bit of information.

Back then, why did Shien chose to become an adventurer in the first place?

Other than the issue of his public identity, didn’t he also need to use the adventurer’s guild as an information source to collect all sorts of information?

Now, that particular use had come.

“I was just saying, reality isn’t like novels. Adventurers need to deal with various kinds of quests, and they needed to have all kinds of knowledge about various things. For example, how to dissect materials for demonic beasts, how to identify magical items, etc… Therefore, there was definitely going to be some way for adventurers to get at and study those matters.”

Originally, Shien had though that this was going to be taught in an apprenticeship method, where someone experienced would teach the newbies. However, it seems that the guild has a more convenient way provide support on this subject.

Perhaps this too was especially prepared by Leili who liked to proactively solve problems?

No matter what, it really was quite useful for Shien.

“Since there’s no point in procrastinating, I’ll just go ahead and use it without holding back.”

With that idea in mind, Shien immediately headed for the third floor of the guild after Vivian’s party had separated.

Adventurer’s guild. Third floor. Library.

It was an extremely large space.

One bookcase after another were lined up in a row. They stacked up into the distance, where they disappeared from view.

Tome after tomes of books, old and new alike, stacked within the bookcases, giving off the musty smell of old books.

“It really is big.”

Shien came here and looked at this enormous library. No, perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a city of books. Either way, he looked onto it with some awe.

Within, a number of adventurers seem to also be utilizing this room. They each seemed to confirm something in front of a crystal like magic item before dispersing out in the direction of certain bookcases.

Shien moved forward curiously and came before a magic item. Then, he discovered that is was an index that showed where what kind of books were in which direction, and which particular books were placed exactly on which bookshelf and where.

“This is actually quite professional of them.”

Shien gave a smile and then started looking through the index seriously.


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