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Chapter 054: Earth-Shattering Mishap


This time, Shien reacted in an instant and learned the two skills he just gained.

Not only that, Shien also immediately raised [Magic Control] to max level.

This skill that he hasn’t had for even a second yet thus became a highest grade divine skill in Shien’s hands.

It was also in that moment that Shein felt the magic power in his body became like his own limbs, for him to be able to control as he pleased.

Thus, with merely a thought from Shien, the magic power from his body quickly concentrated into his hand and flowed into the broadsword tightly held within it.


The sound of vibrations rang out.

The broadsword in Shien’s hand visibly gave off light.

That is the light from magic power.

After being consciously controlled and transformed into might, magic power is just like that, becoming a form that can be seen by the naked eye.

Seeing the scene before her, Diere was also quite amazed.

“He actually finished the steps for releasing and controlling magic power that quickly?”

It’s because Diere also went through the same process that she knows very well, that this is not something so easily done.

“Normally speaking, a person would have a hard time just feeling magic power. Under such conditions, even if one could feel their own magic power, to successfully direct it would naturally be even harder, never mind releasing it outside their body.”

Just like the spring water in a magic spring would evaporate into the air sooner or later, magic power within a person can only flow within that person’s body, and the moment it’s released outside, it would generally evaporate away. Only after strict training could it be kept in the form of magic power and become controllable.

Back then, Diere ended up stuck on this step for a whole month before she finally got past it.

Supposedly, if one has the [Magic Control] skill, that step could be easily stepped past.

But, even so, Shien’s success is still a bit too fast, right?

“As expected of…”

Diere silently muttered to herself.

But soon, Diere came back to herself.

“Just like that. Maintain your control of the magic power, allow it to circulate within the weapon. Absolutely do not relax your control, or it will immediately disperse.”

Diere so directed step by step.

“Then, under this state, guide the circulating magic power to the edge or point of the sword, and allow magic power to continuously concentrate there.

“With this method, the quality and density of magic power will continuously increase, until finally, it will solidify much like how the magic power in the air and earth concentrates into spring water.”

“With that, the [Magic Sword] capable of cutting through all things will be formed.”

Hearing that, Shien concentrated his full mind on it, continuously pushing his own magic power into the broadsword in his hands, and continuously strengthening the magic power gathering within it.

The light of the magic power on the broadsword instantly shine brighter and brighter.

In that moment, Shien unquestioningly used all his effort and injected every bit of his magic power into his weapon. Even the magic power he was rapidly getting back from the [Magic Recovery] skill was used up immediately and also injected into the broadsword in his hands.

From the start, Shien’s magic power growth rate is the highest possible, where he wouldn’t lose to any mage’s growth potential. That magic power was further boosted by the max level [Magecraft] to an unbelievably and abnormal degree.

And then, under such a state, Shien not only injected all his magic power into the weapon, but also continuously pushed even more from the magic power he’s rapidly recovering too.

Given all that, just what would happen?

Very simply.

That is, Shien didn’t even have the chance to concentrate his magic power into the edge or point of the sword before the enormous magic power started already reacting violently within the broadsword, to the point where it finally transformed.


Shien just felt like the broadsword within his hands suddenly became unbelievably huge, making him raise it high into the air without even thinking about it.


Following the sound of vibrations far louder and more intense than before, a crimson light exploded out from the broadsword that Shien raised high into the air. It blasted upwards and instantly formed into a brilliant and eye-catching huge blade of magic power.


Diere was astonished.

At this moment, in Shien’s mind, a message unsurprisingly appeared.

「Skill gained – [Magic Sword] – Would you like to learn?」

Finally, Shien had successfully gained this trump card of close combat.

Also, Shein felt the broadsword within his hands become unbelievably heavy, as if what he was holding wasn’t a sword, but a mountain crushing down on him.

The magic power concentrated on the sword was even showing signs of dispersing, becoming extremely unstable.

No, not dispersing. Exploding.

A thought of – [It’s going to explode] – flashed through Shien’s mind. Thus, Shien without hesitation learned the just gained [Magic Sword] skill, and then also without hesitation raised it to max level.

That action was both correct and a mistake.

It’s correct because Shien successfully used the max leveled [Magic Sword] skill to stabilize the astonishing magic power concentrated within the broadsword.

And it’s a mistake because, due to the skill being instantly raised to max level, the power of Shien’s [Magic Sword] was also naturally increased by a great deal.


A tempest from the magic power exploded out, and the blade of magic power upon the broadsword that Shien had raised into the air also expanded in a blink of the eye.

The blade of magic power that was already hundreds of meters tall had now pierced the heavens.

Shien swung down without thought.


A familiar cold voice entered Shien’s ears. The voice held with it a rare urgency and panic.

But, unfortunately, it was already too late.

The blade of magic power that had pierced the heavens fell down like a pillar, and a tempest carrying with it a brilliant light and magic power fell along with it.


That day, in a patch of wilderness on the outskirts of Lamdrion, an earth-shattering kaboom suddenly appeared.

Along with that explosive sound, the earth also begun shaking, giving people the impression that the world is collapsing.

Countless demonic beasts were scared away by this disaster, forming into various big and small monster stampedes.

On the nearby road, merchant caravans and adventurers traveling along it were also startled into a terrified stupor.

Even the townsfolk within Lamdrion itself felt the shaking beneath their feet and the thunderous sound from a distance away. Many were terrified by it, and many children started directly crying.

“What Happened!?”

“A huge sound just appeared. It gave me a serious scare there!”

“Thunder? Was it a thunderclap?”

“No, it seems a bit different from the sound of thunder.”

“Also, the ground also shook just now.”

“You felt it too?”

“Just what the heck happened?”

Within Lamdrion, terrified conversations like that cropped up everywhere.

Not long after, the adventurer’s guild’s scouting parties and even the town’s knight brigades were mobilized, as if they’re going out to investigate.

No one knew that all this was caused by merely a newbie adventurer doing skill training.


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