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Chapter 047: End of the Adventure

Following that, everything ended up going smoothly as according to Vivian’s planned strategy.

After Melika finished collecting the spring water, everyone hid in ambush nearby, waiting for demonic beasts to appear.

There were a lot of demonic beasts attracted by the magic spring. There were many different types too, easily comparable to Shien’s ten days in that forest. There even appeared a herd of those one horned monsters that Shien had butchered, giving him a nostalgic feeling… Like hell!

That period of time is definitely Shien’s black history, it could even be said without exaggeration to be a traumatic period, so Shien nearly couldn’t hold himself back from charging over and dealing with all of those horned monsters.

Unfortunately, Shien didn’t seem to have needed to act.

Just like Vivian said at the start, the demonic beasts attracted by the magic spring ended up fighting over the spring water.

That scene was way more exciting than back when Diere was butchering lizardmen. Not only were there various demonic beast blasting out fire and lightning, there were also super bloody tearing and biting. It gave Shien an impression like he was watching some hunting movie from his previous life, it was a bit stomach-turning though.

If not for his 10 days back in that forest, Shien felt like he would have thrown up right there and then.

What’s worth mentioning though is, the girls of Vivian’s party were much calmer than Shien. Even the most timid Lumia just watched with seriousness and not a hint of fear. Their mental fortitude were much stronger than those girls in his previous life who would end up screaming some time just from seeing something like a rat or cockroach.

“They are adventurers after all. No matter what, they should be used to that kind of sight by now.”

At least, Shien thought that he should properly learn that kind of fortitude himself.

“That’s also a common issue of cheat characters. All we have is raw might, but the rest are completely no good.”

So, should he consider some kind of super amazing skill that lets him become enlightened and become a cool and collected type? My cheat…

While Shien was drowning in his own world without minding the surroundings, the flame salamanders that were the targets of Vivian’s party’s had finally shown up as a herd.

They also joined in the vicious battle, and in the end, quite a few of them died to the fangs and claws of other demonic beasts, leaving their corpses strewn about.

This battle continued until a level 62 rhino shaped demonic beast had appeared, which finally brought the whole thing to an end.

That rhino demonic beast showed its overwhelming power, finally killed off all the other challengers, and then finally drank up every drop of the water from the magic spring before leaving in satisfaction.

Only then did Vivian’s party finally come out from the woods where they were hidden.

“Is that fine?”

Shien turned to Vivian and asked.

What he meant was obviously the fact that the rhino demonic beast drank up all the spring water, they they’re just going to let it go without subjugating it.

“Don’t worry.” Vivian shook her head, “After just a night, the magic power in the air and earth will gather once more in the magic spring and become spring water again, so there’s no need to pick a fight with such a high level dangerous demonic beast outside of a quest.”

Having been told that by Vivian, Shien also understood.

“No wonder why you mentioned that bit about the magic springs’ active time from before.”

What she meant by that should be when the magic spring would be refilled with spring water, right?

“Normal magic springs are all like that. After they attract a large number of demonic beasts in a killing frenzy and are then drank up by the victorious demonic beast, it will regenerate new spring water after a night, and continue this cycle. Thus, people would end up calling the time of magic springs refilled with spring water as the active time.”

Vivian explained in detail the reasons for why they had to make camp at the foot of the mountain yesterday.

That’s because that time period was not only unsuitable for entering the territories of active demonic beasts, it was even more unsuitable for collecting spring water from the magic spring.

At that time, the magic spring was probably completely dry of spring water, right?

And Vivian didn’t want to miss the active time period for the magic spring, so she camped directly at the foot of the mountain, so that they could collect the spring water before any demonic beasts have been attracted by the magic spring for the day.

“In just a little bit, those low level and relatively weak demonic beasts that didn’t dare to join the frenzy for the magic spring will be attracted by the corpses and blood of the dead demonic beasts here.” Vivian continued explaining, “They who had no way of competing for the magic spring will instead aim for the demonic beast corpses here, and by devouring their flesh and blood they’ll gain the magic power that has yet to fully disperse, they’ll slowly increase their won strength. So, before they end up gathering up, let’s hurry up and collect up all the demonic beast materials.”

That’s the real goal of Vivian’s party.

Thus, under Vivian’s directions, the members of the team started proficiently dissecting the demonic beast corpses.

During that period, Vivian also taught Shien a great deal of knowledge, such as how to dissect demonic beasts, what demonic beasts have what parts that are in demand and could be brought back and sold for money, how to preserve and bring back those aforementioned parts, etc. etc. Vivian ended up teaching Shien all sorts of knowledge like that.

Vivian’s explanations were very easy to understand, and even Shien who is a newcomer and an otherworlder who didn’t know much about this world could understand her explanations.

Of curse, during that time, a great deal of demonic beasts have also started approaching them.

However, those demonic beasts are fairly low leveled. Vivian even seemed to want Shien to use them as training partners, but for some reason, she ended up giving up on that.

“I feel like these aren’t suitable for you to train against. I’ll find a proper opponent for you next time.”

Vivian spoke such words as if hesitating, so Shien could only nod at it without really understanding.

In the end, those demonic beast were all dealt with by Lumia and Melika.

“Everyone ready?”

At the foot of the Mangir mountain range, Vivian who was sat in the driver’s seat called out to the cabin behind her.


“We can head out now! Big sis Vivian!”

Lumia and Melika responded with nervousness and energy, respectively, making Vivian smile.

“Well then, let’s head back to Lamdrion.”

Vivian drove the carriage and had it move forth.

If one were to take a good look, the top of the carriage and its luggage compartment were all stuffed full with packages filled with demonic beast materials. It was quite obvious from a look just what a great haul they had.

Shien was also sitting in the cabin, watching the Mangir mountain range fading into the distance behind them, reminiscing the end of his first adventure.

But Shien didn’t have any attachments to it. Rather, he was quite looking forward to getting back to Lamdrion.

“Let’s go learn [Magic Sword] from Diere first thing after getting back to Lamdrion.”

“As for the other skills, if I can learn it then I’ll learn as much as possible. Otherwise, just leaving those skill points lying about is a waste.”

“There’s magic too. I really want to learn some magic.”

Shien had a lot more stuff he wanted to do.

Compared to troublesome stuff like the Hero and Demon King, the friction between gods and demons, or even matters of the peace between the three races, Shien was more looking forward to that instead.

“This other world is quite interesting after all.”

Adventures are also quite interesting.



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