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The Devil Does Not Need to Be Defeated – Chapter 58: “At Your Grandma’s.” Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 058: “At Your Grandma’s.”


Seeing the portrait raised before him, Shien tightly wrinkled his brow and didn’t say a thing.

The man facing him watched Shien coldly.

“You’ve seen this person, right?”

That person asked again.

“And who might you be?’

Shien ignored the other person’s question, and instead asked that.

Who knew that the other side ignored Shien’s question too.

“You, have seen this person, right?”

The man’s voice became even colder than it was before.

That made Shien narrow his eyes further. His mood also begun dropping.

The other person’s attitude was obviously one that looked down on Shien, or rather, one that looked down on everyone. Something like “Do as I like, for I stand above all.”

And yet, the other person didn’t do so because they were prideful or arrogant. He only showed that attitude because he simply hates everything around.

That is to say, the other person looked down on Shien not because he though he was great, but rather because he didn’t want to dirty his own eyes with what he hated.

That, would seriously piss someone off.

“If I said I haven’t seen, what would you think?”

With that, Shien crossed his armed and said that while staring at the other person.

“You have seen.” The man didn’t change his expression and spoke calmly, “You have remnants of her magic power on you, so either you’ve made close contact with her or you’ve had a battle with her. And it would also have been recent.”

It must have been for that reason that the person ended up willing to stop and converse with Shien, right?

That sentence “Was it you?” at the start, should actually have the meaning of “Was it you who she had made contact with here?”

Shien didn’t particularly care to hide it either.

“Indeed, I did have a fight with her.” Shien nodded in admission while grinning, “But, so what?”

To that question, that man only had one word.


The man dove right into the main issue.

“How would I know?”

Shien, even more directly, tossed such a response back.

“Don’t know?” The man gazed coldly at Shien, “There’s no way you wouldn’t know.”

“Is that so?” Shien provoked, “And what makes you say that I must know?”

The man suddenly fell silent, only his gaze and expression have become more and more impatient.

“Where. Is. She?”

The man’s attitude was no longer merely of hatred. It has mixed with it warning and killing intent.

From the [Magic Detection] skill, Shien could feel it. The other person had already started calling up his magic power.

In other words, that person could start attacking at any moment.

Facing such a situation, Shien only had one thing he wanted to say.

“At your grandma’s.”

Thus, Shien politely inquired as to the other person’s family.

The other went silent again.

However, the surrounding atmosphere started becoming heavier.

The man stared at Shien intently, as if considering whether or not to attack.

Shien just continued to maintain his smile, although there was not a hint of it truly reflected in his eyes. He similarly looked as if he was considering whether or not to attack.

After all, Shien just disliked trouble. He didn’t actually fear it.

If they want to argue, Shien could cuss like a sailor.

If they want to fight, Shien wouldn’t hold back one bit.

He still wanted to test out the effects of [Magic Sword] after all, if that poser dared to act, then Shien would be happy to let him know just what the consequences of that are.

Of course, Shien felt like the higher probability is that the fight wouldn’t end up happening.

Never mind the fact that they were currently in town. If they dared to fight on the streets, it might end up an issue that draws the knights over. If the other person’s goals were actually searching for someone, this could easily end up alerting his prey.

If things ended up going loud and the target was scared away, then that really wouldn’t be worth it.

Therefore, this fight probably wouldn’t actually happen.

As expected.

“I’ll remember you.”

The man coldly left those words before he turned about and got ready to leave.

However at that moment, Shien acted.


With the sound of a dull impact, Shien suddenly moved and dropped a heavy kick onto the spine of the man who just turned around.


The man let out a quiet scream and, with his defenses down, was instantly sent flying by Shien’s kick and slammed onto the ground.

Sounds of the citizenry’s startled gasps and movement rang out from the surroundings.

However, Shien just completely shut them out, ignoring the shouts and commotion from around him, and instead, before the man could react, dropped right on top of him.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

With the sound of one dull impact after another, Shien straddled the man, lifted his arms, and slammed one fist after another onto the man’s face.

“What are you posing for?”

“What are you posing for?”

“Keep posing why don’t you?”


Shien acted like he was possessed by a ruffian and continuously swung his fists down over and over.

“Ow! Ah!”

The man could only give out pained yells. His hands also tried to block, and his head was completely empty, as if he never though things could turn out like this.

However, Shien only wanted to say –

“Acting like you’re the top of the world, like the entire world owed you money, and then you want to run after all that?”

“Try running now!”

“Can’t fight here? Afraid of alerting your target?”

“Then don’t bother fighting. I’ll just hit you instead. I’ll also go ahead and alert your target for you. Now are you happy?”

“Don’t want to make a scene? Then I’ll just go ahead a make a big scene!”

“So keep on posing why don’t you!”

Shien thus swung his fists while hurling insults, mercilessly wailing at the man’s face.

“Stop it! You!?”

The man finally managed to react and, with the feel of pain on his face and the insults coming from Shien’s mouth, the rage and shame in his heart exploded out at once.


A terrifying magic power finally exploded out from the man’s body.

That magic power was like a tempest, blasting outward. It made the surrounding people scream out and flee in terror.

However, not only did Shien not leave, he instead raised his fists again.


With a buzzing sound of vibrations, magic power transformed into a crimson glow on Shien’s fists.

At that moment, Shien used the [Magic Sword] skill, covering his own fists with magic power and released its light.

Following that, Shien once again swung down his fist.


A thunderously explosive sound rang out.

The man who released such terrifying magic power was blown into the ground by Shien’s glowing red fist. It shattered the street underneath him, and his entire personage sank into the ground, buried under gravel and dust.

The area with in several meters of that impact also sank down, turning into a crater. There were also fissures expanding outwards from the impact.

Shien jumped out from the center.

“Whew. Finally managed to let it out.”

Shien dusted himself off with an expression of having released his burdens.

Within the crater, the man had already fainted, completely unconscious.


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