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Chapter 052: Requirements For Learning the Skill

As for the discussion and decision made between Leili and Vivian, Shien would naturally have no way of knowing about it.

After all, his cheat isn’t some kind of omniscience skill, so there’s no way for him to know that he had gained even more support than he had known of.

Shien just headed back to his inn after separating from Diere and the rest, slept his fill, and refreshed his mind.

Then, the next day, Shien did not head toward the adventurer’s guild, nor did he reunite with the memebers of Vivian’s party. Instead, he left Lamdrion by himself and headed to a patch of wilderness on the outskirts.

“It should be here, right?”

Taking a look at that scenery of nature, Shien reconfirmed that this is the location in his memory.

“Head south along the main road after leaving the east gate. Then enter the wilderness outside the outskirts. That’s definitely here.”

But, now what?

Shien started getting frustrated.

Thankfully, Shien didn’t have to withstand his frustration for long before his target appeared on its own.

“Here, huh?”

Along with those cool words, the girl in the black cloak appeared without a trace from the front.

Who else could it be but Diere?

“Sorry, I’m late.”

Shien hurriedly walked up to her.

“It’s fine. I just arrived too.”

Diere replied with an even tone.

The words the two exchanged seemed quite normal, but if not for the fact that Diere’s cool attitude and tone, then just from the words alone, it was really reminiscent of the customary flirting between a couple meeting up for a date.

At least, Shien thought so.

Unfortunately, the other side didn’t have that kind of meaning.

“Since you’re here, then let’s get started right away.” Diere turned around, “Let’s move to a less visible location first.”

“Alright.” Shien immediately followed along obediently.

It can’t be helped. Today, Shien’s here as a student.

Before, Diere promised to teach Shien the [Magic Sword] skill. Now, this is about to be made a reality.

Yesterday, after everyone separated, Diere told Shien to come find her here the next day. That’s why Shien came here.

However, after they got here, Shien had a question on his mind.

“So you’re not living in Lamdrion?”

Shien felt that was a bit strange.

“No.” Diere spoke indifferently as she led the way deeper into the wilderness, “I don’t like places with too many people.”

“This does indeed look like somewhere without people.” Shien observed the natural scenery around them, “But can someone actually live here?”

“Yes.” Diere simply answered, “There’s a ranch nearby. The owner has a house of his won in Lamdrion. I live there under the condition of chasing away attacking demonic beasts.”

“So that’s how it is.” Shien muttered, “I thought only an elf like Melika would go for a wilderness survival lifestyle.”

The impression that elves give is generally one of beauty and purity. The impression that race gives is that they wouldn’t want to live inside a town, but rather outside among nature.

Of course, that’s just what Shien thought.

“Lamdrion has a special inn just for elves. Melika lives there.” Diere spoke calmly, “Lumia and her seven little sisters also live in Lamdrion. They have a house rented. Vivian lives in the guildmaster’s home. Only I live outside. First because I don’t like crowds. Second because I can hunt demonic beasts when not adventuring as training.”

The latter should be the real reason that Diere chose to live outside the walls, right?

Even though she’s a prodigy, she still puts in so much effort. As expected, no one could just easily get strong, right?

Shien had completely ignored his own existence and considered it like it had nothing to do with him.

Suddenly, Shien stopped for a moment.

Just now, did he hear something that he can’t just let pass without any reaction?

“Lumia has seven little sisters!?”

Shien had finally reacted to the amazing thing he just heard.

“That’s right.” Diere acted like she didn’t detect Shien’s amazement and continued on as calmly as ever, “Lumia’s parents were adventurers, and they got married relatively late. They only had Lumia when they were 40, and when they were 50, they had a set of septuplets. Thus, Lumia has seven little sisters who are younger than her by 10 years. That’s something everyone in the party knows.”

… That is to say, Lumia’s parents managed to give birth to septuplets when they were 50?

At that moment, Shien felt an unending stream of respect towards Lumia’s parents. Especially toward Lumia’s father. That respect swelled like the sea, unending in its scope.

Unfortunately though…

“Now, Lumia’s parents have already passed on. The reason is that due to the many lingering wounds taken during their life as adventurers, they ended up passing when they were only in their 50s.”

The information that Diere gave out immediately following made Shien stumble a step.

“Then, for Lumia…?”

Shien hesitantly spoke up.

“Just like what you think.” Diere gave Shien a glance, “She’s the only support of her family. For the sake of raising her seven seven-year-old sisters, she became an adventurer. Right now, she and her sisters depend on each other with their lives.”

Shien fell silent.

If that’s how it is, then Shien could understand now why that timid and nervous Lumia would chose to become an adventurer and go on dangerous adventures.

It’s not that Lumia wants to do it, but rather, for the sake of her sisters, she has no choice but to do so.

“… Let’s bring some gifts for Lumia next time.”

Shien thus decided.

“Just don’t scare here.”

Diere didn’t seem to have any objections either.

As they were talking, the two reached a fairly open clearing in the wilderness.

“Here should be good.” Diere turned around and faced Shien, “Let’s not waste anymore time, I’ll first tell you the requirements for learning [Magic Sword].”

Shien nodded and focused his mind.

Under such a situation, Diere begun explaining.

“I think you’re already aware, but this skill is a trump card in close combat. A high class skill that only at about level 70 could someone have a low chance of learning it. Compared to normal skills, be it in attack power, damaging ability, or usability, it’s more than a step above the rest.”

Diere begun explaining in a cold tone.

“However, the conditions for learning the [Magic Sword] skill isn’t actually that high. There’s only two.”

“1: Raise a close combat weapon skill to level 5 or above.”

“2: Magic power must reach a certain level.”

“So long as you’ve satisfied those two requirements, generally speaking, anyone could learn the [Magic Sword] skill.”

But very few people could satisfy those two requirements.

The reason is quite simple.

“Close combat experts are generally lacking in magic power, and those with great magic power will tend to become mages instead. Therefore, although the two conditions aren’t hard to satisfy separately, together, they’re harder than you might think.”

Diere focused her gaze onto Shien and spoke.

“If you can’t satisfy these two requirements, then even if I were to teach you, there would still be no way for you to learn the [Magic Sword] skill.”

The meaning that Diere wanted to convey was quite clear.

“Have you satisfied those two requirements?”


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